Call Junk King Atlanta South For Fast Debris Removal

When it comes to the rubbish you have around your home, there will come a time when you say, “Enough is enough.” Maybe that’ll happen when you trip over a box for the hundredth time. Or you could be frustrated when you open your closet and an avalanche of stuff tumbles out. It might be that you need to set up a guest room for an out-of-town visitor but your spare room is wall-to-wall junk. Any of those scenarios is the perfect time to call Junk King Atlanta South. These are the professional junk haulers who make quick work of any debris removal.


The way Junk King Atlanta South operates is simple: they do all the work. You’ll be assigned a two-man crew that has been licensed, bonded and insured. This is the team who will be under your direct supervision for the duration of the debris removal task. When they roll up in the big truck they’ll want to see all the things you want taken away. You shouldn’t bring them down to the curb. Instead, leave everything right where it is. It doesn’t matter if you have things upstairs, downstairs or in the basement. The Junk King Atlanta South crew is going to go where your junk is.

After they’ve sized up all the stuff you want to get rid of they’ll be able to present you with an estimate for the fee. This is going to be a price that is based strictly on volume and not weight. It all comes down to how tightly the Junk King Atlanta South crews can pack up all the stuff on your truck. Since they like to make several stops during the course of a day, you can bet there will be getting your stuff in as little space as possible. That’s going to translate into lower price on the price scale.

Along with all the stuff that the Junk King Atlanta South crew can remove from the inside of your home they’ll also be able to take away all the debris from the outside. This is a perfect time to finally toss out those old tires, broken lawnmower, rusty furniture and anything else that’s creating an eyesore in your yard. All it takes to handle your debris removal is one call to Junk King Atlanta South. Make that call today!

Junk King Atlanta South Offers Fast Foreclosure Clean Out

There is in good news for Atlanta homeowners with regard to home prices. In the last year, those numbers ticked up 5.3%. That is a decent hike for anyone hoping to sell their home or refinance. Unfortunately, there are still many properties around Atlanta that have been taken over by the bank. Although the median home price has gone up those foreclosed properties might not be as expensive as you might think. That makes them a decent real estate investment. Whether you’re buying a property to move into or to flip one of the first things you might be facing is a foreclosure clean out. Of course, thanks to Junk King Atlanta South you don’t have to actually do the work of that clean out. Instead, turn that assignment over to these professional junk haulers and watch how quickly they can clear out a home that is full of rubbish.


At first glance, a home that has been foreclosed upon might look a bit dodgy. That’s because the previous occupants reached the point where they stop caring. They might also have been rushed out of the property forcing them to abandon all kinds of furniture and appliances. Depending on the situation, that property might have also had some unwelcome guests in the form of squatters. They certainly don’t care about the mess they create. All of that is cosmetic and can easily be cleaned with one junk removal session from Junk King Atlanta South.

The typical junk removal appointment is staffed by two very capable movers. However, if there is a situation where it might look like more crewmembers are required, then Junk King Atlanta South is happy to dispatch those extra teams. On a recent job, it took six Junk King teams and three trucks to remove all the furniture, trash, carpeting, drapes and other items from a single home. It was a big job to be sure but one that junk King easily accomplished.

Along with clearing out the inside of a home, the Junk King Atlanta South team can also work wonders around the yard. Curb appeal is crucial when it comes to selling a property. Junk King Atlanta South can clear out all kinds of yard waste and debris to make the property ready for landscapers. When it comes to foreclosure clean out, you focus on the redecorating and Junk King Atlanta South will focus on the junk removal.

Let Junk King Atlanta South Handle Your Old Couch Removal

As a homeowner, there’s probably nothing more annoying then when you discover junk has been left on the curb by a neighbor or someone passing through your community. If this is in front of a house, then the homeowner probably thought someone would come by and pick it up. After all, it’s free, right? However, most people aren’t going to take something off the street that has been rained on or “visited” by dogs. If only they had making a call to Junk King Atlanta South. This is a team of professional junk haulers who specialize in old couch removal. Doesn’t this sound a lot better than leaving it on the curb?


The simple thing to remember about couch removal is that since it took two movers to bring that sofa into your home it’s going to take two movers to take it out. And that is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. Each junk removal session is staffed by two very capable movers. This is the team who has been expertly trained to remove any type of bulky object from a home without causing any damage. In some extreme cases, the Junk King crews have had to take apart certain pieces of furniture in order to fit it out the door. That will be a problem for the crews coming over to your house.

Although your primary focus might be to handle that old couch removal, the Junk King Atlanta South crews can certainly help you with a lot more of your unwanted items. This is the perfect chance to finally clear out your closet of all the stuff you’re never going to use again. Won’t it be nice to have extra space in there?

All that great junk removal work doesn’t have to stop at your front door. The Junk King Atlanta South crews will be happy to go through your yards and pick up any item you want tossed out like old patio furniture or broken lawnmower. You can literally start with old couch removal and end up with a home that is totally junk free all thanks to Junk King Atlanta South.

Junk King Atlanta South Provides Fast Junk Removal At Affordable Prices

The moment you determine that something in your home has become unwanted, it can be classified as junk. This doesn’t have to be something that is rusty or full of holes (although that would certainly qualify!). It could be that an old DVD player has been replaced by a Blu-ray player making it obsolete. Maybe a sofa has become worn out. You could also have all kinds of clothes in your closet that you would never consider wearing again. All of that would definitely qualify as junk. Once you’ve made that determination you probably want to get rid of that stuff as quickly as possible. After all, why take up valuable storage space with something you’re never going to use again? This is where Junk King Atlanta South comes into play. These are the professional junk specialists who can make all your unwanted items disappear at a very affordable price.


Unlike some other so-called professional junk hauling services, Junk King Atlanta South never charges by the hour or by the pound. There flat fee is based on an estimate about volume. When the crew arrives at your house for the scheduled appointment you going to show them all the things you want to get rid of. They’ll then be able to provide you with a price based on an estimate of how they going to pack up the truck with your stuff. They may use half the truck or just a third. It could even be the entire truck bed. Whatever that amount is that is what you’ll be charged.

This is a flat fee that not only covers all the labor and transportation but also the disposal. Your junk might find its way to a charity or recycling center. That’s actually a much more affordable approach to getting rid of junk. Landfills charge a lot by the pound. When Junk King avoids going to a landfill they pass those savings on to you.

There won’t be any limit on what you can get rid of. You can clear all the clutter out of your garage and have the crew pick up all kinds of yard waste. One call to Junk King Atlanta South gets all your junk gone for good at a great price.

Junk King Atlanta South Provides Dependable Hoarder Cleanup

Would you consider yourself a hoarder? We all have a tendency to hold onto stuff that we no longer need. At a minimum that could just mean a stack of take-out menus stuffed in a kitchen drawer. In the worst-case scenario, we’ve lose use of a garage or spare room because of all the junk were holding in there. A clinically diagnosed hoarder is someone who won’t let go of anything even if it is absolute trash or a potential health hazard. This is a person who needs the help of a therapist in order to let go of those things. If you’re willing to toss out all your clutter then you’re probably not a hoarder. You just don’t have the right help. That can all change with one call to Junk King Atlanta South.


With most junk removal sessions set up by Junk King Atlanta South, the standard two-man moving team is all that is required to handle the task. These are professional crews that have been licensed, bonded and insured. They also know how to properly lift and load any heavy or bulky object. If needed, they can dismantle a piece of furniture in order to get it out the door. They’ve also been called on to take apart huge things like swing sets and hot tubs. All of that is handled by that team. However, if the cleanup situation has reached those “hoarder” levels, then Junk King Atlanta South won’t have a problem dispatching additional crews and trucks to get the job done. On a recent job, it took six movers and three trucks to clear out an entire house. This was not a problem for Junk King!

Your role for this removal is to presort all the things you want to get rid of. You don’t want to keep the crew waiting while you look through boxes. Instead, take the time you need before they show up to pick all the things you want removed. You don’t have to bring them downstairs or outside. When the crew shows up you’ll show them all the things, you want taken away and they’ll remove them right from the spot. The fastest way to take care of a hoarder cleanup is to hire Junk King Atlanta South from the start.

Junk King Atlanta South Takes Care Of Your Appliance Removal Needs

The average person opens their refrigerator around 22 times a day. Every time that happens there is a tiny strain put on the refrigerator. As warm air is pushed in the refrigerator has to kick into high gear to keep things cool once those doors are shut again. Most refrigerators are accustomed to this kind of use. However, after thousands of “openings and closings” that refrigerator can wear down. You’ll notice this when things aren’t kept fresh as long as they should be or items in the freezer start thawing out.


This same kind of wear and tear can happen to all your kitchen appliances. Those stoves and washers weren’t meant to last a lifetime. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to replace them. Although that is certainly a major expense, it could end up paying for itself over time. That’s because a new energy efficient appliance will save you money on your power bill each month. If you’re planning to make the swap, then you’ll want to bring in Junk King Atlanta South to handle your appliance removal needs.

Taking out a stove or refrigerator is can cause a little bit of an upheaval in your kitchen. The benefit with hiring Junk King Atlanta South for the removal job is that you can schedule it around the delivery of your new items. Junk King is all about accommodating your schedule. You pick the day and the two hour window that would work best for your time. For appliance removal, it might help to be the first one on Junk King’s schedule for the day. That way you have plenty of time to clean the floor and prepare for the new arrival.

Just because your focus is to get rid of an old appliance doesn’t mean Junk King can’t clear out the rest of the clutter around your house. This is a terrific chance to go through every room in your home and pick out those items that could be taken away. Just think about all the space you can free up in your garage and basement with all that rubbish gone. Appliance removal and junk clearing is hassle free when Junk King Atlanta South is on the job.

Junk King Atlanta South Provides Dependable Old TV Disposal In Peachtree

Even though the most popular time of year to buy new television is around the holiday season, you can still find a great bargain on an HDTV flatscreen the rest of the year. Nowadays, you can only buy a flatscreen TV. That means if your old tube television is going up, then you have no recourse but to replace it. Even if you tried to fix it, you’d find a hard time finding a repairman or the spare parts. Don’t think that these flatscreen TVs a going to break the bank! Because of the abundance of models that are on the market today, you can find a very affordable television that will deliver amazing pictures and sounds. Of course, before you set up that new TV you’ll want to take care of your old TV disposal. That is where junk King Atlanta South comes into play.


The first thing you should know about old TV disposal is that it should never be put on the curb as a “giveaway” item. First of all, no one is going to want an old TV that has been sitting out in the hot sun. Secondly, there is no guarantee that set is even working. The minute a TV is put on the street it becomes a potential health hazard. Along with computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and DVD players old televisions are considered e-waste. That means they need to be handled by certified recycling center. Junk King Atlanta South won’t take your old TV apart but they can make sure it is dropped off at the right place to get that job done.

Suppose all you want to do is handle your old TV disposal? Junk King Atlanta South will still dispatch a huge truck and two-man moving crew for the job. Knowing you have those kinds of resources at your disposal might change what you want to get rid of. In other words, anything can go! Why not seize this opportunity to finally get rid of all the rubbish you’re keeping in storage in your closets and garage? You can start with old TV disposal and end with a home that is totally junk free. One call to Junk King Atlanta South can make it happen.

Let Junk King Atlanta South Take Care of Your Refrigerator Disposal

One of the most dangerous things you can ever get rid of is an old refrigerator. This is something that should never be just put outside in the hopes it will be picked up by municipal workers. A refrigerator is too tempting a hiding spot for a little kid. That is why laws were enacted compelling people to either remove the door of the refrigerator or locked with the chain. Even if those protective measures are put into place, you’re still left with the potentially hazardous Freon that might be in the coolant system of the refrigerator. This is not something you want leaking out. All of this means that your refrigerator disposal has to be handled the right way. That would be calling in Junk King Atlanta South. These are the junk removal experts who certainly know what to do with that old refrigerator.


The basics for refrigerator disposal are provided by Junk King Atlanta South in the form of two very capable movers and a huge truck. This team will also have the right tools to unhook the refrigerator and load it up so as to avoid scraping up your floors or knocking into your walls. As for the actual disposal, Junk King Atlanta South has set up partnerships with recycling centers who handle this type of junk. Doesn’t it make sense to turn your old refrigerator over to this qualified team?

Although you might be calling Junk King Atlanta South just to remove your old refrigerator there is no reason why they can’t take away all the rest of your unwanted junk on the same trip. You don’t even have to decide all the things you want to remove until the crew shows up. In other words, you’ll have plenty of opportunity between that first phone call where you set up the appointment and the arrival of the crew to go through all your stuff.

Once the Junk King team shows up you’ll just point out all the things you want taken away. Then you get to watch them fly out the door! All of this means that you can start with an old refrigerator disposal and end with a home that is totally free of junk thanks to Junk King Atlanta South.

Junk King Atlanta South Can Take Care Of All Your Yard Waste Removal

When someone mentions yard work, they are typically referring to mowing the lawn or tending to a small flower garden. Those are all vital tasks that have to be completed in order to make sure your yard is in the best shape possible. However, it might be that your yard will work requires a bit more effort. If you’re faced with the task of some serious yard waste removal, then you can count on Junk King Atlanta South to take care of that job from start to finish.


Even though junk is in their title, Junk King Atlanta South can do some amazing things out in the backyard. Start with all the easy things you would like to have removed. These can be items such as broken patio furniture, a worn down lawnmower or crusty barbecue grill. These are the kinds of things that can’t be stuffed into a trashcan and instead have to be loaded onto the back of a big truck. The two-man moving crew assigned to your yard waste removal task will be able to load up those objects very quickly. But they don’t have to stop there. That same team will have the tools and experience to take apart just about any kind of structure in your backyard such as a swing set, tool shed or hot tub.

If require any amount of dismantling, then you’ll find the Junk King crews might be at your property for a bit longer. They want to make sure whatever they’re taking apart is done safely. You won’t have to worry about paying extra labor costs for this type of work. All of that time is covered in the flat fee you pay to Junk King Atlanta South. That fee is based on the amount of space your stuff will use on the back of the truck. It’s all about the volume and not the weight. That’s can be a big benefit especially if part of your yard waste removal includes taking away things like stones, bricks, pavers or chunks of concrete.

After the team from Junk King has taking care of all your yard waste removal you can also turn them loose around the rest of your house to pick up all the unwanted items from there. One session with Junk King Atlanta South takes care of yard waste removal and all your junk hauling needs.

Junk King Atlanta South Takes Care Of Hot Tub Removal The Right Way

For many homeowners, their backyard is like an oasis. This is where they go to unwind after a hard day at work. It’s the place where some great grilling happens. It’s where kids can play in the summer and the parents can enjoy a nice glass of wine when the kids go to bed! It doesn’t take much effort to turn a backyard space into that kind of oasis.


The goal is to first get rid of all the things that are cluttering up that space. Some of that is easy to accomplish if you’re just dealing with small items that can fit into the trashcan. But what about big things like a hot tub? Just because you have a hot tub in your yard doesn’t mean its working or you want to use it. If you feel that you need to space more than the tub, then you’ll want to bring in the crew from Junk King Atlanta South. They’ll make sure that hot tub will be gone for good!

Removing things like old sofas, televisions and appliances are easy. This is what the Junk King Atlanta South crews do all day long. However, there experience with junk removal has provided them with the expertise to tackle much bigger projects. That is especially true when called upon to room to take care of a hot tub removal.

Although a hot tub might look like a single piece, there are actually many components. The outer shell has to be removed before the tub unit can be loaded up. There also be heating units, electric motors and water hook up that have to be dealt with. This is something the Junk King crews will know how to handle. In fact, on one recent hot tub removal assignment the crew had to literally cut the hot tub in half in order to loaded onto the truck. All the day’s work for Junk King!

Even though you may have called out the crew to take care of the hot tub removal is no reason why they can’t load up all the rest of your unwanted items on that same trip. You’ll have the crew and the truck… Put them to full use! Take care of hot tub removal and junk hauling the right way by giving the job to! King Atlanta South.

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