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Get Rid of Construction Waste Fast With Junk King Atlanta

There are a lot of things in your home that you’ll probably own for years. In fact, most of your furniture and appliances could be part of your home for decades. On the other hand, there are other items that should be removed as soon as possible. Construction waste would definitely fall into that category. Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or replacing a roof, you want to make sure all the demolition that is created is quickly removed. That will give your work crews the room to get their jobs done more efficiently. It will also reduce the potential for accidents. If you want a rapid response for construction waste removal, then one call to Junk King gets the job done.


Your contractor might try to talk you into renting a dumpster for all that construction waste. The problem with that is that those bins can block your street or driveway. They can be a magnet for all the trash in your neighborhood. Instead, you can schedule your Junk King session on the same day as the demolition. The team from Junk King will quickly load up all the lumber, drywall, stone and other materials and it can be hauled in a truck big enough to hold whatever you’re throwing out. Best of all, you won’t have to do any of the loading.

Along with clearing out your constructions waste, Junk King can also get rid of the clutter that is piling up on the inside of your garage, basement and closets. You’ll feel a lot better about your home when you can organize all those storage areas. Why keep holding onto rubbish you’re never going to use again. Instead, turn it all over to Junk King.

A big plus with hiring Junk King for your construction waste removal is how they are going to dispose of all that rubbish. Junk King likes to avoid making trips to the landfill. They would much rather drop off trash at local charities or recycling centers. That is going to help Atlanta reach its zero waste recycling goals. It’s also a good move for the environment. For fast construction waste removal and junk hauling, you can always count on Junk King.

Clean Out Your Atlanta College Or University Apartment For The New Year

It’s amazing how quickly a small space can fill up with clutter. Consider the average dorm room or university apartment. These are already small areas by design. In the dorm room, it might just be a bed, a desk and a dresser. Over at an off campus apartment, it is probably being shared by several college students who all bring their own piles of clutter with them. Before things get too crazy with final exams, it might be time to bring in Junk King to clean out that mess.


Junk King Atlanta is going to send over a pair of very strong movers to take care of your clean out. This team is all you’ll need to help remove unwanted items from a dorm room or apartment. It doesn’t matter how heavy or dirty something might be. The team from Junk King is going to make sure it gets removed in short order.

Many folks have already taken advantage of Junk King this year to remove rubbish from garages, closets and basements. Along with the work crew, you’ll also benefit from the way that Junk King disposes of your unwanted stuff. They want to avoid a trip to the landfill at all costs. That means making extra drop offs at recycling center or charities. This type of disposal is vital for things like desktop computers, laptops, printers, monitors and television. All of that e-waste can’t be dumped. It has to be disassembled and Junk King will strive to make sure it gets to the right facility for that job.

As for the price, Junk King Atlanta provides a very affordable pricing policy. Their rates are based on volume. Once the Junk King crew has had a chance to size up your stuff, they’ll give you an estimate based on the amount of space your junk needs to take up on the truck. One fee covers all the labor, transportation and those extra drop offs. You’ll never be charged by the pound with Junk King.

Your clean out can also happen very quickly. Most junk removal sessions are completed by the next day. Don’t start the New Year surrounded by junk. Bring in Junk King for a quality clean out.


Donate Some of Your Old Furniture This Holiday Season in Atlanta

What are you going to get rid of in the New Year? Many folks like to shed bad habits like eating too much fast food. One thing that you can get rid of that can transform your home is all your unwanted stuff. This is the junk that has been piling up for the last several months or years! Although this stuff had value at one point, you no longer need it. That doesn’t mean it has to be totally scrapped. When you hire Junk King to help remove your old furniture, it could end up going to a family in need. Nothing has to go to waste with Junk King on the job!


From the moment they began collecting junk in Atlanta, Junk King set up partnerships with many charitable organizations. This network of charities provides Junk King with a running list of all the things they. Whether its furniture, clothing or household goods, Junk King know where to drop off your stuff. You don’t have to concern yourself with sorting out the junk. It will happen automatically by the Junk King crew.

That sorting work also includes those items that might need a little TLC before they can be put back into circulation. Junk King knows which of the charities have the staff to refurbish or reupholster old furniture.

Because Junk King is going to provide a two-man moving crew for your junk removal appointment, you won’t have to worry about something being too heavy or bulky. It can all be loaded onto the Junk King truck! You might even have a dresser or bedroom set that has to be taken apart in order to fit it out the door. The team from Junk King will have the tools to get that job done.

The price for Junk King’s services are based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know that fee before the work begins. Once it is agreed to, that price won’t change. Even if your sofa ends up taking up more space you’ll still be paying the original estimate. Old furniture removal and junk hauling doesn’t have to be complicated. Give that job to Junk King.

Get On Santa’s Nice List With a Junk Free Home In Atlanta, GA

Somewhere in an undisclosed location at the North Pole, there is a jolly man in a red suit that is very busy. Santa is checking his list twice to make sure who is naughty or nice. Typically, that list is for kids but it can apply to the moms and dads, too! If you really want to impress Santa or any guests visiting your home, then it’s time to call in the pros from Junk King. They can turn a cluttered space into a junk free space quicker than you can say, “Rudolph!”


Setting up a junk removal appointment with Junk King is easy. You can go online or over the phone. Most appointments are scheduled out within 24 hours. Yes, the Junk King crews will be working right up to Christmas to make sure you get all the unwanted stuff removed from your home. Of course, waiting until the day after Christmas is a good way to go too. That way you won’t have to worry about what to do with all the empty boxes, bags of wrapping and things you got replaced. One call to Junk King can clear that all away.

Part of the benefit of hiring Junk King happens long after they’ve left your home. Junk King is dedicated to keeping things green around Atlanta. That means avoiding a trip to the landfills at all costs. Instead, Junk King prefers to drop off items to certified recycling centers or charities. You will be amazed at how much stuff those places can take in. Best of all, you don’t have to do any of the sorting. The Junk King crews have all been trained to spot those pieces that can be repurposed.

Before the crew can get your home junk free, they will present you with an estimate based on volume. That would be the volume of how much space your junk is going to need on the back of the truck. It’s not by the pound with Junk King. That single fee covers all the crew, travel time and those additional drop offs. Ask around and you’ll see that Junk King is a great deal for this type of work. Your junk free home is just a phone call away. Make that call to Junk King today!

Atlanta Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

Office Christmas parties are the kinds of events that employees look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to unwind and maybe even make friends with coworkers you just pass in the hallway. Of course, before any office gets ready for the holiday break or party, they’ll want to make sure they’re caught up on work and decluttering. This is where hiring a company like Junk King can be a huge benefit.


Junk King are the junk hauling pros who will typically fill up their days helping homeowners clear out their property of all kinds of unwanted stuff. One call to Junk King is all it takes to have all kind of furniture, appliances and general rubbish taken from a home. It’s amazing how quickly a Junk King crew can clear out a garage or basement. The good news is that they can do the same kind of work around your office.

Start with setting up your junk removal session at a time that is convenient for your office schedule. It might work better to have the team come in during off hours or on the weekend. Junk King will strive to set up the appointment for whatever works best for your business.

You’ll be assigned two very capable movers who know their way around a service elevator. This is the team you’ll be in charge of for the duration of the session. Remember with Junk King on the job, you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only will the crew be able to haul out any heavy object but they’ll also take apart things like cubicle walls, desks or shelving units in order to fit them out the door. It’s all part of the Junk King junk removal package.

Junk King can also support your company’s efforts in going green. All the office equipment removed by Junk King can be dropped off at a certified recycling center. E-waste should never make its way to a landfill and Junk King strives to prevent that from happening as often as possible. Finally, you’ll find that working with Junk King is an affordable option. They’ll only charge a flat rate based on volume and not rate. When you need your officer clear of clutter, the smart choice will be Junk King.

Make Your Home Roomier For The Holidays In Atlanta

The holiday scramble begins days before Thanksgiving. This is when the grocery and gift shopping starts up. It’s when the Christmas decorations are pulled down from the attic or brought up from the basement. It’s when parties are planned and coordinating visits with the family. It’s no wonder folks burn out by New Years! One way to help reduce your holiday scramble is to turn some of the work over to a company like Junk King. This is the crew who can make a huge difference in your home for the holidays. That would be by providing you with a lot more space thanks to all the junk they’re going to clear out!


Junk King will provide you with a very capable crew who is going to handle all the heavy lifting. This team will be under your direct supervision for the duration of the job. Before they arrive, you’ll want to decide all the specific items you want removed. This doesn’t mean you have to gather them up in a pile. Instead, you can leave them right where they are. The Junk King crew will gladly climb the stairs to get at any of your junk.

Knowing you have all that manpower could make a difference with what you decide to get rid of. Suddenly, taking out that old sofa or treadmill isn’t a hassle. The team from Junk King can also lend a hand getting your yard ready for the holidays. If you’re going to be putting up decorations, then you’ll want to make sure all the debris is gone first. Junk King can get it done!

Before the crew starts loading up your stuff, they will present you with an estimate for the job. That estimate will be based on how much room your stuff is going to take up on the back of the truck. This one fee covers all the labor, transportation and dumping charges. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is considering all the work that will be done on your behalf.

Once Junk King has helped you clear out the unwanted clutter, you’ll be able to set up the guest room for out of town visitors. You’ll also feel great about inviting friends over for those special dinners. Get your holidays started right with a house that is free from junk. Junk King can make it happen!

Fall Yard Waste and Leaf Removal In Atlanta

Fall is the time of year when Mother Nature puts on a great show. The leaves start changing colors and it becomes the perfect excuse to drive through the mountains or hike through a park. As with most things in nature, this color show only lasts a few weeks. Then the leaves start falling off in the cycle of growth that will reveal itself in the spring with new green leaves. What about all those fallen leaves? As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to rake them up. That is actually the easy part. When it comes to getting handling the leaf removal, you might want to bring in the team from Junk King. They’ll be able to load up your bags and cart off all the rest of your yard waste.


Depending on the size of your yard, you could have several areas where piles of rubbish have grown. Maybe there is a spot behind the garage or tool shed. Perhaps you have stuff crammed in under a porch. Instead of letting that junk become a home for insects and rodents, why not get rid of it all with a call to Junk King.

Yard waste removal is dirty business but the crews from Junk King aren’t afraid of a little dirt. They might show up at your appointment wearing their clean red T-shirt uniform but if that shirt is still clean at the end of the day, then they know they didn’t get the job done!

Along with all the things that Mother Nature might dump in your yard, you can also have Junk King remove the things you’ve brought in. This would be items like tires, auto parts, lawnmowers, patio furniture and grills. If you’re done with something, then give it to Junk King.

Even though you call Junk King for yard waste removal, they can also work their magic around the inside of your home. Turn them loose in your garage, basement and attic and watch how fast those areas will be cleared of cluttered. All of this hard work is covered in the flat rate you’ll pay Junk King. That is a price based on volume and not weight. It’s how your stuff will be packed on the truck. You’ll know that price before the work begins so there won’t be any surprises. Bring in Junk King for your yard waste removal today and your home will look great for the holidays!

Your Atlanta Home Isn’t Haunted, It Just Needs Junk Removal

There are many homes in the Atlanta area that folks swear are haunted. These “hauntings” can be anything from bumps and creaks in the night to ghostly apparitions. Usually, you hear these stories from a friend who has a friend who knows somebody that lives in the haunted house. Too bad they can’t take a selfie with the ghosts! Of course, there could be some very scary areas in your own home. These would have nothing to do with ghosts or goblins. Instead, they could be all the places you’ve been storing junk. When the clutter has become too much, it is time to bring in the Junk King team for fast and efficient junk removal.


The main reason people hang onto junk is that it is easy to cram it into the garage or stick it down the basement. That beats renting a truck and asking a friend to help move something heavy. It doesn’t take long before those storage zones become over run with the kinds of things you’re never going to use again. Instead of living with that junk, why not turn it over to Junk King. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can work clearing out all your unwanted clutter.

A good measure to decide if you want to get rid of something is whether you’ve used it in the last year. That applies to things like old appliances, clothes, toys or other household goods. If you haven’t used it, then lose it. Remember, with Junk King on the job, nothing has to go to waste. Junk King has set up partnerships with several local charities. They will be happy to take in your discarded stuff. With a little TLC, those items can find their way to a family in need.

That might sound like a lot of extra work for Junk King but that’s not something you should be concerned about. It’s all included in the affordable fee Junk King offers its customers. That is a fee based on volume. You’ll be charged an estimate for how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. It could be one half, one third, one quarter or the whole truck bed. This is a fair price that is the best deal in Atlanta for this type of service. Junk removal doesn’t have to be scary or complicated when you’ve got Junk King on the job.

Atlanta Cellar Decluttering

A finished basement is a terrific feature on a home. Would you consider your basement “finished?” Often, a basement that has been finished becomes a great space for the kids to play in or where a home office can be set up. There should also be room for storage and the washer/dryer unit. Just because a basement is finished doesn’t mean it can’t be cluttered. Often that storage area tends to overflow throughout the basement. Ironically, a lot of the stuff you have in storage might be things you have no intention of ever using again. Isn’t it time to get rid of that junk? You can with one call to Junk King. They’ll show you how easy it is to take care of some cellar decluttering.

Junk King is the Atlanta area’s leading professional junk removal service. They didn’t get that way by accident. Instead, the achieved that status by providing exceptional customer service. That begins when you call into Junk King to set up your appointment. You’ll find that every accommodation will be made to work around your schedule. Junk King teams are always on patrol so you could snare a same-day appointment. However, if it works better for a Saturday morning or later in the day session, that can be arranged, too.

Your job is to decide what specific items you want removed. Junk King is going to dispatch a two-man moving crew for your location. They are going to do all the work and they mean that literally. Even if it takes a dozen trips up and down the stairs to handle the cellar decluttering, then that is what Junk King is going to do!

Keep in mind that there is never any weight limit with Junk King. You’ll never be charged by the pound and that will make a huge difference. Your final cost will be presented before the work begins. The Junk King crew is going to size up your stuff and present you with an estimate based on volume. How much space will your junk take up on the truck bed? That will be your rate. When you agree to the price, it is locked down. The crew will spring into action and your cellar decluttering will be done in the blink of an eye. You don’t have to live with junk anymore. Hire Junk King for your cellar decluttering and junk removal today!

Garbage Removal Atlanta

Have you ever hurt yourself taking out the trash? Maybe you strained you back with an especially heavy trashcan. Or you could have stubbed your toe on a fence. Then there are those times when it is raining that isn’t fun for taking the trashcans to the curb. Of course, you also have to bring in those empty cans when the trash is picked up. It’s one of the chores that comes with homeownership. Even apartment renters still have to carry out bags of trash. What happens when you’ve got too much trash for the trashcans? That is a job for Junk King.

Garbage is the same as junk. That would be anything you no longer want in your house. It could be a sofa that is worn out. A box of clothes that don’t fit. Or a stove that is busted. Those are all considered oversized items that can’t be crammed into a trashcan. Instead, turn them over to Junk King. They’ll know how to get rid of them.

Junk King provides all the muscle you’ll need to take care of your garbage removal. That muscle comes in the form of two very capable movers who will be doing all the heavy lifting. There is no way you’ll throw out your back with Junk King on the job! That same crew can also work wonders around your yard helping remove all kinds of other debris such as tree branches, bushes, dirt or stones. If you want it gone, just give it to Junk King.

As for the price, Junk King only charges a flat rate based on how much space you junk is going to need on the back of the truck. This one-time charge covers all the labor, too. Whether the crew is at your home for 30 minutes or three hours (it happens!) you’ll only be paying the flat volume rate.

Along with all the terrific garbage removal, Junk King is also going to make sure your items are disposed of in a responsible manner. This could mean making additional drops offs to local charities or recycling centers. It’s all about improving the environment by avoiding landfills. If you find yourself in need of some intense garbage removal, then the only call you need to make is to Junk King.


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