Junk King Atlanta Adds More Rave Reviews

You might be in the need of a professional junk hauling service to get rid of some excess rubbish around your home. You might have even seen the red Junk King Atlanta trucks making the rounds through your neighborhood. The question then becomes, “Is this the company to hire?” The quickest way to get the answer to that question is to read some of the reviews posted by recent Junk King Atlanta customers.


“Thank you for being timely, for calling ahead to confirm the arrival time and for hauling our junk away!” – K.H., Cumming

When you set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King Atlanta, you’ll get two dedicated movers assigned to the task. This is the team that is kept busy all day but they know how valuable your time is. Once you set an appointment, they will do their best to honor that time and let you know the progress from one job to the next. Because the Junk King Atlanta crews move fast, you might find them showing up at your place a lot sooner than you expected. That’s good news because your junk will get taken away even faster.

“I appreciate you coming out on a Friday afternoon same day service, you were very friendly and professional.” – Autumn, Snellville

Because those Junk King Atlanta crews are always on patrol, they have the opportunity to jump into a same-day appointment. It’s best if you can call first thing in the morning and have an open day. That way there sure to get to your place before the sun goes down.

“Your service techs were wonderful. They were professional, did a great job quickly and perfectly and were unbelievably nice!” – J.M., Alpharetta

This is one of the most common responses to a Junk King Atlanta session. That the friendliness of the crew makes them great to work with. You shouldn’t have to feel awkward asking a junk removal crew to lift something heavy or bulky. That will never be a problem with Junk King Atlanta.

“So efficient and friendly! This is the third time we have used Junk King. Always reliable with a super nice crew. Price is very reasonable.” – K.W., Atlanta

The reason that Junk King Atlanta has become the area’s leading professional junk removal service is because of word-of-mouth from their happy customers. Are you ready to add your rave review for Junk King Atlanta? You will after just one junk removal session!

Don’t Get Stuck With Yard Sale Rubbish. Instead Give It To Junk King Atlanta

You could put a lot of work into a weekend yard sale and end up making less money than you started out with. That’s because you’re going to have to invest in creating some posters to hang up to promote your yard sale. You’re also going to be giving up your valuable time. How much is your time worth? Start with how much you make at work per hour. Also remember that just because you’re putting stuff for sale on your front lawn doesn’t guarantee anyone will show up and buy that stuff. At the end of the day, you could still be stuck with all the rubbish you want to get rid of. A much better approach would be to hire Junk King Atlanta from the start. These are the junk removal experts who can remove all your unwanted stuff in a much more efficient manner.


Whether you hire Junk King Atlanta or go with the yard sale you’re still going to have to do a lot of sorting. You’ll be going to closets, the basement, attic and garage to find all those things you want to get rid of. The major difference with hiring Junk King Atlanta is that you don’t have to bring any of that stuff down to the front lawn. Plus, it’s guaranteed that it will be gone thanks to the efforts of the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal session.

In addition to all the things that Junk King Atlanta can take from the inside of your house, they can also do some amazing work around the yards. If you have some rusty auto-parts, spare tires, a broken lawnmower or even a child’s swing set that you want to get rid of now is the time to make that happen with one call to Junk King Atlanta.

The cost for this service is very affordable. You’ll just be paying a flat fee based upon how tightly the crew can pack your stuff onto the truck. The less room they take up the less you’re going to pay. You’ll know this price before the crew does any work. Forget the yard sale; give all your rubbish the Junk King Atlanta and it will be gone for good.

Get Your Yard Ready For Winter With Help From Junk King Atlanta

There are a lot of project that homeowners need to take care of in order to get their home ready for the winter. The priorities are to make sure the rain gutters are cleaned out and that the furnace has been inspected. There are other things that could also be accomplished that will make sure your winter will be cozy. That can include making sure your backyard is clear of all unwanted debris. That’s where Junk King Atlanta can lend a hand or two.


Junk King Atlanta is the professional junk hauling company that supplies all the manpower and truck space you need to accomplish just about any type of junk removal task. The only things Junk King Atlanta can take away are items that would be deemed hazardous materials. These include things like solvents, propane and paint. As for everything else, it can all be loaded onto the back of the truck and taken away in a single session.

It’s important to remove yard debris before winter to avoid providing a nesting spot for unwanted guests. This might also be a good time to trim the trees that are close to your roof or power lines. The Junk King crew won’t be able to cut down those branches but they can certainly haul away any amount of fallen tree branches.

In the same appointment that you are getting the Junk King Atlanta crew to clear out your yard waste they can also clear out all the unwanted stuff in your home. This is a perfect opportunity to finally get rid of things like that old sofa or stove you’re keeping in storage down in the basement.

Hiring Junk King Atlanta for your junk removal tasks also is a great way to give back to local charities. That’s because Junk King Atlanta will go out of their way to drop off your unwanted items to those charities that can find a new home for them. They would much rather make that drop off then just dump your stuff into a landfill. Put Junk King Atlanta to work clearing out the debris from your home and yards today.

Junk King Atlanta Handles Junk Removal Like A Pro

In the world of sports, a professional athlete achieved that status when they earn a paycheck. Just because they have gone “Pro” doesn’t mean they will automatically become a superstar. It just means that at the moment of signing a contract with a team they have value. The concept of professional also extends to various service technicians. The moment someone is paid for a job, they are considered a professional whether they do that job right or not. When it comes to junk removal, you definitely want to hire a professional. That can be determined by finding a company who has a dependable record of quality service. That would be the pros from Junk King Atlanta. They can handle your junk removal like a true professional.


As far as Junk King is concerned professionalism begins with the type of worker you hire. Junk King Atlanta will only hire movers who can be licensed, bonded and insured. This is a very important vetting process that sets Junk King Atlanta apart from all the other so-called professional junk haulers. Once the crewmember has been approved, they will go through a training with one of the experienced Junk King Atlanta crewmembers. It’s not just about learning how to lift something heavy or how to to protect a homeowner’s floor. It’s really about providing quality customer care. That begins and ends with a “no problem” attitude.

Having workers with a positive attitude makes the job go a lot smoother. You don’t have to be embarrassed about asking a Junk King Atlanta crewmember to climb stairs or get dirty. They will happily do whatever it takes to help you get rid of your unwanted junk. Often that might mean taking apart something like a swing set or pool table. The J unk King crews will always be equipped with the right tools to get that kind of job done.

Professionalism for Junk King Atlanta extends beyond the time the crew spends at your property. They also take great care in making sure what they collect will be disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. Junk King Atlanta is dedicated to keeping the air, water and soil in this area as clean as possible. When it comes to quality junk removal don’t take any chances. Hire the pros from Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta Takes Away Your Trash And Junk

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every American generates up to 4 pounds of trash. That might seem like a lot but when you set up all the discarded soda cans, water bottles, food cartons, paper towels and other random items can see how you can hit 4 pounds daily easily. What about junk? There are no surveys that talk about the amount of junk we create because that is different for every person. Is there a difference between trash and junk? It might just come down to how you get rid of it. Trash goes into the can and junk needs to be hauled away by Junk King Atlanta.


An item in your home becomes junk the moment you’re done with it. That can be the result of it breaking or being worn down. It can also happen if that item has been replaced such as with televisions and computers. Just because something is still usable doesn’t mean it can’t be considered junk. It simply becomes a matter of perspective. The dedicated teams working for Junk King Atlanta really don’t make the distinction between trash or junk. All they care about is getting rid of anything you want tossed out.

You’ll be assigned two very capable movers for your junk removal task. This is the team who has been trained in all the proper techniques of heavy lifting. You actually might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they can remove something as cumbersome as a sofa or refrigerator. There are special moving straps that help facilitate these types of junk removal chores. It’s kind of fun to see them in action. All you’ll be doing is pointing to the stuff you want taken away.

You should also consider what happens to your junk after you turn it over to Junk King Atlanta. Most junk haulers prefer to make a straight line to the nearest landfill and just dump everything there. That’s not how Junk King Atlanta operates. Instead, they would rather go the extra mile to drop off your stuff at a charity that could put it back to use. This is how they are able to keep Atlanta as green as possible. It’s also a way of ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Whether you need to haul away trash or junk, Junk King Atlanta is the only call to make.

Is Your Kid Ready For A Makeover In Their Bedroom? Then You’re Ready For Junk King Atlanta

The first sign that your child is ready for makeover in their bedroom would be when they start locking the door. Of course, this is not an option. But you can certainly appreciate their newfound desire for privacy. It’s also around this time when some of the stuffed animals get boxed away and the request is made to replace the “character” sheets with something that looks a little bit cooler. Yes, your child is growing up and they’re going to want a new bedroom. In order to help make that happen, you should reach out to Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk removal pros that can clear out all the clutter from a bedroom in no time at all.


The biggest challenge with providing a makeover for your child’s bedroom is to get them to focus on what they really want. That starts with boxing up and removing all the stuff that’s not going to be used again. There could be a lot of clothing, shoes, toys, books and other items that might be better served if taken out of the house. Yes, you might want to hold on to a few those things for keepsakes but you don’t have to keep anything. When you hire Junk King Atlanta for the removal, you also don’t have to worry about those things going to waste.

Junk King Atlanta has set up working partnerships with many charitable organizations. These are the groups that either operate a thrift store to benefit their charity or donate items directly to families in need. Either way all your unwanted stuff could get a new lease on life. Not only is this a good for those families but its also good for the environment around Atlanta. Anytime Junk King can avoid going to a landfill is what they consider a good day.

Although the focus of your session is to get your child’s bedroom straightened out, there is no reason why you can’t put junk King to work around the rest of your house. You will have the movers and the truck so why not declutter everywhere? Clearing out the rubbish from your child’s bedroom is the perfect excuse to turn your home into a junk free zone all thanks to Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta Helps You Convert Your Garage Into A Family Playroom

The purpose of any two-car garage is to put two cars in there. However, that’s not always practical. It might make more sense to have your cars parked in the driveway for better access. It might also be that your garage is too full of other storage items to allow a car to squeeze in there. On the other hand, you might decide that your garage could be put to better use with a different purpose. Putting down some linoleum, hanging some drywall and extending the heating and cooling could turn that area into a safe family playroom. It’s perfect if you’re doing laundry and the kids can be playing right in front of you. Of course, you don’t want them exploring through all that clutter! That’s why you want to hire Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk removal pros that can make sure that garage is clear of clutter in a single junk removal session.

Luogo_distilleriaThere are some homeowners who have turned their garages into storage lockers. There’s so much junk in there that if the doors were to open everything would come tumbling out! Even with a decent amount of clutter you’ll still have to devote the time to sorting through all that stuff before your two-man Junk King crew arrives. Their goal is always to get in and out as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your busy day. The job will go a lot smoother if all you have to do is point to the things you want to get rid of. The Junk King team will pick it right up from the spot matter how heavy or bulky they might be.

In addition to clearing out all that unwanted stuff from your garage, that same crew from Junk King can also work all kinds of magic around the rest of your home. That also includes clearing away yard debris from the backyard. Imagine what your home will look like when all those eyesore items are taken away. It will be just like when you first moved in!

Setting up your junk removal session with Junk King Atlanta is as easy as making a few clicks with your computer mouse. If you want to get the most out of your garage and the rest of your home then hire Junk King Atlanta to haul away all the clutter.

Don’t Waste Your Long Weekend. Put Junk King Atlanta To Work

Did you enjoy your last long weekend off from work? Was grilling on the agenda? Maybe you spent it at the movies. Or could be that sleeping in was all you needed to do to recharge the batteries. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the two remaining long holiday weekends of the summer. To ensure that can happen, you’ll want to clear your “to do list” of any outstanding chores. That is where a company like Junk King Atlanta can be a huge help. These are the junk removal professionals who will make short work out of clearing your home of all your unwanted rubbish.


You might not like to admit that you’re living with a lot of junk. However, the moment something has become broken beyond repair, is worn out or you’re simply done using it then it becomes junk. There is nothing wrong with categorizing items in your home as junk. What is wrong is having to live with all that junk when it is so easy to get rid of with one call to Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been helping businesses and homeowners clear out rubbish for over 10 years. The best part about hiring Junk King Atlanta is that they do all the work. That’s not just a clever slogan. It’s actually the way they operate. Every session is staffed by two very capable movers. This is the team who is fully licensed, bonded and insured. There are not many junk haulers who can claim to be as certifiably professional as Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King Atlanta also provides a truck big enough to haul whatever you want to toss out. How much space your junk will take up on the truck will determine what you pay. This is an estimate that will be provided to you before the work starts. Once you’ve shown the junk King crew all the things you want removed they’ll be able to provide you with that fee. Because they like to keep their trucks packed up tight, you can be sure that you’ll score the low end of the pricing scale for your job. Having a home that is totally free of junk and clutter is just a phone call away to Junk King Atlanta.

Have Fun This Summer But First Hire Junk King Atlanta To Get Rid Of Your Junk

If you wanted to you could find something new to do every single weekend this summer here in Atlanta. Along with all the baseball games and music festivals there is also a long list of outdoor movie screenings, expos and conventions that will be making their way through the Atlanta area. Highlights include the Tomato Festival, the Bicycle Expo and everybody’s favorite Ice Cream Festival. These summer events will certainly keep you busy and is all the more reason to take care of all those nagging household chores before summer kicks in the high gear. This is when you want to bring in Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk removal pros that can do amazing things when it comes to getting rid of your junk.


The last thing you probably want to do this summer is any hard work. That is definitely what Junk King Atlanta is all about. They’ll provide you with a very capable two-man moving crew who is going to do all the actual lifting and loading of your old junk. It doesn’t matter how heavy something is or how bulky it might be. If you want it gone, then you just have to tell the Junk King crew. Recently these teams have taken away things like upright pianos, pool tables, treadmills, bedroom furniture and all kinds of kitchen appliances. They can certainly handle whatever you’re throwing out!

Once that Junk King crew is finished taking out all the things from the inside of your home you can have them set their sights on your backyard. This is a great opportunity to clear all the yard waste from your yard so that you’re ready to have fun in the sun and by the grill.

The cost for all this amazing work is surprisingly affordable. The work crew, the truck, transportation, and any dumping charges will all be covered in a single flat fee. That flat fee will be based on how tightly the Junk King crew can pack up your stuff on the back of their truck. The smaller the space the lower the bill! Kick off your summer with a junk removal session from Junk King Atlanta. You’ll be glad you did!

Start Your Home Organizing With A Call To Junk King Atlanta

Many people voice a desire to get organized both at their job and around the home. They know this is crucial with regard to time management at the office. Around the house be an organized allows you to live in the clutter free environment and find the stuff you’re looking for when you need it. Nothing is more frustrated than wasting time looking for a pair of shoes or even your keys that have somehow gotten lost in all the clutter.

Once you’ve assigned a place for every object in your home then it’s not an effort to stay organized. Organization experts often recommend things like decorative baskets or plastic storage bins to help contain the various loose items you have floating around your home. Taking care of the little stuff is easy it’s when you need to remove significant amounts of clutter that you’ll need some help. That can come from the dedicated teams provided by Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk removal pros that can help power up your home organizing.


To get truly organize you have to clear out all the rubbish first. If you were to tackle this project throughout your entire home, you might soon discover that you’ve got more things to throw out than can fit in your weekly garbage can pick up. All that stuff can be turned over to Junk King Atlanta. You don’t even have to bring it down to the curb. You’re hiring that Junk King team to do all the work for you and that includes lifting, loading and climbing stairs.

Before the team begins to do that loading, they’re going to size up all the things you want to get rid of. This is how they’ll determine what your final fee will be. That will be based on an estimate of how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll be presented with this estimate before the work starts and there won’t be any surprise charges where the job is done. Don’t hesitate to shop around. Junk King Atlanta is confident that they are offering a great deal for this type of service. Start organizing your home the right way with a call to Junk King Atlanta.

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