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America’s Recycle Day

America’s Recycle Day falls every year on November 15th.  Since 1997 this day has been promoted as a grassroots movement to recognize the various recycling programs across the country.  The essential message is that on this one day per year we can really get hyped about recycling.  Although to make a big difference recycling is a job for every day of the year, it also helps to have a centralized time that we can all rally around.

So, what are some things you can do on America’s Recycle Day to help out?  Here are a few:

- Make Your Recycling Resolutions: Just like when people make New Years Resolutions on the 1st day of the new year, America’s Recycle Day can be when you set your recycle resolutions for the upcoming year.  This means setting a schedule – determine what, when, and how you are going to regularly recycle at home, at the office and on the go.  What actions do you need to take to make recycling a habit?  Do you need to get up earlier, walk a different route, or shop at a different store?  If you make a comprehensive and realistic game plan your Recycling Resolutions can become a reality.

- Spread The Word – Use the modern technology at your disposal to spread the word about recycling.  Although simply talking about recycling with your family and peers can make a difference, technology can make the conversation a lot easier.  Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog; link to some relevant and interesting recycling content to get people interested on America’s Recycle Day.

- Work With Your Local Community:  There are many planned community events that are expected to happen on America’s Recycle Day in your local area.  Try to take part in these events to raise awareness on recycling as well as to actually put in some hard work for our environment.  Beyond that, try to work together with your neighbors to set a community wide recycling policy (beyond whatever city-wide polices are already in place).

Junk King fully supports America Recycles Day and is standing by to pick up and recycle those large items (couches, mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, trunks etc.) that are too big for you to recycle. Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK to a book a free on site estimate, and save $30 when you book online.

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