Junk King Albany Helps Get The Yard Ready For Winter

As the weather starts getting colder, a lot of pests and critters will be looking for a place to call home for the winter. This is when you’ll find a lot of activity in piles of lumber or wood stored in the backyard. Those are perfect spots for all kinds of creatures great and small to make a home. In some cases, you might be using that wood throughout the winter for your fireplace. It is still advisable that you keep that would at a distance from your home. Often, termites can start building in a woodpile that is next to your house and find their ways tunneling into the foundation. Of course, if that wood and lumber are left over scraps from a remodeling job, then you should think about getting them picked up as soon as possible. One call to Junk King Albany can certainly make that happen.


Getting your backyard ready for winter might also include removing some of those items that have taken a beating from the elements over the years. There’s no reason to hang onto worn out patio furniture, crusty barbecue grills or a child’s playground set if those things are never going to be used again. Turn them all over to the Junk King crew and they’ll be permanently removed from your yard in no time at all.

In addition to helping you clear out all the debris from your backyard you can also turn that crew loose on the inside of your house. Take full advantage of their muscles and truck space to have all the clutter taken from your garage, closets and attic. Even though you might have been holding onto the clutter for several years there is no reason why you can’t get rid of it now. Wouldn’t it be great to take back all of that space? Junk King Albany can get you there.

Hiring Junk King Albany for your junk removal chore might also meet saving money. The affordable fees they charge would be a lot less then you hiring your own crew, rent in your own truck and giving up your valuable time. There is no reason why you need to haul junk when you got Junk King Albany standing by to handle the job.

Junk King Albany Hauls Away Your Trash And Junk Fast

What is the oldest object in your home? Most of us have a few antiques that can go back several decades if not a 100 years. These are the types of precious items that are passed down from generation to generation. The hope is that they will increase in value as the years go on. But just because something is old doesn’t mean it deserves to be appraised on Antiques Roadshow! You might have some old things that could simply be considered junk or trash. The issue then becomes whether or not you’re going to continue holding onto that junk. When you’re ready to have your trash and junk hauled away fast then Junk King Albany is ready to work for you.


The average junk removal session handled by Junk King Albany involves just a few pieces of unwanted stuff. This could be a couple of chairs, an old mattress, a toaster oven and a bag of clothes. That’s the kind of thing that might not require of moving crew to load onto a truck but you’ll be working with that crew regardless. Every junk removal session is staffed by two capable movers. This is a team that has a lot of experience with lifting heavy objects and taking apart bulky items. It really doesn’t matter to them what you’re throwing away. All they care about is getting all your stuff cleared in a single session.

There are those extreme junk removal jobs that require a bit more effort. Junk King Albany has handled many hoarder level cleanouts. If you’ve watched any of the reality shows featuring hoarders, then you know how intense those jobs can be. To get that kind of job done right Junk King will send over additional crews and trucks.

Whether you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff or just a few items you’ll be paying the same flat rate that is based strictly on volume. It all depends upon how tightly that crew can pack the truck with your junk. Their goal is to get all your stuff crammed into as little space as possible. That will translate into a low fee on the price scale. You’ll know that number before the work begins and it’s not going to change. You’re going to be very happy with how quickly Junk King Albany can make all your junk disappear.

Hire Junk King Albany For A Complete End Of Summer Cleanup

The one question that is on everyone’s mind is, “Where did the summer go?” As kids go back to school, you have to wonder did you do everything you wanted to get done this summer. Hopefully, you were able to squeeze in some vacation time or at the very least enjoyed a long weekend. But now that the summer is over it’s time to focus on getting the house ready for winter. Yes, the cold is just around the corner! That also means the holidays aren’t that far off. This could be the perfect time to hire Junk King Albany to take care of an end of summer cleanup.

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It’s amazing how quickly we can accumulate stuff. Even over the course of just three months in the summer there can be all kinds of added toys, sporting equipment, clothes, shoes and other gadgets and gizmos that find their way into your home. Some of these items are being used now but that could mean they “replaced” other items. The issue then becomes do you have the room for all of this stuff. That’s where Junk King Albany comes into play. These professional movers can transform any cluttered space into a junk free zone in no time at all.

Setting up your appointment with Junk King Albany can be handled with a phone call or clicking over to the website. You’ll be asked to pick the date that works best for your schedule and a two-hour window. It won’t take two hours for that crew to clear out what you’re getting rid of unless this is a “hoarder” type of situation. Most junk removal projects are taken care of in less than 30 minutes. That two-hour window is to insure the crew has time to get from one appointment to the other. It’s a lot better than waiting half a day for the phone company!

In terms of cost, Junk King is only going to charge you a flat fee based upon how much space your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. This is the fairest approach to this type of service. You should never be charged by the pound for junk hauling. Make a call to Junk King Albany today and your junk can be gone by tomorrow!

Start A Home Business In Albany By Bringing In Junk King First

Deciding to start a home business is a huge step in your career path. This could be a golden opportunity to finally live out your dreams. Despite all the wonderful stories about entrepreneurs making millions of dollars from an appearance on Shark Tank, operating a home business is very challenging. Even before you begin work on your business plan, you should create an environment that will allow you to be as productive as possible. Your business might just be entirely computer-based but you still need a private workspace to get the job done. This is where hiring Junk King Albany is a smart business move.


Do you have a spot in your home picked out for your office? It could be your spare bedroom or down in the basement. Chances are those areas are already full of clutter that needs to be cleared away. Junk King Albany will provide all the tools you need to accomplish that task. The capable two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal session will happily climb down to the basement or up to the second floor to take away whatever it is you want tossed out. That could be just a bunch of small boxes holding close and other household goods or it could be bigger pieces like a sofa or bedroom set.

It really doesn’t matter to this crew how heavy something is. All they care about is how they are going to packing onto the truck. Before they begin the work, they’ll figure out that packing and provide you with an estimate based upon how much space your junk is going to fill on that truck. This is a one-time fee that covers the cost of all the crews, transportation and dumping fees. It’s also a price that’s going to be locked down. Your clutter might end up taking up more space of the truck. What happens then? You’ll be paying that original low estimate. This is one of the many reasons why Junk King Albany is the best deal for junk removal services in the Capitol District area.

Get your home business started on the right foot by clearing out the clutter thanks to Junk King Albany.

Is It Time To Clear The Clutter Out Of Your Kids Room? Junk King Albany Can Help

The mission of every parent is to get their kid to clean up the room. It really doesn’t matter how old that child is, the goal is to get them to take care of their mess before you have to step it! Although summer is the time for a family vacation it’s also a good season to reevaluate your kid’s current living situation. They may be making the transition from toddler to first grader or middle school to junior high. They would certainly be a lot of room to reconfigure their room and get rid of a lot of unwanted items. This is where a call to Junk King Albany will be a huge benefit. In no time at all you’ll have all that clutter cleared out from that room and the rest of your house.


Before the Junk King Albany crew shows up for any junk removal session, you’ll be encouraged to do all your pre-sorting. This is where you go through all the boxes, shelves and other storage areas in your home to decide exactly what you can get rid of. When clearing out the clutter of your kid’s room that sorting process could take a while longer. That’s because every item could become the inspiration for playtime! However, what you get them to focus on separating the things they want to keep from the stuff they can get rid of then the sorting can kick into high gear.

Part of Junk King Albany’s operating philosophy is that they do all the work. That includes climbing stairs up to those bedrooms to remove all that unwanted stuff. Hiring Junk King Albany to help with your kid’s room can also inspire you to remove all the clutter from the rest of your house. You certainly don’t want your child pointing out the fact that they have to clean their room but the rest the house stays messy!

Although you might have spent a lot of money on the stuff you’re now throwing out, you shouldn’t feel like it is going to waste. When Junk King Albany does the collecting, they’ll make sure that those unwanted toys, books, furniture and clothing will be dropped off at a local charity. That way they can be put to better use. Give your kid and your home a total makeover with a little help from Junk King Albany.

Enjoy Summer In Albany But First Bring In Junk King

All eyes will be on Cooperstown this July during the baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend. Although that might be the highlight of the summer for many fans of the sport there is certainly a lot more going on in Albany. Over at the Museum of innovation in science in Schenectady families can enjoy the Return Of The Dinosaurs exhibit. There is also the First Friday In Albany, which are a series of ongoing arts and culture events that take place throughout the summer. Plus, there is the normal amount of open-air concerts, outdoor movies and other great food festivals that you can partake in before September comes around. The best way to enjoy all of that summer fun is to make sure you’ve gotten everything done around the house that needs to be done. You’ll feel a lot better about going out when all those chores are completed. Thankfully, Junk King Albany is standing by to lend a hand with all your junk removal needs.


Getting rid of clutter from your garage, basement and attic is one of those jobs that seem to get put off to a later date. You could probably come up with at least a dozen more things you’d rather be doing than sorting through all that rubbish. However, once you have it cleared away you’ll be amazed at how junk free home can transform your living space. Not only would you be able to make better use of your storage areas but you could actually convert entire rooms into more practical spaces. If you’re looking to create an arts and craft corner or set up a tinkering workbench in the garage, then you’ll definitely want to get rid of all the unwanted stuff first. That is where Junk King Albany comes in the play.

Your only role will be to decide exactly what you want tossed out. When the team from Junk King Albany arrives at the schedule appointment you just have to point to all the things you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. That includes making sure everything they take from your home is disposed of in a responsible manner. The best way to start your summer is to bring in Junk King Albany to clear out all the clutter!

Don’t Waste A Long Weekend. Hire Junk King Albany To Clear Your Rubbish

There’s nothing worse than waking up on the first day of a long weekend and being presented with a huge list of chores to do. These are probably the same chores that you been putting off for a while. The rationale might be that since you have all this free time should be able to get these things done. That certainly wipes out your time on the golf course or in the hammock! Of course, just because you have a long list of chores to do doesn’t mean you have to do them all by yourself. That is especially true when it comes to clearing out the big rubbish in your home. For that job can always depend on Junk King Albany.


Junk King Albany is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers who have been in this line of work since 2005. In that time, they’ve developed a very efficient way of handling this type of work. That starts with providing every customer with a very competent two-man moving crew. This is the team who is going to literally do all the hard work of your junk removal project. You can sit back and just point to what you want taken away and the Junk King crew will see to it that it’s loaded on the back of their truck.

Providing that truck is the other benefit of hiring a company like Junk King Albany. This truck will be able to hold whatever you’re throwing away so that everything can be gone in a single trip. Junk King Albany is also going to handle all the disposal of your collected items. You don’t have to drive around looking for the best place to drop off those things. There are several local charities and recycling facilities that are part of Junk King Albany’s daily drop off routes. They’ll see to it that your stuff gets to the right place.

The cleanup work that is provided by Junk King Albany isn’t restricted to just the inside of your home. They can also clear all kinds of rubbish from around your front and back yards. With Junk King Albany on the job, you’ll be able to get rid of all your rubbish and still enjoy your long holiday weekend.

Junk King Albany Helps Get Your Spare Room Ready For Rent

There are many people who set up a business in their home. Usually this involves working online in some capacity. It could also be that a particular type of service like dog walker or housecleaner can run a business from a home office. This is a great way to make extra money without paying office overhead. However, it’s not the only way that you can generate income from your home.


If you have a spare room that could be used as a guest room then you might be sitting on a potential moneymaker. You could rent out that room long-term and bring in a roommate. You could just as easily rent the room to occasional travelers who have grown weary of checking in and out of hotels. There is a big cottage industry of homeowners renting out and earning significant amount of money. Before you can get your room ready, you’ll want to bring in Junk King Albany. These are the junk removal pros that can get rid of all the rubbish and help make that room warm and inviting.

You might already have a bed set up in that spare room but it is sharing space with all the unwanted stuff you been collecting over the past several years. A spare room that isn’t being used is often turned into a kind of storage locker. On some level it’s a practical way to utilize that space but if you could make more money from it then you be well served to get rid of all that junk.

It doesn’t matter if this spare room is on a second or even third floor in your home. The team from Junk King Albany will have no problem climbing the stairs to bring down all the things you want to get rid of. Knowing you’ll have a hard-working two-man moving crew at your disposal can make a huge difference in deciding what to get rid of. In other words, anything goes!

Keep in mind, just because you’re getting rid of things like furniture and clothing doesn’t mean it will be going right to the dump. Instead, junk King will happily drop those kinds of items off at a charity that can put them to good use. Are you ready to make money from your spare room? Start with a call to Junk King Albany.

Junk King Albany Owner Todd Porter Wins Guilderland Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year

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There are some folks who are happy to punch a time clock and spend their 9 to 5 working hours in a classic office environment. Yes, we’re talking cubicles. Absolutely, nothing wrong with making a living that way. For Junk King Albany owner Todd Porter, the cubicle life was not for him. Even the views of Park Avenue couldn’t persuade him to stick around that lawyer’s office. Instead, Todd and his family headed upstate to the Capitol District to open a Junk King franchise.

It’s was a smart move on Todd’s part because of Junk King’s proven business model. However, it still takes the dedication and passion of a strong business leader to make that franchise thrive. Todd is just that type of professional but you don’t have to take our word for it. The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce has just voted Todd Porter their Small Business Person of the Year. That is proof positive that Todd is on the right track and has become a viable member of the business community.

To receive this coveted award, a business owner needs to earn their approval of the 350+ businesses that make up the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce. This is an organization with deep roots in the community that not only promotes businesses by making important connections and providing valuable resources but they also reach out and help with schools and other local community organizations. Todd Porter and his team from Junk King are a perfect fit for the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce. That’s because Todd not only helps keep homes and businesses junk free but he also does his part to keep the environment as green as possible.

Todd’s Junk King team has no problem going the extra mile to make drop offs of their collected junk to some of the many certified recycling centers or charitable organizations around the Capital District. This keeps tons of junk out of area landfills every month. Add it all up and it’s clear to see that Todd and his Junk King franchise is having a huge positive impact on the environment. All you have to do to be a part of that effort is hire Junk King Albany. They’re going to make those drop offs automatically. If you got junk, then the best company to give it to is Junk King Albany.

A Junk Removal Session With Junk King Albany Is A Great Gift For Mother’s Day

Ask any mother what the perfect Mother’s Day gift would be and you’re sure to find the answer is, “Just give me a call.” Although you should absolutely call your mom on Mother’s Day, there is probably a lot more you could do to put a smile on her face. Top of the list would be to pitch in and help with some of the household chores that have been put off for a long while. Top of that list could be junk removal. When you bring in Junk King Albany to take care of this task, the house becomes junk free and you get to spend more time with mom!


A lot of the stuff that is in your mom’s home could be there because she just doesn’t have the means to get rid of it all. Junk King can take care of that by providing a very capable two-man moving crew who can lift and load just about any object your mom would want to get rid of. She only has to point to what she wants taken away in the Junk King crew will handle the rest. This is a great opportunity for you to help your mother clear out all the clutter from her garage, basement and attic. It will certainly make a huge difference around the house and that is sure to bring a smile for mom.

Your mother might be one of those types of people who don’t like to see anything go to waste. This is another reason why you should hire Junk King for your junk removal session. Junk King strives to keep as much of what they collect out of the dump as possible. They accomplish that task by making drop offs to local charities instead. These are the organizations who also hire people to reupholster and fix up old furniture and appliances. That means indirectly when you hire Junk King to get rid of your junk you’re also doing your part to support the economy.

Don’t worry about this junk removal session costing a small fortune. Junk King’s pricing policies are based on volume and not weight. It doesn’t matter to Junk King how heavy something is but how much space it will take up on the back of their truck. That means you’ll be getting a great deal every time you use Junk King Albany. This Mother’s Day give your mom the gift of a junk free home with a little help from Junk King Albany.

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