Junk King Chico Gets Five-Star Ratings

Although were only halfway through the month, Junk King Chico has already been very busy. They have helped dozens of homeowners, apartment renters and businesses clear out tons of junk. How do you know that? You can judge by the rave reviews that were posted just within the last couple of days. Here’s a sample:


“Everyone we dealt with was extremely helpful. Santiago and John worked tirelessly today loading the truck. It wasn’t an easy job for sure. We would definitely recommend you to one and all.” – Gayle and Paul, Penn Valley

What might look like a difficult job to you isn’t necessarily a challenge for Junk King Chico. Yes, it might be hard for you to maneuver heavy furniture down from upstairs or take apart something clunky like an entertainment center. It might be a challenge to get rid of a backyard swing set or old tool shed. But when you hire Junk King Chico, you’re hiring a company that is happy to do all the hard work for you. It doesn’t matter how heavy something is or how awkward it is to move Junk King Chico will make sure it is gone in a very timely manner.

“I found the gentlemen who came to remove my junk to be nice & professional. They came in, got the junk I had all without wasting my time or theirs, I found myself very happy I picked Junk King to remove the fridge as well as a couple of other things.” – B.B., Marysville

Junk King Chico understands how valuable your time is. If you’re taking a day off to handle the junk removal, then they want to make sure you enjoy as much of that day as possible. The only as you to set aside a two-hour window for the junk removal session. That gives them time to get from one appointment to the next but they certainly won’t take two hours at your job and less it’s a total house clean out.

“The drivers were exceptional. They knew we were coming from out of the area and kept in contact with us and got there before us and waited.” – Barbara B., Nevada City

When you hire Junk King Chico, you’re hiring a team that makes it all about your needs. It’s clear from the reviews that the best junk removal service in this area is Junk King Chico.

Want To Get Rid Of Rubbish Fast? Then Bring In Junk King Chico

There are a lot of people who have decorated their homes with what they refer to as “yard sale chic.” These would be items they found at various yard sales that they refinished. It is very true that you can make some great discoveries at yard sale not only for furniture but also fun tchotchkes. On the other side of that would be all the people who are attempting to sell their things at a yard sale. Their hope is to get rid of as much rubbish as they possibly can in a single afternoon. The moment you decide to sell something in your front lawn for a few dollars is deftly the moment it has been classified as rubbish; at least to you! The problem is that there is no guarantee you’ll get rid of all that rubbish or make any money that is worth the effort. If you’re serious about getting rid of rubbish fast then you only have to make one call to Junk King Chico.


The two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal task will be up to the challenge of removing any heavy or bulky object from your. This is a team that is definitely problem solvers. If something has to be cut up or taking apart piece by piece to get it out the door, then that is exactly what the crew from Junk King Chico will do.

The other skill that these crews have is the ability to pull out any item they think could be recycled or donated. They can recognize the value in a piece of discarded furniture or box of clothing. They know exactly of the various charitable organizations are looking for. Those are the kinds of items that they will go out of their way to drop them off. That is a lot better than having your stuff dumped into a landfill. It is also service that’s not going to cost you any extra.

Junk King Chico’s pricing policy is all based upon truck space. How tightly the crew can pack in all your stuff will determine just how much you’ll be paying. If they can get it in to the least amount of space, then you’ll pay the lowest end of the price scale. That is exactly what they strive for with every job. Don’t waste your time with the yard sale. Instead, turn all your rubbish over to Junk King Chico. You’ll be glad you did!

Junk King Chico Are Your Clutter Removal Experts

No matter how hard you try, it seems like the clutter around your home always “wins.” Despite your best effort at tossing out junk mail an old magazines every day new ones arrive. No matter how many times you asked the family to pick up their stuff it always ends up coming back. Then there are those areas in your home like your closet and garage where the clutter has completely taken over. If you feel overrun by clutter, then  it is the perfect time to bring in the decluttering experts at Junk King Chico.


Junk King Chico provides all you need to get rid of the clutter from your home. They are going to set you up with a two-man moving crew and a big truck. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away. That is probably the most time-consuming aspect of this junk removal process. It certainly won’t take much time for the Junk King Chico crew to load up the truck with all your stuff. The goal is not to have that crew waiting while you sort through boxes and shelves. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to move anything around before the crew shows up. Just decide what you want to go and when they arrive, show them all those objects. They will take them right from the spot whether they are upstairs or out of the garage.

Weight is not a concern for the Junk King Chico crew. They’ll find a way to remove anything from your home no matter how heavy it is. Sometimes that might mean taking the object apart first. The crew will have their own tools to get that job done right!

Weight is also not an issue when it comes to pricing. That’s because Junk King Chico never charges by the pound. Their rates are based on volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crew can pack up the truck with all your stuff. The less room they take up the less you’ll pay. And if is one thing these crews know how to do its pack a truck up tightly! When you’re ready to finally get rid of all the clutter in your home Junk King Chico will be ready to get it done.

Junk King Chico Helps You Stay Eco-Friendly Around The House

Do you think about what happens to you trash it into the trashcan? If you have a young boy around the house, then trash pickup day is a very exciting event. They would like nothing more than to follow that trash right back to the landfill. For most of us, we don’t give what happens to our trash a second thought. Of course, we understand a little bit more about what happens to trash when it comes to our recyclables. We know those are being sorted, separated and repurposed. We just might not be sure of where that all takes place. If you had the chance to recycle, even more than what you’re already recycling would embrace that opportunity? You have that opportunity when you hire Junk King Chico to take care of your junk removal chore.


Junk King Chico has been dedicated to an eco-friendly disposal policy ever since they began collecting junk. This is actually two-pronged approach. It involves dropping items off at recycling centers or at charities. To make that happen to identify exactly what item can go where. This is all part of their training. You don’t have to think about whether you’re sofa can be reupholster or if you’re still should be melted down. The Junk King Chico crew will take care of all of that automatically.

The other benefit with this eco-friendly policy has to do with how much it will cost. By and large, recycling is less expensive than dropping trash off at a landfill. That’s because most landfills charged by the pound and that can turn into a very expensive proposition. Junk King Chico is happy to pass that recycling savings on to you. Your fee will always be based upon volume and not weight. It will be determined by an estimate of how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. The small of the space, the small the fee. But that doesn’t mean you have to “edit” the things you want to get rid of. Even if you fill up the entire truck bed going to get a great deal when you factor in the labor costs, transportation and valuable time. Junk King Chico makes it easy for your junk removal be eco-friendly.

Hire Junk King Chico To Take Care Of Old Stove Disposal

Next to your refrigerator, your stove probably gets the most use out of any appliance in your home. Although you could go a couple of days without turning on the stove, sooner or later you’re going to need it for cooking or even just boiling water for a cup of tea. Like a refrigerator, a stove that isn’t working properly can cause a lot of damage with your food. If the temperatures are off, then you could end up burning a lot of what you’re cooking. Instead of fighting with your stove, you might want to think about replacing it for a newer, more energy efficient model. Before that happens you also need to take care of the old stove disposal. One call to Junk King Chico handles that job start to finish.

Although it is not complicated to remove an old stove there is special care that has to be taken especially if it is a gas stove. You want to make sure whoever’s doing this knows how to shut off that gas properly. The crews working for Junk King Chico have experience in this matter and will make sure your old stove disposal is handled properly. The best approach would be to schedule the removal of your old stove for the same day as delivery of your new stove. That way you won’t miss out on making any meal!


Some appliance delivery companies might offer old stove disposal. What they can’t offer is clearing out the clutter from the rest of your house. Just because you’re hiring Junk King Chico to take care of your old stove disposal doesn’t mean they can’t remove clutter from your garage, closets and attic. You’ll have two dedicated movers and a huge truck assigned to the task. You should take full advantage of all that help!

When it comes to packing up the truck the crew from Junk King Chico are experts. That will matter when it comes time to estimating your bill. Once the crew has looked over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll be able to provide you with a price based on how much your junk is going to fill on the back of the truck. One fee covers everything. Start with old stove disposal and end with a home that is totally clutter free. Junk King Chico can make it happen.

Junk King Chico Helps You Makeover Your Child’s Bedroom

It’s amazing how many times your kid gets to makeover their bedroom. While you still sleep with the same bedroom set, your child has gone from crib to toddler bed to teen bedroom. Often these transformations require taking down stickers and putting up posters. It’s also about boxing up toys and stuffed animals. Of course, nearly every other month you’re swapping out shirts, pants, socks and shoes for those growing kids. If this is the summer where another bedroom makeover is going to happen, then you’ll definitely want to get Junk King Chico on board with the project.


Junk King Chico is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers that started here in California nearly 10 years ago. In that time they perfected a business model that puts them in the number one spot in every city they set up a new franchise. Chico has been no exception for junk King! They’ve hired several crews who are dedicated to this job. These aren’t just random workers who come in and out of the business. Instead, they are licensed and insured. They’ve also been trained in proper moving techniques. They know how to lift and maneuver an object through your house without causing any damage.

The same crews will also be equipped with a set of tools that can help them take apart any piece of furniture to fit it out the door. This might come into play in your child’s bedroom if you’re taking out an old dresser, crib or shelves that you built inside the room. It’s a lot easier to take it apart to load it up rather than move it down a tight hallway or stairs.

You might be calling Junk King to specifically take care of clearing the clutter from your child’s bedroom but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you around the rest of the house. One junk removal session with Junk King Chico can have all the unwanted clutter from your closets, garage and bedrooms taken away. They can even do some amazing work out in the yard removing things like lumber piles, bricks and spare tires. From your child’s bedroom to the rest of your house, Junk King Chico can make it a junk free zone in no time at all.

Starting A Chico Home Business? Junk King Can Help With That

One of the big costs for a business is office rental. That is why many startups will often begin operations at home. When you consider that a lot of the work done by businesses today is handled online it’s not a stretch to imagine that a home office could be a big benefit. The goal is to create a space that is dedicated to your business as opposed to setting up shop on the dining room table. A spare room or even the garage can be converted into a viable home office. The first goal is to make sure you have all of your clutter cleared from that space. You not going to get a lot of work done if you’re surrounded by junk. That task is easily handled with one call to Junk King Chico.


Junk King Chico will provide everything you need to make sure all your unwanted stuff is removed in a single session. They’ll be dispatching a two-man moving crew truck to get the job done. Although that doesn’t sound complicated it’s the kind of thing that might be a challenge for you to do on your own. After all, you might not have access to capable movers or want to take the time and money to rent a big truck. You’re only job with a junk removal session Junk King Chico is to point to all the stuff you want taken away. That might require a little effort on your part before the crew shows up. But you should take full advantage of having that manpower and truck space.

Speaking of truck space, that is actually how Junk King Chico will determine your fee for the job. Their pricing policy is based upon how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. This is an estimate that you’ll be given once the crew has had a chance to size up all the things you want to toss out. If you were to price out this job on your own you’ll find that you’re spending three times as much as what you be paying Junk King Chico. It makes smart business sense to hire Junk King Chico to help set up your home office and clear way all your clutter.

Junk King Chico Makes Sure You Don’t Have To Be Embarrassed By Your Junk

Are you embarrassed to invite people over to your house because it is full of clutter? Were not just talking about the typical piles of old magazines and newspapers but instead rooms that look like their more yard sale then living room. Maybe your living room and kitchen is clutter free but all of that rubbish has been shoved into closets or out into the garage. It’s still a problem that you will have to contend with sooner or later. Doesn’t it make sense to get rid of that junk and put those areas to better use? If so, then Junk King Chico is the company you want to hire.


Junk King Chico is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. This is a business that started right here in California over 10 years ago. The original founders of Junk King were actually frustrated that they couldn’t find a dependable professional junk hauling service to clear out their home. That’s when they decided to start a business for themselves. That might not have helped them clean out their garage right away but it certainly has helped thousands of other homeowners and businesses all across the country clear out the unwanted clutter from their property.

The Junk King business model is simple. They do all the work. That happens thanks to the pair of capable movers they’ll supply to your junk removal appointment. This is the team who will be dedicated to the task of taking away anything you want gone. It doesn’t matter to them how heavy something might be or if it has to be taken apart first. If you want it gone, then just tell the Junk King crew. In the past, teams from Junk King have not only cleared out an entire home worth of furnishings but they even saw the hot tub in half just to get it on the back of the truck.

You also won’t have to worry about how your junk is disposed of when you hire Junk King Chico. They are dedicated to protecting the environment. That means keeping as much collected junk out of landfills as possible. That translates into making extra drops to charities and recycling centers. But junk King doesn’t have any problem with that additional work. Dependable, safe and affordable junk removal is just a phone call away to Junk King Chico

Have Fun This Summer In Chico But First Bring In The Junk King Crew To Clear The Clutter

Although not many people would consider Chico as a summer vacation destination there is still plenty to do in this area. The fact that it won’t be overrun with tourists actually makes it a lot more fun for the locals to enjoy. Bidwell Park has some great hiking trails to explore. Your exploration can continue at the Gateway science Museum that’s right next door to the Bidwell Mansion. Plus, there are all those fabulous murals downtown that would make a great way to spend an afternoon. Of course, nothing beats just relaxing with a cold drink and some burgers on the grill. To get you in that summer state of mind you want to clear the deck of all your household chores. If junk removal is on that list, then that is a job, you want to turn over to Junk King Chico.


Junk King Chico provides all the tools you’ll need to get rid of your junk. All you have to do is decide what you want tossed out. Those “tools” include a very capable two-man moving crew who is going to do all the heavy lifting. You’ll never have to put your back at risk as long as Junk King Chico is on the job! That crew will also be rolling up in a huge truck big enough to hold whatever you want to toss out. Their goal is to get rid of all your stuff in a single session. If you have a huge amount of junk to get rid of, then Junk King might even send over extra trucks and crews. They will be satisfied until all your junk is taken away.

The work that Junk King Chico provides can extend out to the backyard as well. This is a great chance to clear your patio and lawn of any unwanted yard waste items. You’ll certainly enjoy spending time out there grilling and relaxing when you’re not surrounded by rubbish.

Junk King Chico is also dedicated to keeping the area as green as possible. You should never have to go hiking or exploring downtown and be forced to see junk. Thanks to Junk King Chico tons of unwanted rubbish is either donated or recycled every month. To get your junk hauled the right way this summer make that call to Junk King Chico today.


Start Your Home Organization With A Call To Junk King Chico

How many projects around the home will you be taking on this summer? Are you planning to do a remodeling of the kitchen? Will there be a big landscaping project in the backyard? Maybe you’re just going to repaint some rooms and rearrange the furniture. That’s really all you need to do to freshen up your living space. However before you tackle any of those big jobs you’ll want to get things organized around the house. That is where Junk King Chico can lend a hand or two.


For over 10 years, Junk King has been helping homeowners clear out tons of unwanted items from their living spaces. They accomplish this by following a simple rule: they do all the work. Your junk removal session will be staffed by a two-man moving crew that has been licensed, bonded and insured. This is a completely professional team that is dependable and friendly.

When the crew from Junk King Chico shows up at your home, you’ll show them all the things you want removed. That doesn’t mean you have to pull them out of your house or bring them down the stairs. Just leave everything right where it is. You’re hiring junk King Chico so that they do all the heavy lifting in your back will be put at risk. Once they’ve sized up the items they’ll present you with a fee that is based on how much room all that stuff will take up on the back of their truck. That could break down to one-third, one quarter, one-half or the whole truck. This is a fee that includes all the labor, transportation and drop off charges. You’ll also find that it is extremely affordable. The only fair way for Junk King to assess that fee is to size up the junk in person. However, you’re under no obligation to hire them if you’re not happy with that price. That makes them a very fair company to work with.

Once you’ve removed all the unwanted items from your home you’ll have a better handle on how to organize everything that is left over. That can certainly help make those big summer projects run a lot smoother. To get your home organized this summer Junk King Chico is a great partner.

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