Junk King Cleveland Scores More Rave Reviews

If you want to know how business is doing just checked the customer reviews. This is the most efficient way to determine if that company is delivering on its promises. When it comes to quality junk removal a you can always count on Junk King Cleveland to get the job done. Want more proof? Read on…


“Scheduling is very efficient. Appears crews are striving to stay ahead of appointment times. I was contacted by the crews twice, once to confirm my appointment, and again to let me know they were on their way. I appreciated that level of service. When crew arrived they were very “customer service” oriented, as well as friendly.” – D.K., Cleveland

Junk King Cleveland appreciates how valuable your time is and they don’t want to waste one minute of it. You can schedule your session online or over the phone. That will guarantee a prompt response to make sure that everything is set up according to your schedule. You’ll be amazed how quickly Junk King Cleveland works.

“They were able to schedule an appointment first thing Saturday morning to work around my work schedule. Gave me an extremely reasonable quote to remove my hot tub that following Monday morning. They were in and out in twenty minutes. I will definitely recommend their services!” – R.M., Independence

Junk King Cleveland is all about problem solving. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be or how awkward it is to move. If you want it gone, then all you have to do is tell the crew and it will be gone for good!

“The 3 men that came to my home cleared away a shed that destroyed/burned down due to arson; were awesome! Personal, went above and beyond to get the job done. And still charged me what quoted.” – D.S. North Royalton

“Prompt and efficient. They took down my very large shed very quickly. Left no debris in my back yard. I will be using them in the future.” – T.B., Beachwood

Even though “junk” is in their title there really is no limit to what Junk King Cleveland can remove from your property. If you want reliable and affordable junk removal, then the only call to make is to Junk King Cleveland and the reviews prove that!

Getting Ready For Winter? Junk King Cleveland Can Help

As a homeowner, you have to constantly stay two steps ahead when it comes to maintenance around the house. You don’t want to let a small problem grow into a major headache. It also helps to be as proactive as possible. Nowhere is this truer than around wintertime. Although it hasn’t gotten cold outside yet, right now is the time of year where you should be thinking about winter in terms of getting your home ready. If you haven’t had your fireplace or heating system inspected then you definitely want to bring in a specialist to make sure they are in proper working order. Around the outside of your home there could be work required when it comes to picking up leaves or other yard waste. That is where Junk King Cleveland can be a huge help.


Although “junk” is in their name, Junk King Cleveland are great partners for yard cleanup. Over the summer, you might have designated a few things that could be taken out of the yard. This can include stuff like worn out patio furniture or leftover materials from a remodeling job. You definitely don’t want to have any piles of wood or lumber in your yard. These could become nesting areas for pests and vermin. They’re going to be looking for a cozy home for the winter to. By clearing out all the debris, you’ll make sure your home is in on their map!

It also helps clearing out the clutter from the inside of your house. This is especially true if you’re expecting guests for the holidays. With everything else going on you don’t want to rush with clearing out junk from a spare bedroom. Instead, turn all of that over to Junk King Cleveland.

Junk King Cleveland and is dedicated to making your junk removal session as efficient as possible. That starts with setting up your appointment at a time that works best for your schedule. It’s up to you to decide the best day and two-hour window for the session. If you know exactly all the things you want to get rid of when you make that call to Junk King Cleveland they could offer a same-day pickup. Yes, it’s true; you can call Junk King Cleveland in the morning and have all your rubbish gone by lunchtime! Give them a try today.

Let Junk King Cleveland Take Care Of Your Large Appliance Removal Needs

Sooner or later, you’re going to come across an object in your house that is going to be a big challenge to get removed. All your major kitchen appliances would definitely fall into this category. When the stove or refrigerator needs to be replaced, it’s going to take at least a two-man moving crew, a moving dolly and a truck to cart that item away. That is exactly what Junk King Cleveland is going to provide to you. These are the junk removal professionals who have a lot of experience with large appliance removal.


Moving a refrigerator or stove a couple of inches is easy when you slide on the tile floor. It’s getting it around your walls and out the front door where it becomes the challenge. You might have even moved into your place with the appliances already in their position. That means you didn’t see how they got into place. The Junk King crews will take special care to make sure none of your floors are scraped or your walls banged into. They’ll treat your home with the same respect as they retreat their own. There also bonded and insured which adds another level of trustworthiness for this crew.

Knowing that you will hire Junk King Cleveland for your large appliance removal also means you can use that same crew for the rest of your junk removal. Take full advantage of those two movers and have them bring down stuff from upstairs or up from the basement. It doesn’t matter how heavy or bulky something might be. If you want it gone then consider it gone!

Everything that the Junk King Cleveland crews load onto your truck will also be sorted by that same crew. They’re going to pick out all the things that can be recycled or donated. This is something you don’t have to designate because these crews are going to be doing that automatically. It’s part of every junk removal package.

As for the price, you’ll find that Junk King Cleveland pricing policies are among the best in the area. They base their rates on how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It’s a simple formula that benefits you for every junk removal session. Take care of your large appliance removal and junk hauling needs with one call to Junk King Cleveland.

What Is Better For Junk Removal? DIY Or Junk King Cleveland

Do you know someone who isn’t afraid of hard work? That might even describe you. This could mean you embrace DIY projects around the house. You can take a lot of pride in fixing minor priming problems or changing the oil in your car. Those could be easy fixes that wouldn’t take up a lot of your time on your day off. Then there are those bigger projects that require a lot more effort. That’s certainly true with something like junk removal. Despite your best intentions taking care of junk removal as a DIY project might prove to be too much of an exertion. The alternative would be to bring in the junk removal pros from Junk King Cleveland. They can handle the job from start to finish and you’ll be amazed at how quickly that can all happen.


Taking care of junk removal on your own means you need to set aside a good chunk of your day off. If you’re serious about getting rid of a lot of stuff, then not only might you need to hire a small moving crew but you also will need to rent a truck. That can become somewhat of a challenge when you need to have someone drop you off the rental place and pick it up again at the end of the day. You also have to make sure you’re not damaging the truck with the stuff you’re loading onto it. One sudden stop or sharp turn could have that junk crashing into the walls. Then you would be stuck with insurance problems.

With Junk King Cleveland on the junk removal job, you don’t have to worry about how heavy or bulky something is. Once that junk goes onto their truck it will be their  problem. Actually, it is getting rid of the junk that takes up the most time. If you’re driving the truck, then you could end up getting stuck in traffic as you make your way to drop off point. Depending upon what you’re getting rid of you might also have to make several drop offs. Your e-waste would need to go to a certified recycling center while your clothing and furniture could end up at a charity. That sounds a grind but Junk King is happy to make those drop offs. Don’t stress over junk removal. Give that job to Junk King Cleveland and watch how fast it gets done!

Stay Eco-Friendly With Junk Removal From Junk King Cleveland

Whenever you recycle, you are being a model to the rest of the community. They don’t have to see you fill up your recycle bin to know that you’re making a difference. The fact that you’re keeping as much out of landfills as possible goes a long way towards keeping everything around Cleveland green. If you’re living with kids, then you’re also teaching them valuable lessons about protecting the planet. You can extend all your positive recycling work by making sure everything you get rid of has a chance to be recycled. That includes all of your junk. The best way to ensure your junk is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner is to hire Junk King Cleveland.


Junk King Cleveland is part of a nationwide franchise of professional junk haulers. This is the company who is been in this service business since 2005. Since that time, they have literally removed tons of rubbish, junk and trash from homes, businesses, schools, apartments and warehouses. Because of their eco-friendly policies, Junk King has maintained a healthy 60% diversion rate. That translates into 60% of everything collected being kept out of landfills. That’s great news for the environment

When it comes to eco-friendly disposal, Junk King Cleveland is happy to keep up those high standards set by the parent company. They’ve developed partnerships with many recycling centers around the area. The most crucial form of recycling takes place with e-waste. All of your old computers, televisions, monitors and printers should never be put in the trash. Instead, they have to be dismantled and properly disposed of. Junk King Cleveland will make sure your outdated e-waste gets to the right place.

They also make sure things like furniture, clothing, books, toys, appliances and other household items can find their way to a charity. This will give those items a new lease on life. It will also make you feel good about getting rid of a lot of stuff knowing that it won’t be getting trashed.

You do not have to separate your items from recycling or donations. The Junk King Cleveland crews have been trained to do that for you. Keep your strong eco-friendly recycling program going with help from Junk King Cleveland.

Is Your Kid Ready For A Bedroom Makeover? Bring In Junk King Cleveland

On the popular TV show, Extreme Home Makeover families were treated to a new home and that usually meant tearing down the old home. While it is fun to watch demolition, it is a painstaking job to clean up. Of course, just because something is getting a makeover doesn’t mean it has to be completely destroyed first. That certainly holds true with your child’s bedroom. They will most definitely go through one or two makeovers between toddler age and when they head off to college. If you are planning your next makeover for your child’s bedroom, then you might want to start with a call to Junk King Cleveland. These are the junk removal experts who make short work of clearing out clutter from a bedroom.


There are two also reasons for hiring Junk King Cleveland to haul away your unwanted rubbish. The first happens at your home. This is where the two-man moving crew will arrive to perform the task. Their motto is “we do all the work.” They take that quite literally. Your only task in this job is to tell them exactly what you want removed. You point and they take away!

The second great reason for hiring Junk King Cleveland happens long after they’ve finished work at your home. This is when the Junk King crews will be dropping off all your stuff to a charity or recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to a “green” way of doing things. That means avoiding a trip to a landfill at all costs. It helps you make the claim that you’ve reduced your own carbon footprint and you didn’t have to lift a single box!

The main purpose of calling Junk King Cleveland might be to help take away all the unwanted stuff from your child’s bedroom but Junk King will certainly be able to provide a lot of assistance around the rest of the house. There junk removal work can also extend to the backyard. You’ll be amazed at how quickly Junk King Cleveland can transform your entire home. Don’t waste another day living with clutter. Turn it all over to Junk King Cleveland! You’ll be glad you did.

Junk King Cleveland Helps Convert Your Garage Into A Home Theater

In terms of structure, your garage is no different from any other room in your house except for the access point. Even with the garage door there is still an opportunity to transform that area into something like a home theater. All that is required is drywall, flooring and an alternative to that big garage door space. Of course, to tackle that kind of transformation you’re going to first need to remove everything that’s in the garage that you no longer need. That phase of your makeover should begin with a call to Junk King Cleveland. These are the decluttering experts!


In many ways, it is easier to convert your garage into a home theater then another room in your home. That is because you might already have access to the bare walls that can facilitate wiring of your sound system. Once that’s in place then you can put up the drywall finish. There were also be plenty of room for comfy chairs for your home theater. It might just become the most popular spot on the whole block! When the junk King crew shows up to help with your task, you’ll direct them to all the things you want taken away. If the focus is on your garage, then they’ll be able to back the truck right up to the door for easy load up.

Before they start the actual removal, they’re going to size up everything you want to get rid of. They’ll then be able to formulate an estimate based on how much space your junk is going to occupy on the back of the truck. This is a flat fee that covers all the costs associated with your junk removal. It’s also very affordable! Junk King Cleveland never charges by the pound. It’s all about volume.

Once they are done loading everything up they’ll be on their way and you can get back to your day. Of course, the Junk King crew’s work is far from over. Instead of dropping all your stuff off at a landfill they will be sorting through everything they collect. The goal is to find anything that could be repurposed or recycled. Once that happens they’ll make the drop offs at the appropriate facilities. It’s all part of their complete junk removal package. Your garage transformation project should start with a call to Junk King Cleveland. Make that happen today!


Junk King Cleveland Won’t Let You Be Embarrassed By Your Junk

Throwing a dinner party requires planning out a great menu. You could also set up a kind of theme for the evening that would be reflected in that menu. The best dinner parties are ones that start early and end late. In between there is a lot of great food and conversation with friends. Of course, you’ll also want to get the house ready for your dinner party. That could mean restricting your guests to the living room and dining room and bathroom. You certainly don’t want them wandering off to that spare room that’s been turned into a junk locker. Or let them go down the basement with all that rubbish. On the other hand, if you want to open up your entire home, then you might want to bring in Junk King Cleveland first.


Junk King Cleveland will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to clear out your clutter so you won’t have to be embarrassed. Those tools come in the form of a very capable two-man moving crew and huge truck. For some junk removal appointments, Junk King Cleveland has had to dispatch multiple teams of movers and trucks in order to clear out a property in a single appointment. That usually happens with a home that has been foreclosed or with someone dealing with a hoarder situation. As for all the other jobs like your decluttering the two-man crew will be able to handle it safely and efficiently.

The part you play in your junk removal session is to direct the crew to all the things you want removed. This could literally be an item in every room in your house. It doesn’t matter to Junk King if they have to climb stairs multiple times or lift something very heavy. They just want to make sure everything you want gone can be taken away. That also includes all the rubbish in your backyard. Part of your dinner party might be enjoying dessert outside. You’ll feel a lot better once Junk King has taken away all the yard waste and other debris you’ve accumulated out there.

Get your home ready for company with a little help from Junk King Cleveland.

Junk King Cleveland Helps Give You Back Your Weekend

Summer begins with a long weekend. It ends with a long weekend. And there’s a long weekend smack dab in the middle. It would appear that the calendar is trying to tell you something. That would be take full advantage of those long weekends because you’ll have to wait an entire year before they come back around! Just because something is labeled as a holiday weekend doesn’t mean you can escape doing chores around the house. However, you don’t have to be alone in handling those chores. That is especially true when it comes to removing junk from your garage, basement or closets. For that task, you’ll want to hire Junk King Cleveland. These are the junk removal pros that can help give you back your long weekend!


How long would be the list of items that you are ready to get rid of? Depending upon how long you’ve lived in your current home that could be a very long list. It’s amazing how quickly we fill up those storage spaces. No doubt if you were to do a survey around your neighborhood would find the majority of your neighbors aren’t parking their cars in their garages because they’re all full of stuff. If you’re in that same situation, then Junk King Cleveland is ready empty out that area.

All it takes to get rid of your junk is a pair of capable movers and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King Cleveland will be providing. It doesn’t matter if you’re just tossing out an old computer and television. You’ll still benefit from that two-man moving crew and truck.

Of course, knowing you’re going to have that kind of help at your disposal might just have a positive impact on that list of things you want to get rid of. Weight isn’t a factor and neither is how bulky something might be. The team from Junk King Cleveland have been trained to handle any object no matter how heavy it is. They also will have the tools to take apart whatever you want to get rid of.

The best way to get the most out of your long weekend is to hire Junk King Cleveland first to remove all the junk from your home.

Get Your Home Clutter Free This Summer With Help From Junk King Cleveland

Traditionally, summers are the one time of year when were supposed to slow down and enjoy the season. There are plenty of long weekends and potential vacations that make up for all the hard work you do throughout the rest of the year. Of course, there could also be a long list of projects to do around the house that you been putting off until the weather turns warmer. These could be little tasks like repainting a room to something major like repaving a driveway or replacing a patio deck. No matter what type of project you’re going to take on this summer the goal should be to get in and get out as quickly as possible. If you’re looking to declutter your home of all its unwanted items, then Junk King Cleveland can make that happen in a flash.


Start with your garage. How many things are out there that you could toss out? There could be all kinds of broken sporting equipment, busted appliances, worn out furniture, rusty tools, spare auto-parts and random piles of rubbish that are taking up valuable storage space. Just ask yourself how easy it is to park your car in that garage. If you can’t remember the last time you park your car in your garage, then it’s clearly time to bring in Junk King Cleveland and help you clear out all the clutter.

The two-man moving crew assigned to your junk removal appointment won’t be able to do any of the sorting for you. You have to make all those decisions. But once you do, all you have to do is point to the things you want taken away and they’ll be as good as gone.

As the crew loads up all your stuff onto their truck they’ll be keeping an eye out for any object they feel could be repurposed. They know where all the recycling centers are located in the area. They also have partnerships with many charitable organizations that taken things like clothing, furniture and other household goods. This means nothing you throw out has to go to waste. At least it doesn’t if you hire Junk King Cleveland! Take your home from “full of clutter” to “junk free” in a single session with Junk King Cleveland

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