Junk King Columbus Helps With Office Equipment Removal

The end of the year’s a good time to take stock of everything around your office. Not only will you be giving reviews to your employees but also you’ll be looking forward to how you can expand the business in the coming year. There are also the potential physical improvements you can make around your workspace. That can start with a call to Junk King Columbus. These are the junk removal pros that can help you get rid of any kind of bulky office equipment. That can make a huge difference around the workspace.


Although you made an initial investment in this equipment if it is no longer being used than it is just taking up valuable space. That would be space that you’re actually paying for. Does it make more sense to get rid of that equipment? It will certainly approve the way your office looks and that matters a lot especially if you entertain clients there. Dedicated team from Junk King Columbus will be assigned to your junk removal task will have a lot of experience moving these types of items. Whether that means writing them out on a dolly or taking them down a freight elevator they’ll know exactly how to get them efficiently taken from your place of business.

In addition to the bulky office equipment you want to get rid of you might have some other items that you could turn over to Junk King Columbus. This is a great opportunity to clear out old files, office furniture and even cubicle walls. Once all of this unwanted clutter is gone you can literally transform your workspace. That will increase productivity all around.

The cost for this type of service is very reasonable. Junk King Columbus’s pricing policies are always based on volume and not weight. They determine that policy by estimating how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. This is a one-time fee that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. It is a good chance that you’ll be so impressed with the work that Junk King Columbus does around your office you’ll want to hire them for your home. When it comes to clearing out junk and office equipment, Junk King Columbus is the best deal in town.

Get Help From Junk King Columbus To Make Your Home Be Ready For Guests

Throwing a holiday party or having an overnight guest means you shouldn’t be surprised when those folks show up. You will have already done your cleanup work to make sure your home presentable. It’s those surprise “pop over” visits that have you scrambling to round up all the clothing, shoes, toys, books and other clutter. Usually all of that stuff gets shoved into the nearest closet or into a spare room. It’s amazing how often that clutter remains in those areas. Once it is out of sight it becomes forgotten. This year, as you get ready for the holidays you might want to take a different approach starting with a call to Junk King Columbus. These are the junk removal pros that can help you remove all the unwanted clutter from your home in a single, fast appointment.


The Junk King Columbus crews are definitely working harder over the next several weeks. Everyone is scrambling to get their home ready for parties and out of town visitors. As a result, there will always be Junk King Columbus crews working their way through various neighborhoods. This means you might be able to score a same-day pickup appointment if the crew is near your home when you call in. In most cases, you might only have to wait until the next day before all your clutter can be taken away. Of course, if it works better for you to have your session scheduled for the weekend, then Junk King Columbus will be happy to accommodate that. It’s all about your calendar!

The two-man crew assigned to your junk removal task is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. The only thing you need to do is decide exactly what you want tossed out. You might just want to clear out the areas you know your guest will be visiting. But as long as you have the two movers and a big truck why not make a big push and get rid of all the unwanted stuff from your garage, basement and attic? Just think of how much better your home will be when all that clutter is finally taken away. Before your guests arrive make sure Junk King Columbus has a chance to work their decluttering magic around your home!

Customers Add Great Reviews For Junk King Columbus

The reviews are in and Junk King Columbus is a hit! Of course, there is never any doubt considering they are part of a chain of professional junk removal experts that have a very high standard for customer service. If you’re curious about how Junk King Columbus operates, then eat some of the most recent reviews below:


“The gentlemen were courteous, efficient and patient. They arrived early, provided an accurate estimate of cost and were careful of other items in the house.” – K.N.M., Columbus

The teams working for Junk King Columbus are licensed, bonded and insured that makes them totally trustworthy. They will treat your house as if it were their own. Just because you’re getting rid of junk doesn’t mean it has to be handled improperly.

“Ben and Dylan removed the trash from our basement today. They were very personable and did the job quickly and without any damage to our walls or woodwork. The job included removal of an old washer and refrigerator from the basement and you could tell they knew the best way to do this. I will be happy to recommend Junk-King to anyone I meet who is looking for your services.” – R.C., Pickerington

Clearing out basements is a specialty for Junk King Columbus. It doesn’t matter how many trips they have to make up and down the stairs to get the job done. Also, weight should never be a restriction when it comes to junk removal. You might not even remember how something got into the basement but it won’t be a challenge for junk King to get it out!

“I’ve never had such a high level of customer service. Junk King has been so diligent about their commitment to the customer. It’s very refreshing. Bravo Junk King! Award winning company.” – Ellen D., Columbus

“The guys were very friendly and hard working! They didn’t complain about anything, no matter how heavy it was.” _- S.T., Columbus

These are just a few of the reviews that have been posted in the last couple weeks. With the holidays approaching Junk King Columbus will certainly be kept busy but the always have room to take away your junk. One call to Junk King Columbus is all it takes for your home to become junk free.

Hire Junk King Columbus To Help With Your “Haunted” House

Just because you enjoy Halloween doesn’t mean your home has to become a haunted house. While it is fun to put up some carved pumpkins and orange lights, you don’t have to turn the front lawn into a cemetery. Of course, if you’re throwing a Halloween party then go for it! If you have junk that is cluttering up your front lawn, then maybe you would want to keep it there for your haunted house. But if you want to get rid of that haunted house look, then the only call to make is to Junk King Columbus.


Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Columbus is given the priority treatment. That starts with the ease of scheduling. Junk King Columbus wants you to get the most out of your day off. You shouldn’t have to spend that dealing with junk removal. Instead, when you set up an appointment with Junk King Columbus you’ll be asked to pick a two-hour window on a day that works best for your calendar. That two-hour window gives the crews time to go from one job to the next. Once the team from Junk King Columbus shows up at your place, they will spring into action. You’ll be surprised how quickly and efficiently they can remove all your unwanted clutter.

Everything collected by Junk King Columbus goes on the back of their truck. Although you are done with those items that doesn’t mean they can be put to use again. The crews have been trained to spot those objects that might benefit a charity. There could also be a lot of things that would be better off recycled. As part of their complete junk removal package Junk King Columbus is happy to make those special drop offs.

If you worried about cost, don’t be. Junk King Columbus will offer you an incredible rate based upon volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crew can pack up your stuff on the back of the truck. The less space they use the less amount of money you’ll pay. If you want to make your home less haunted and more cozy, then bring in Junk King Columbus to remove the junk today.

Junk King Columbus Helps Set Up A Clutter Free Homework Zone

There are two big challenges facing parents today when it comes to helping their kid with homework. The first has to do with all the easy access to answers that can be found online. Not only can you find explanations for any problem but you can also find all kinds of book reports, essays and other writing assignments that could easily be “borrowed.”

The other big challenge is all the potential distractions. Today’s students are hardwired into social media and have a hard time prying themselves away. This is why it is important to set up a clutter free and distraction free homework zone. That will allow focus on their assignment and get through it on their own. Your job is to take away all their devices during the homework time. It will also help if that homework zone is in a quiet place in the home. Maybe it’s time to bring in a desk for their room. That is where Junk King Columbus can come into play.


When it comes to clearing out clutter, the crews working for Junk King Columbus have a lot of experience. During the course of an average day these crews can be called on assignments ranging from a few pieces of e-waste to a foreclosure clean out. On many levels, it’s all the same to junk King. All they care about is making sure everything you want removed is gone in a single appointment. You’ll find that working with the two-man team assigned to your junk removal task is very accommodating. They’ll show up with a positive attitude that will persist throughout the job. You should never hesitate asking them to climb stairs to get at your unwanted items or picking up something heavy. This is what they’re hired for!

You also have the opportunity to share an important lesson with your kids by hiring Junk King Columbus. That has to do with how they handle the disposal of the things that are getting rid of. Junk King Columbus is dedicated to a green way of getting rid of rubbish. That means keeping it out of landfills and instead find a way to recycle, repurpose and reuse nearly everything they collect. Get your school year off to a good start with a clutter free homework zone. Junk King Columbus can make it happen.

Get Your Yard Ready For Winter With Help From Junk King Columbus

This is the time of year when rakes are the most valuable tool in your garage. Depending upon how many trees are on your property, you could be spending almost every other weekend raking up those leaves. At times, it may seem like a never-ending battle with the leaves always winning! Of course, if you have kids around then nothing beats making a pile for them to jump in. The issue then becomes what do you do with all the bags of leaves? That’s where Junk King Columbus can come into play. Although they specialize in junk removal like furniture and appliances, they can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to helping you get your yard ready for winter.


The first thing the Junk King Columbus crew does when they arrive at your place is size up all the things you want taken away. This means you’ll be giving them a tour of your junk. You could have a stack of lumber out in the backyard and some auto-parts in the garage. There might also be a swing set you want taken down or some bricks removed from a garden. You could then show them boxes of household goods and clothing that are in the garage that you’d like taken away. There might even be a sofa down in the basement or dresser up in the attic that you want removed. It all can go on the same trip.

Once the Junk King Columbus team has looked over all of those items there be able to present you with a written estimate for the job. That estimate is going to be based upon how tightly they can pack up the truck with all your stuff. This is why they need to do that estimate in person. The good news is that the crews always work hard to pack the trucks up with his much stuff as possible. That way they can get to many customers in a single day. The benefit of that will allow you to get a low price for your job every time. The best way to get your yard and home ready for winter is to bring in Junk King Columbus.

Junk King Columbus Help You Stay Eco-Friendly

There are many companies that like to promote themselves as a “green business.” Technically, they could have a recycling bin the company break room and call themselves green. Of course, if a company is wasting energy running air-conditioning when no one is in the office, then it might negate all their recycling efforts. That’s not to say that recycling is in an important part of being eco-friendly. Most households in Columbus take part in some form of recycling program. That is all great news for the environment. But your recycling efforts don’t have to stop your paper, plastics and newspapers. When it’s time to get rid of junk that can also be done in an eco-friendly way if you hire the right company. That would be Junk King Columbus who takes going green to a whole other level.


Junk King Columbus is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. Every one of these franchises is dedicated to eco-friendly disposal policies that were established at the beginning of the company. The very first load of junk that was removed by a Junk King crew was also recycled. Here in Columbus, the Junk King operation has also set up partnerships with charities and recycling centers. These are the organizations that are open to accepting all kinds of things from old furniture, e-waste, clothing, appliances and other household goods. Junk King is determined to make sure as much of what is collected can be kept out of local landfills as possible.

As you decide what you want to get rid of, you don’t have to sort between items that could be donated or recycled. The Junk King crews have been trained to handle that type of work. It is also something that’s going to happen long after they’ve picked up your stuff. All they want to do is get in and get out as quickly as possible so you can get back to your busy day. Remember, that this recycling program also extends to any yard waste you want removed. Junk King Columbus can recycle concrete, stone, lumber and even tree limbs. If you want to extend your recycling program beyond the basics, then Junk King Columbus is your perfect green partner.

Before Summer Ends Get Rid Of The Junk With Help From Junk King Columbus

Hopefully, your summer was full of fun and relaxation. Maybe that meant a lot of backyard barbecues. They could have meant a road trip vacation with the family. Perhaps you just got through that stack of old magazines! Just because the summer is ending doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to look forward to this fall. It’s always exciting to start planning for the holidays. That can begin with a great junk removal session from Junk King Columbus. This is one sure-fire way to make sure your home gets totally the cluttered.


Why not take a few moments a walk around your home to see all the things you can get rid of. There might be a few items you can see right off the bat such as old furniture or appliances. If you start opening cabinets and closets, then you’ll probably come across a lot more things that you no longer using and could just as easily toss out. It doesn’t matter to Junk King Columbus whether you want to throw out a dozen boxes full of little things or two or three huge things. Everything can fit on the back of the truck and everything will be lifted and loaded by that two-man crew assigned to your job.

In addition to all the great work that Junk King Columbus can do around the inside of your home they will also be able to clear out a lot of debris from around your yard. This is a great way to get ready for winter by having your trees trimmed at all those branches taken away by Junk King Columbus.

Everything that is collected by Junk King Columbus will be sorted. The crews aren’t looking for hidden treasures but instead hoping to pull out all those things that could be recycled or donated. This is part of their complete junk removal package. It’s also included in the affordable price offered by Junk King Columbus. That price will always be based on volume and not weight. If you want to take your home from cluttered to junk free, then Junk King Columbus is the only way to go.

Junk King Columbus Helps Start Your Home Business On The Right Track

If you plan on starting a home business this year, then you’re going to face a lot of hurdles. This in no way should discourage you from following through with your business plan but you need to be aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Even though your goal is to set your own hours and become your own boss, you’ll probably still have to work long into the night during that initial startup phase. There is a lot of work to get done! It helps if you have a proper work environment in your home. Maintaining a home office is a smart way to keep your initial overhead costs down. After all, you’re already paying rent or a mortgage so why not just find a way to make a home office there. To help with that process Junk King Columbus can dispatch a very capable two-man moving crew to take away all your unwanted clutter.


If you’re setting up your home office in a corner of your bedroom or spare room, then you might not have a lot of clutter to get rid of. It might just mean moving out a dresser, recliner or loveseat. However if you’ve picked your garage or basement as your perfect work environment, then the decluttering takes on a whole new level. In either scenario, the two-man moving crew provided by Junk King Columbus will get the job done.

This is a team who has a lot of experience not only with heavy lifting but also with taking apart bulky objects. That could be crucial if you need to remove something like a pool table, entertainment center or shelving units. Just because you built those in the room doesn’t mean you have to be the one to take them apart. Give that job to Junk King Columbus.

Setting up your appointment will be easy. All you need to do is pick the perfect day and two-hour window. That can happen in the morning, afternoon or on the weekend. One thing is for sure Junk King Columbus will get in and out as quickly as possible so you can get back to setting up your office. The best way to jumpstart your home business is to get rid of all your unwanted clutter. Junk King Columbus can make that happen!

Does Your Child’s Bedroom Need A Makeover? Start With A Call To Junk King Columbus

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen: your child is going to want to completely transform their room. Although the bunk bed or Princess canopy was nice when they were in preschool, the moment they transition into middle school and beyond they’re going to want to have more appropriate furniture and decorations. Summer is usually the time when these transformations happen. Thankfully, you’re still in charge of these kinds of decisions and that means you get to set the plan. That should start with a call to Junk King Columbus. These are the junk removal experts who will be able to quickly get rid of all the unwanted clutter in your child’s room in order to make way for the new stuff.


Whether you’re getting rid of all the old furniture or just a few boxes of clothes and toys, you’ll still benefit from the two-man moving crew that will be provided by Junk King Columbus. This is a team of dedicated workers who will show up with a positive attitude. They won’t be bothered climbing upstairs or removing something that has to be taken apart. This is exactly what you’re hiring them for!

Although taking care of your child’s room is the priority, there is no reason why you can’t remove the rest of your unwanted stuff on the same appointment. This is your chance to toss out all the rubbish from your closet and garage. It’s a great way to get organized when you can open up those storage areas.

Hiring Junk King Columbus to get rid of all your junk doesn’t mean that junk is going to be trashed in a dump. Junk King Columbus will go the extra mile to drop off your discarded items to a charity that might be able to put them to use again. This way nothing has to go to waste. All of that extra work is included in the already low price offered by Junk King Columbus. Getting rid of all the clutter in your child’s room and the rest of your home is hassle free when you give the job to Junk King Columbus!

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