Christmas Junk Removal

Christmas junk removal is in full swing as many homeowners are making way for their holiday cleanups. Most times in preparation of the holidays people find themselves buying lots of new things. This is mainly because of the changing styles of home decor and upgraded models of appliances and electronics . They may also be in the mood for getting rid of old or malfunctioning items that they no longer need or find useful around the home.

Junk Removal Servicesjunk removal

With the influx of new additions to homes persons tend to find themselves backed up with things that need to be disposed of. Generally people carry small decorations to the curb where the local waste removal will pick up and dispose of them however, certain appliances electronics and larger decorations that are ignored by local trash collection will need to be taken care of.

Homeowners therefore, should consider seeking, alternative, waste management services, to remove unwanted items, that will not be picked up by most local waste removal services. Here are a few items that can be considered for alternative waste management.

Furniture, old appliances and electronics are some of the main things that are removed from homes for the holidays.These may include sofas, mattresses, washers, dryers,refrigerators, computers and stereos. As it relates to waste removal there are no special exceptions for e-waste or furniture pieces nor is there readily available equipment or machinery on waste management units for the removal of such items.

There is also the issue of hazardous materials that can be present in some appliances and electronics that require special means of disposal and therefore would not be picked up by local trash disposal services.

Christmas trees are another popular item that can be found in the trash. For most homeowners who own Christmas trees they serve to enhance and decorate the home as well as to represent the appearance and vibe of the holidays. Although they are fun to have and serve an exciting purpose they eventually need to be thrown out.

With that said some trash removal companies have exceptions after Christmas to pick up Christmas trees however, if they are too big to be carried by one person they are simply left behind on trash day.

Given all the new purchases made to replace decor, appliances and electronics the pile-up of foam boxes and old decor becomes inevitable. The size of certain boxes and unwanted pieces of decor can all pose problems when it comes to disposal as regular pick up units are not suited to accommodate such items. Therefore homeowners are urged to arrange or seek out alternative means of disposal in order to have these things removed from their homes and properly disposed of.  Contact us for more information on getting rid of your junk this holiday season.

Hot Tub Removal – When You Just Had Enough

Saying good bye to your hot tub might be a hard decision to make especially if you are one to get personally attached to things.  You might be at a point where your hot tub no longer functions in an efficient manner.  Instead of seeking to repair you might find yourself having to simply call a hot tub removal specialist and replace.

Many of us love to unwind after a long stressful day at work and relax in our hot tubs.  This enchanting piece of equipment helps us to set the mood for a calming evening with a loved one or when we just want to experience some alone time.

Whatever the reason for hot tub removal you should choose a trusted partner that will dispose of your junk in an environmentally friendly way. It is our social responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for our kids and we can only do so by adhering to the specific guidelines set out to monitor and control waste management activities.

Hot tub removalHot Tub Removal – How Its All Done

Here is a detailed breakdown of the entire hot tub removal process.

  • The spa is collected by Junk King experts.
  • It is either broken down for its components or refurbished and resold.

Not all hot tub removal projects are as easy as 1-2-3.  Due to the added resources required to complete the project successfully, you might end up paying a bit more than what was expected initially. Any professional hot tub expert would ensure that you understand all the allocated costs associated with your hot tub removal project.

Junk King promises to act in a manner that is ethical. We want to ensure that your hot tub is removed safely without any risks. The last thing you would want to do is have an amateur remove your hot tub.  Contact us for professional removal and disposal service.

Residential Junk Disposal – Attic Cleanout

Most homeowners do not venture into their attics as they are generally clustered, leaving little space. This is what makes residential junk disposal services so important. Finding ways to acquire additional storage space is the ideal answer.

Residential junk DisposalResidential Junk Disposal Is The Solution

Now that the holidays are approaching take time out to empty and clear your attic.  You will certainly need the extra space to store all your Christmas and Halloween decorations.  Do not allow the clutter to  contribute to increased stress levels as it takes control of your home.

Arranging your attic can be a complex process, and is not as easy a task when compared to sorting your garage or shed. Accessibility is the biggest problem in most homes.  Some places, attics are generally for low space but some can be very roomy. However, most attics are not easy to traverse as they have narrow entryways.  This creates a big challenge when arranging your attic space as you need to be able to pass stuff in and out without interference.

To sort your attic space, you would need to classify all your rubbish first. Evaluate what’s in your attic and decide what is of importance to be kept, and what is no longer necessary.  Be sensible, so you don’t keep items that you will not need in the future.  The aim of decluttering is to have more clearance for storage.

If shelving is a workable storage answer, then you have to install shelves so that you can have your items sorted efficiently.  However, if the space is cumbersome, you can acquire stackable storage containers.  There are simple to use and all your items will be organized while being protected.

Now, is the time to really organize your things, so that all similar items can go together.  You can then fill your storage containers while marking each one.  It’s a good idea to make a list of everything in the container and position it at the top.  This way it would be simple to distinguish what is in the container as soon as you remove the lid.

To keep things readily recognizable, you should employ labels and organize your containers in terms of preference of use.  For example, the container that contains the items that are used on a frequent basis should be placed close to the entrance of the attic.

Contact Junk King for all your residential disposal services.  Be assured that your junk will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. We are #1 at what we do and that is keeping California clean, and at the same time help you improve the health of your surroundings.

Improper Ewaste Disposal Can Be Deadly

‘E- Waste’ is the modernized term, that is commonly applied to unwanted,consumer electronic equipment. PC’s, printers, televisions, VCR’s, stereos, cell phones and the list goes on, can all be considered ‘e-waste’ once their shelf lives are completed and are thrown out. These electronics, may carry components of aluminum, copper, plastics, ferrous metals and other heavy or potentially toxic substances, known to pose serious threats to man, and the environment. It is therefore critical to keep in mind, when purchasing electronics, to only buy what you need ,reuse electronics that still work and lastly recycle unwanted electronics, all  in effort to reduce e-waste. If you are not sure about the process of recycling your electronics, you can refer back to your receipt, from your purchase of ‘covered’ electronic devices, where an E-Waste Disposal Fee facilitates this process.

Why Recycle E-Waste ResponsiblyImproper-Ewaste-Disposal-Can-Be-Deadly-junk-king-sonoma-CA

Incorrect disposal of e-waste is considered a very serious matter, as it leads to environmental pollution, which in turn harms human health. Recycling, is therefore the smartest and safest option in regards to dealing with e-waste.

Since e- waste is comprised of numerous components, it is hard to generalize material content and so, pinpointing any particular effect, repercussion or its cause will most definitely be a very complicated and problematic process.Therefore, to recycle, e- waste requires specialized equipment to process and extract materials. Since this is a delicate and meticulous process,all operations are effectuated within a controlled system, to ensure health and safety.

Recycling e-waste has its many advantages, one of which is conserving the earth’s natural resources. By recycling materials, new products are produced and in turn reduces the need to further extract raw materials from the earth. It can also prove useful in the conservation of landfill space, as e-waste is becoming a growing waste stream. Mining reduction,can also be  added to the list as this lowers greenhouse gas emissions, aiding in the reduction of pollution and its adverse effects on the environment.

Technology is described as a collection of techniques and processes, used in the production of goods and services or in the accomplishment of objectives. Since its conception, it has thus  been known to bring about a profound, global, change, socially and culturally. Nevertheless,the global demand for more and more advanced forms of technology is constantly increasing, resulting in a surge in E-Waste production. An estimated 50 million tons of E-waste are produced each year.In the USA alone, discards up to 30 million computers per year and over 100 million phones in Europe. This could soon become a major issue  for countries and citizens alike. Therefore e- waste recycling, should definitely be considered by all. It should be considered to ensure health and safety, the well being of the planet as well as to create sustainable and economic opportunities. Contact Junk King when you want to dispose safely.

Estate Cleanout Services – We Make It Happen With Ease

Does your house need an entire cleanout to get rid of that old clutter? Let’s face it. An estate cleanout can be one of the most strenuous activities that you can ever do. For some people it can be emotionally and physically exhausting to go through and discard of personal possessions such as family heirlooms, photos, paperwork and other belongings of nostalgic value.  If you are encountering this strenuous problem and don’t know how and where to begin, here are some useful tips to help you to create a guide for your estate cleanout.

One of the first things that you should do is gather all your important documents. Search for wills, trusts, life insurance policies and real estate deeds and titles. Ensure you hold on tightly to important paperwork that has personal value.

More News On Estate CleanoutsEstate-Cleanout-Services-We-Make-It-Happen-With-Ease-junk-king-sonoma-CA

Even if you are in control of the estate cleanout, it is a good option to get added manpower.  An estate cleanout can be a sizable activity.  Therefore help is necessary in achieving your desired goals.

Many people tend to store away items in some very unusual places and completely forget about them.  Therefore, take your time and go through everything.  As you can discover something that may be beneficial and valuable.  Ensure that you search in pockets, drawers, shelves, closets, containers and other places that can easily overlooked.

Let your family members create a list of items that they may need from the estate. Then split up the possessions and ensure that there is equity.  This is  a process that should run smoothly.  However, at times, disputes and discord do occur.  If possible, have a third party to reconcile the undertaking.

You can sell or donate unwanted items you may gather when doing an estate cleanout. There will be items that you may wish to keep and some to discard.  For those items that are no longer needed you can sell them or donate the items to a charity.

Estate cleanout can be immense both physically and emotionally.  So why not let us assist you with your professional estate cleanout services.  We would pack and take away all your unwanted items and responsibly dispose of your unused items. Just Remember you can opt to have them sold, recycled or donated whichever you choose.

Contact us at Junk king Marin we guarantee your waste will be recycled in an eco- friendly manner. 

Efficient Refrigerator Disposal – Save The Planet

Efficient-Refridgerator-Disposal-Save-The-Planet-junk-king-CA-SonomaRefrigerators are disposed of on a daily basis.  Think of all the chemicals that would fill our landfills if we neglect our responsibility of proper refrigerator disposal.  Our oceans, lakes and rivers suffer the consequences early on due to our negligence.  However these horrors then extend unto us in the form of various ailments and diseases. We do not want to be constant victims of our own doing.  We have a tendency to believe that things happen without a cause.  This is far from the truth and here’s why.

A number of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of fridges are quite hazardous.  This is why it is very important to ensure that fridges are disposed of properly.  It is important to have an understanding of what these hazardous chemicals are and how they can impact your health. You need to become aware of the refrigerator disposal laws as well as any other information required to help you make a sound decision. This will certainly help you maintain a healthy environment.

Know What You Are Buying

Fridges contain chemicals known as CFC’s. The refrigerant used in most fridges manufactured before 2000 contain this chemical. It is for this reason that you know the year your fridge was manufactured, so you can seek ways to minimize the risks associated with exposure to the refrigerant.  All fridges should have a plate stating the manufacturer, model, serial number and the type of refrigerant being used. This is important to your overall health.  It sure benefits you and your family in knowing  what environmental and health risks that exist in your home.

The Facts About Recycling Your Fridge

Fridges are reduced to their basic elements in a sealed environment so that any Ozone Depleting Substance can be securely withdrawn.  The remainder of the material is disconnected by machine into separate product series such as plastics, ferrous and nonferrous metals.  The foam is reused and recycled as well.

Finding ways to dispose of your refrigerator safely can be quite challenging. This is why you need the professional service that Junk King provides.  We will ensure your refrigerator is stripped and dumped in a manner that is not hazardous to the environment.  All it will take is a phone call to schedule the pick up appointment.  Our mission is to help you get rid of any junk material in a manner that is eco-friendly and cost effective. Contact us and learn more about our services.

E-Waste Recycling – Let Us Take Care Of The Earth Together

We all depend heavily on many of the electronic gadgets used today.  Due this there is a much E-Waste-Recycling-Let-Us-Take-Care-Of-The-Earth-Together-2-CAhigher risk of contaminating the environment with many of the dangerous substances used in the manufacturing of these gadgets. E-waste recycling then becomes an important activity in our daily lives.

There is no doubt that cell phones, laptops, CRTs, flat screen, tablets, TVs monitors, printers,computers have all aided in developing our many needs and wants.  These technologies are suitable however, having a plan in place to efficiently and effectively dispose of these gadgets is critical, as these harmful chemicals should be disposed of appropriately.

What Really Happens

When these gadgets are taken to the landfill either intentionally or not, we have a major issue. E-waste recycling prohibits the use of widespread pollutants from our society, which come from mining.  There are chemicals such as cyanide and sulfuric acid which are generally used in the task of mining.  In addition, when substances such as these overflow, escape or leach into the ground or water, the ecosystem is severely impacted.  These chemicals find themselves in our streams, lakes, oceans and drinking water.

Environmental sustainability and suitable e-waste recycling procedures can go together.  Without the appropriate e-waste recycling procedures that are in place, our ecosystem and environment would be severely affected.  Sustainability is a general term that when introduced to the environment, it can become visible to have an abnormal and alarming impact.  To sustain is to maintain or keeping up.

There is only one Earth, one environment and one ecological system; the notion of not “maintaining or keeping up” could lead our society into a dreadful and difficult circumstance than what we are presently in.  Environmental sustainability is a primary element to the ecological span that aids in retaining our Earth as a whole.  So why don’t you play your part and contact us today!

Get Rid Of That Old Junk!

Ever thought about going through that messed up drawer or arranging an overcrowded closet that you wanted to clean out for ages? Now is the time to do so and we’re here to help.  Stop being a hoarder today! You can do so by simply departing from your old junk.  Take control of your life by eliminating that unwanted waste.

Get-Rid-Of-That-Old-Junk-junk-king-marin-CAHealth and Safety A Must

The continuous build-up of clutter can seriously affect the way you think and behave mentally. Believe it or not but living in a home that is full of junk is not a safety practice.  Why live in a home where you have to make a confined path through mess when you move around?There are several severe hazards linked to this activity. De clutter your home now! Here’s why.

Significant quantities of combustible items can make it hard for you walk through the home. In the instance of a fire, congested hallways, doorways and windows can make it quite complex or unachievable to escape the property. Persons will be at greater risk for health complications because of the gathering of dust, mildew and fall.

The list goes on and on. Homeowners who engage in an absence of constant household maintenance can suffer a loss of running water or heat. If objects are piled up on each other, they can fall on people or cause them to trip and fall.The supplementary weight and volume of hoarded items can bring about structural damage to your home. Stored up items can lead to insect, rodent and other pest plague.

Get Help Fast

In serious instances of hoarding, all the possessions of these houses should be classified thoroughly and discarded of.  However, it can be a troublesome and  immense problem.  This action would require a great deal of tolerance and responsiveness. What if you’re too busy to even start the task?  This is where we come in.  You definitely would need the assistance of a skilled junk disposal company.

Our junk disposal experts deal with all clutter disposal cases in a skilled, sympathetic and courteous fashion.  Our junk removal teams are highly trained on how to deal with junk disposal carefully and ecofriendly.

If you would like to declutter your home act fast! Now is the time to take charge by removing old and unwanted waste either from your garage, living room or dinning room.  Wherever it may be contact us at Junk King Marin and we’ll make sure your junk is disposed of properly.

Garbage Removal

There are garbage removal companies out there who give clients a hard time when it comesGarbage-Removal-Junk-King-Sonoma-CA to the type of items they take way.  If you have had to experience this it is best to look for a garbage removal company that take away just about everything.  It can become quite tedious and time consuming when you have to look for different companies to take away specific items. You may find that you have trouble when it comes to the removal of heavy or large items. Other items that may pose a problem for removal are furniture, electronics and appliances.

Choose Your Garbage Disposal Partner Carefully

Partnering with a garbage removal company that understand the needs of its clients is important. A professional garbage disposal provider will always strive to promote a clean and safe environment. The disposal of garbage should be done in an eco-friendly manner so that the environment is not affected in any way. Given the important role we all play in the protection of the environment, when choosing a garbage removal company our choice should be one that has a strict code of conduct and acts responsibly.  

Junk King has a reputation of removing everything that can be thrown away.  Our homes can become filled with all types of garbage and it is reassuring to know that there is a company out there that can help dispose of all types of waste.  Don’t let this become a headache so make contact with us today!

Efficient E-waste Dumping Benefits the Environment

If you’ve never heard of e-waste or what it can do to the environment if you dump it improperly, you may be shocked at the environmental damage you can do completely by accident. E-waste is perhaps more devastating than any other type of products you can dump, unless it’s disposed of properly.

What is E-Waste?

E-waste is a term that refers to any kind of electronics that might be thrown away, and usually Efficient-E-waste-Dumping-Benefits-the-Environment-junk-king-Sonoma-CArefers to things with circuits in them. Computers, TVs, radios, phones and just about anything else more sophisticated than an old-fashioned toaster oven will qualify. While most people won’t just try to stuff their car into a dumpster, even a car’s computer could qualify it as e-waste and make it bad for the environment in the same way. Even CFL lightbulbs are e-waste in many cases.

E-waste does more than just fill the landfills when it could be recycled. The environmental impact of e-waste hurts the air you and your family breathe, the water you drink, the plants that grow from that water and the land that must be further mined for resources that are needlessly reburied. Disposing of e-waste improperly is one of the worst things you can do to the environment. Fortunately, having the e-waste disposal job done properly can spare the environment a lot of hurt.


Air pollution can be caused by trucks needlessly moving e-waste around through different locations, and from chemicals released during the crushing process of the waste products themselves. For example, many compact fluorescent light or CFL bulbs release mercury when they’re crushed, which makes it toxic to breathe the local air until the mercury settles down. In any case, not properly disposing of e-waste products results in air pollution that doesn’t need to happen.


No matter how well a landfill is constructed, leeching through the soil will occur eventually. For this reason, e-waste needs to be properly disposed of. When mercury, lead and other elements that are normally a part of circuit boards and other parts of electronic items are exposed to water, that water carries away a small amount of those elements. The lead, mercury and numerous other types of things you do not want your family to drink are then carried throughout the soil, where they go into the reservoirs you drink from and the plants you may one day eat.

Needless Repetition

When chemicals are leeched into the groundwater because they’re buried, resources are needlessly wasted. They were mined before so they could be used to build the electronics, but putting them into landfills means they need to be mined all over again. This means more trucks and more mining equipment needs to pump more pollutants into the air, when having the e-waste properly collected for responsible dumping could save all of that hassle and extra pollution. From every angle, improperly disposing of e-waste is a bad idea for the environment and for everyone who lives on earth.

Having the Job Done Right

Having your e-waste disposed of properly is an investment in making the environment a safer place to live in. When e-waste is disposed of correctly, through safe channels, the air and groundwater are preserved in a cleaner state than they would otherwise be. If you value your family’s continued health, not to mention the overall health of the environment and other people, you will contact a professional company that handles e-waste disposal the way it should be handled. The environment depends on you making a responsible decision and having your e-waste disposed of by using a company that does it right. Contact us and let us make a positive contribution to the environment together.

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