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Taking Care Of Junk Removal In Fremont Area

junk removal in oakland, alameda, and fremont

When you live in the Fremont area of the San Francisco East Bay, getting rid of some large unwanted items can be a real challenge. 

Needless to say, if it’s small enough to fit in your recycling bin it’s usually not a problem. But the big stuff can leave you scratching your head trying to figure out the best way to dispose of it. 

To make things more complicated, even if you do have a truck to haul it away with, landfills are rapidly filling up and disappearing, not to mention expensive to use. And, if you don’t have a truck or access to one, then you may find that junk removal in the Fremont area can be, well, a bit challenging.

When your junk consists of old appliances or large furniture, just getting it out to the sidewalk or driveway can be strenuous and possibly dangerous. But let’s assume that you have someone helping you move these large junk items – you still need a suitable vehicle to haul it away and dispose of it. 

Fortunately, Junk King Fremont is a great solution for all your junk removal needs. Not only do they have the right-sized trucks to remove your junk, but they also have well trained, bonded and insured staff members to help you reclaim those junk-filled areas in your home.

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Got Junk? Get Rid of It the Right Way!

Did you know that the larger portion of what you throw into the garbage still has usable value? It’s true about most waste that’s generated, and it’s especially true of what we typically call “junk.”

Almost 75 percent of the garbage in America that goes into what is known as the “municipal waste stream,” or MWS, can be recycled. This is all the more disturbing when you realize that the United States averages a recycling rate of only about 30 percent. So, about 45 percent – or almost half – of what could be recycled never is. 

On a brighter note, however, the Bay Area has managed to outdo that recycling rate by almost double. The rest of the country, not so much.

According to the most recent figures available from the EPA, the U.S. generates close to 270 million tons of waste every year, or about four and a half pounds per person each day. So, if 75 percent of that could be recycled, but only 30 percent is, that means we add about 100,000,000 tons of trash into our national landfills that doesn’t really need to be there.

The best thing about the waste that we usually categorize as “junk” is that it can often be reused “as is.” That simply means most junk items can be repurposed or reused somewhere else with relatively little processing.

Unfortunately, most people just throw away what they no longer want or need into the trash.

With close to a million residents living in the larger Fremont area, keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible is essential. In keeping with the Junk King corporate mission, Junk King Fremont makes every effort to recycle or reuse everything we bring into our doors.

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Choosing Junk King Fremont for Your Junk Removal

At Junk King Fremont we provide cost-effective junk removal using two-person teams and our large, red trucks. Junk King’s junk removal trucks are 30 percent larger than our competitor’s trucks, which means:

One, we can take more junk in fewer trips.

Two, our cost per load is significantly lower than our competitors.

Junk King Fremont will not only remove your old, unwanted junk items quickly and efficiently, but our removal process is designed to keep as many of your items out of landfills as possible. Junk King’s eco-friendly mission has always been ensuring that as much of your junk as possible gets recycled or donated.

We do this through working relationships with local recyclers, donation shops, and nonprofit organizations in the Nimitz Freeway region of the East Bay. This way, we’re able to get as many of your items as possible recycled, repurposed, or donated.

Junk King is the only national junk removal company that operates with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of everything we haul away. And we manage to do so while becoming the industry’s Number One junk removal service.

From yard debris to old furniture, hot tubs, and appliances, to estate and foreclosure cleanouts, there’s no residential or commercial job too big or too small for Junk King Fremont. Whether you’re in Castro Valley, Fremont, or any point in between, we’ll come to your home or workplace and haul away your junk with our award-winning service. And you’ll love our fair and transparent pricing that sets us apart from the rest.

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Got Junk? Sell It or Donate It!

If your large junk items are still in decent shape and usable, you might consider selling some of your items. 

While people in the Fremont area still have yard sales or garage sales, it’s not always an option for folks in apartments or townhouses. That’s when the ever-growing options for online selling really comes in handy.

It wasn’t that long ago when there were only a few online selling sites available, mainly eBay and Craigslist, both of which are still going strong. But today there are a variety of online selling options available for your old, unwanted items. 

Here are a few online selling sites to check out:

There are many others, as well, and each site operates differently. Some sites charge fees to list items for sale, while others only take a transaction fee, and some are completely free. 

Don’t feel like selling things? Not a problem!

Many old, unwanted “junk” items are still reusable. Things like old furniture, old clothes, old toys, tools that still work, and any number of other items can be given away or donated. If your family members, friends, or neighbors don’t want them, there are a large number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations that will be glad to take them.

Wondering where to donate your unwanted, usable items in the Fremont area? Here are some resources:

Making thoughtful donations with your usable but unwanted items require some effort, but it’s a great way to help others while helping yourself. 

But what if you just have junk that really is junk? In other words, if you can’t sell it or donate it because it’s not usable, what do you do with it?

Easy! Simply call in Junk King, the Fremont area’s expert junk removal team to get rid of it for you.

Your Expert Team for Junk Removal in the Fremont Area

If you live along the Nimitz Freeway in Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, or Union City, we’re here to take care of your junk removal needs.

There can be a number of good reasons why you may find you need junk removal services.

  • Did you just finish your final cleanup for the summer only to discover you’ve got a pile of old junk you need to get rid of?
  • Maybe your big landscaping project has come to a close and now you need to get rid of the trash and yard debris.
  • Or perhaps you have a storage space at work that’s filled with old office furniture you’ve decided to dispose of.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve got junk, your next best step is to call Junk King Fremont. 

Junk King Fremont offers efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly junk removal services that take the work and worry out of the disposal of your junk. Our experienced junk removal team will carefully remove and haul off any types of junk you have, and our big, red trucks are designed to handle your large junk items.

So, ready to get rid of your old junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or office, and we’ll call 15 minutes before we get there. Once we’re on-site, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

If you like our estimate, you simply point and we’ll load those old junk items into our junk removal trucks and haul them away with no hidden fees.

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