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Oakland Scrap Metal Removal Pros


Metal recycling rates are discouragingly low, yet it is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet. Metals can be reused and recycled over and over again, which would go a long way in mitigating climate change and environmental degradation.

From kitchen utensils and the electronic appliances we use to the buildings we live and work in, you’ll find metal in use wherever you look.  How many metal products do you currently have in your house?

The great thing about metal, in all its forms, is that it can be recycled indefinitely – making it a great idea to swap out plastic for metal.

But how does scrap metal recycling work, really? Let’s find out.

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What is Scrap Metal Recycling?

For the most part, scrap metals can be classified into two groups: ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Ferrous Scrap Metal

Ferrous metals contain iron, in one form or another, and are known for their tensile strength. These are your steels and irons. Steel is by far the most recycled metal in the world. Ferrous metals can be found in your car, kitchen appliances, architectural detailing, and industrial applications.

Ferrous scrap metal can further be divided into obsolete and prompt scrap. Obsolete scrap is metal that has been used in one form or another. It includes household appliances, electronics, engines and machinery, and even bedsprings from mattresses. Prompt scrap, on the other hand, refers to the metal pieces left over from manufacturing processes.

  • Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous metals are those that don’t contain iron. They include aluminum, tin, lead, zinc, copper, and gold, among others. You’ll find them in your piping systems, gutters, and electrical wiring.

Aluminum is one of the easiest metals to recycle as it doesn’t degrade during the process. It can be processed countless times without losing its integrity.

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Why You Should Recycle Metal Products

What comes to mind when you think of scrap metal? Perhaps, it’s huge piles of twisted steel being lifted by giant claw machines in a junkyard. Truth is, a lot of the stuff and packaging we throw out could be considered scrap metal. Think about it. How many soda or canned goods cans have you thrown out in your life?

Sure, it’s easy to recycle small items. You can toss them out in the weekly recycling bin. But what about the big appliances. Common household appliances like stoves, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers contain a considerable amount of scrap metal. Landfill disposal of such items is equivalent to wasting resources. The moment you decide to replace such household appliances is the moment they become scrap metal.

Non-biodegradable products don’t belong in landfills. Landfills are supposed to work pretty much the same way compost piles do. It’s a place where organic metals can decompose down to their natural state. Throwing non-biodegradable products, including metals and plastics, slows down the process and makes landfills incredibly hazardous.

In addition, fridges, freezers, and other appliances containing refrigerants should not be disposed of in landfills. Older units contain CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbons) that can wreck the ozone when thrown out with the rest of your garbage.  And it’s not just your cooling units – some microwaves, dryers, washers, and dehumidifiers have substances that compromise the air, water, and soil.

Recycling ensures that metal-containing products don’t end up in landfills and saves on resources needed to mine virgin ores from the earth. And as you know, mining is highly disruptive to the environment. Recycling also conserves energy that would otherwise be used in the metal manufacturing process. For instance, recycling steel uses 60 percent less energy, while recycling aluminum saves 95 percent!

Let’s break this down. Recycling one aluminum soda can saves enough power to run a TV set for up to three hours.

So, get to recycling and save the planet.

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How to Recycle Scrap Metal

So how can you recycle your huge bulky appliances? There are countless recycling centers scattered throughout the United States. Here in Oakland, you’ll find numerous scrap metal recycling centers that would be happy to take in your metal appliances.

Scrap metal dealers recycle a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. While scrap yards mostly deal in large quantities of scrap metals from trade industries, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t welcome homeowners. The catch is, you’ll have to take your appliances to them during their business hours which can take considerable effort on your part.

But, you can always opt for professional junk haulers like Junk King Alameda. Recycling scrap metal can be a cumbersome and dangerous task. And this is why you should call in the professionals.

Here are some of the reasons you should hire professional junk removal companies for scrap metal removal.

1. Your health and safety is paramount

Recycling scrap metal is just cumbersome; it’s also dangerous. Heavy metal objects come with sharp edges or broken parts that can seriously injure you. Metal products must always be handled with care precisely because they tend to rust, which can lead to tetanus infections. Professional junk haulers have the means to safely handle and recycle all kinds of scrap metal safely. There’s no reason why you should put your safety at risk.

2. Junk removal services are cost-effective.

Hiring a junk removal company in Oakland saves you time and a lot of unwarranted expenses. Imagine having to take multiple trips back and forth from a local scrap dealer. Not only is this cumbersome, but it also harms your pockets. Save yourself the hassle and hire a professional firm. The cost you pay for the convenience is 100% worth it.

Scrap Metal Recycling with Junk King Alameda

Junk King Alameda can safely and cost-efficiently get rid of your scrap metal and other junk. And because we’re an eco-friendly company, we will ensure that all your scrap metal is recycled.

Let Junk King collect and haul your scrap metal to a local recycling facility. We operate a fleet of trucks that can fit the largest of appliances, and we have the muscle to do the heavy lifting. We’ve partnered with various recycling facilities in Oakland, which means you don’t have to drive around in search of the right junkyard.

You have better things to do with your time. Let our team of specialists take care of your scrap metal.

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