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Tag Archives: Albany Junk Removal

Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Albany

This Valentine’s Day in Albany might be a truly memorable one simply because you’ll be snowed in. That doesn’t mean you can make the most of your special day/night. Perhaps you can throw a picnic for your significant other. All that takes is a blanket in the living room, some tasty snacks, dim lights, a few candles and voila! You’ve got a perfect date night. If you happen to have a working fireplace or a fireplace DVD, even better.


If there is a break in the weather, you could plan for a weekend get away at one of the many ski resorts around Albany. Although Valentine’s Day Weekend might be a little crowded, you can always print out a coupon good for one romantic getaway weekend. One some level, this can make Valentine’s Day last even longer!

That coupon idea can also be for a lot of other wonderful Valentine’s Day ideas. Sure, a “one hour massage” or “one spa day” is a great gift but what about a “junk removal appointment with Junk King?” These are the junk removal specialists working in and around the Capitol District that are helping residents with all types of junk removal projects.

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Albany Junk Removal In 2014

When you think about junk removal in 2014, you shouldn’t limit yourself to your home. You should also consider the junk in your trunk. We’re talking about your car trunk and what you carry in there could make all the difference in an emergency. As of this writing, it feels like spring is years away. Winter storms continue to bash Albany. All that snow and ice often catch motorists off guard. It’s not uncommon to find yourself stranded in a highway traffic jam. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull out an extra blanket, sweater or jacket from your trunk instead of all that trash? Do you have an emergency roadside repair kit that includes flares, jumper cables and tools? What about a first aid kid? That’s a lot of stuff to replace your junk!

Don't get stuck on this road!

Don’t get stuck on this road!

After you clean out your car trunk and stock it with the emergency preparedness items, you can turn your attention to junk removal in your home. This is where a call to Junk King Albany will be a huge help. Instead of you doing the back-straining work of lifting heavy objects, let the Junk King crew handle the chore. You’ll be able to direct two very capable movers to wherever you’re keeping your junk stored. Yes, that even means having the Junk King crew walk down into the basement or up into the attic. This is what they’ve been trained for!

With Junk King on the job, you’ll finally be able to get rid of all kinds of unwanted materials from your home. The sooner you get rid of that old furniture, appliances and e-waste, the sooner you can put that space to better use. For some folks, that means additional storage. At least you’ll know that what you’re holding onto has a purpose unlike that ping-pong table nobody uses!

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Back to School Junk Removal In Albany

As kids head back to school in Albany, Governor Cuomo took the occasion to vow that failing schools will no long be tolerated.

“What I’m saying on education is, failing schools are not acceptable. Period. It has to end, and it has to end now,” he said in a meeting with The Buffalo News Editorial Board. “Our society’s willingness to perpetuate this situation is no longer acceptable. We need dramatic action, and it’s going to come to a head.”

On the list of possible solutions are to have successful charter schools take over the failing schools. If an entire district is getting poor grades that it might be time for the mayor or town to step in. There will be a lot more school reform details put forth in his upcoming state of the union speech. Although there have been plenty of education reform bills put forth in the state legislature, they haven’t moved far. Hopefully, this year will be different.

Sending your kids off to school is a good time to “reform” your home. At the very least you should take the opportunity of an empty house during the day to do some cleaning. What kind of junk has piled up over the summer? Maybe there are some broken toys or a swing set that has been abandoned. Perhaps there is a above ground pool that has seen better days. Could be that y our garage and basement simply became a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter. Instead of hanging onto that stuff into the fall, why not call Junk King Capital District and schedule a removal appointment?

Junk King are the Albany based junk hauling experts that are part of a national franchise. This means they have high standards to live up to when it comes to this type of service. You can see how those standards play out in all the positive reviews that Junk King Capital District receives. There is plenty of talk about friendly workers, dependable service and great prices. Those are the kind of reviews that have made Junk King the number one junk hauler in Albany.

Most professional organizers will tell you that if you’re not using something at least every six months you can get rid of it. That makes sense for clothes and shoes. It’s also good advice for all that old furniture you’ve got in the basement or out in the garage. You might even have boxes of stuff still taped up from your last move. Do you really need whatever is in those boxes? Instead, reclaim all that space for more practical purposes. Get rid of enough junk and you might even have an entire empty room to refurnish! Let Junk King Capital District show you the way!

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Albany, New York

Are you a hoarder or a collector? The answer to that question might depend on who is doing the asking. Recently, Albany has seen its fair share of extreme hoarding cases referred to the authorities. Over in Ballston Spa, local officials were forced to step in and seize the home from a diagnosed hoarder when she refused to clean up her property and ending up creating a health hazard for the neighborhood. Another couple was fined $1,000 and told to clean up their front yard or they’ll be fined again. In a sad and extreme case, a local woman was found dead buried under her junk. Apparently she had been hoarding junk for over 20 years. When this kind of collecting gets to be an obsession then it becomes hoarding. The main distinction is whether or not a person can throw something away.

Where would you rate yourself on the hoarder versus collector scale? You might have a lot of junk you wish you could throw away but don’t have the means to do so. That doesn’t make you a hoarder. It just makes all that trash “inconvenient.” As soon as you’re ready to toss it out, Junk King Capital District will swoop in to take care of the job. Too often a major hoarder is embarrassed to get help and the hoarding continues. You might feel like that your garage overflowing with junk or your basement piled to the rafters with garbage is too much to handle. Junk King are the junk removal specialists that never saw a pile of junk they couldn’t haul away.

Before hiring Junk King you need to get a sense of exactly what you want to toss out. This doesn’t mean you have to move the stuff out of your garage or basement or wherever it landed. The Junk King crew will take care of that. You just need to point and say, “Get it gone!” Once you’ve identified what you want removed, a Junk King supervisor will swing by to provide you with a free estimate. That estimate will be based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the JK truck. Will it be one third? One half? Or the whole truck? Whatever the amount, that estimate is locked in. There won’t be any extra charges tacked on. This is really the best way to price a junk removal project. It takes away the hassle of your factoring in labor costs or dumping fees. One price, done deal. Give Junk King a call today to find out how they can help you avoid the hoarding label!

Junk Removal For Albany NY Realtors

A big office building in downtown Albany is going up on the auction block. The 47,000-square-foot building once housed the UHY accounting firm but they moved out in December 2010 when their lease was up. Instead of finding a new tenant, the owners decided to sell to the highest bidder. What is ideal about this building is that it is next for a former bank branch which is being converted into a banquet hall and apartments. That could mean a major revitalization for this area of State Street. A savvy developer could swoop in, buy up the building for a song and convert it to upscale lofts. This is a perfect example of why realtors need to pay attention to the opportunities  all around them.

The economy is slowly righting itself and all indications are that the housing market will once again be leading the charge. Translation: more folks will be looking for homes. This is why successful realtors jump on every viable option for a listing. So, what makes a viable option? Foreclosed properties would certainly fall into this category. Although the word foreclosure might conjure up a distressed property, the truth is that many foreclosed homes are perfectly suitable for a new family to move into. They just might need some cleaning up. That’s where a company like Junk King Capital District can be a big help.

The majority of Junk King work comes from current homeowners who are looking to clear out the clutter in their own homes or businesses. That doesn’t mean Junk King can’t tackle any type of clean up job. If there is junk to be removed, Junk King is the company to do it!

At a foreclosed home, the previous tenants could have left behind all manner of furniture, appliances, carpets, drapes and other items which need to be tossed out. As a busy realtor, you don’t have the time to take on a project like that. First off all, you couldn’t do it by yourself. Secondly, you’ll need a truck big enough to cart away all that junk. That’s a rental which is going to take up more of your time. Forget all that hassle. When you hire Junk King Capital District they’ll provide the truck and the crew to get the job done. Not only can the Junk King crew clear out the junk from inside the house but they’ll also make quick work of removing any refuse from the front and backyard. You know how important it is to make a good appearance when a potential buyer pulls up to see the house. Let Junk King help you get that foreclosed property ready for viewing.

Signs That Its Time to Call in an Albany Junk Removal Specialist

Have you got $42 billion to spare? If so you could donate it to the state of New York to help them with the cleanup and repair caused by Hurricane Sandy. That’s the amount that Governor Cuomo is looking to scrounge up to get the job done. There is a hope that the federal government will pitch in with some funds but with all the talk of a looming economic fiscal cliff the request for money couldn’t have come at a worst time.

The Governor told a local paper that “The storm caused $32.8 billion in damage and the state will need $9.1 billion for commonsense mitigation and prevention projects, including flood protection for the World Trade Center site and road and subway tunnels, fuel supply system power generation and sewage treatment protection, and secondary power supply systems for hospitals.” In other words, New York needs to get ready for the next big storm!

Hopefully, your own storm related cleanup project won’t be as costly. In fact, no cleanup and removal job should cost you a crazy amount of cash and it won’t if you hire Junk King Capital District for the job. That’s because Junk King’s pricing policy is based on the amount of space your junk will be taking up in their truck. There won’t be any other surprise fees like with other companies out there.

With Junk King Capital District you’ll be able to finally get rid of all those things that have been causing you to grumble about over the years. You know what we’re talking about. It’s the smelly couch down in the basement that nobody wants to sit on. It’s that treadmill out in the garage that nobody uses. It’s the old washing machine stuck out on the back porch. Hanging onto those things isn’t really your fault; you just never had the means to get rid of them. By hiring Junk King you will have the means. That’s because Junk King supplies you with a strong crew and a big empty truck. All you have to provide is the junk.

Take a tour through your home. What are you ready to get rid of? Letting go of junk is really about freeing up space. Couldn’t you put that spare room to better use then a storage locker? Wouldn’t you like to actually park your car in the garage instead of on the street? Are you ready to toss out the backyard debris that has been piling up? Junk King can help you with all of those issues. They are fast, efficient and dependable. Use them once and you’ll be recommending them to all of your friends! Call Junk King Capital District today and get your junk gone by tomorrow!

Albany Post Storm Cleanup

There is no escaping the harsh reality that those areas hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy are going to be cleaning up and rebuilding way past the holidays and into the New Year. On the long list of things to worry about you can add tetanus prevention to your to-do list. Anyone working with debris clean-up runs the risk of getting cut or scrapped by an errant nail or piece of metal. That can lead to the tetanus bacteria entering into the bloodstream and causing all kinds of problems with the worst case scenario being lockjaw.

Tetanus hasn’t been much of a problem because many folks get a vaccination as part of their regular physical check-ups. Recently, Governor Cuomo signed an order that allows pharmacists to administer the tetanus vaccinations at their places of work. This is going to make it a lot easier for folks to get vaccinated before something happens or after a cut occurs. The tetanus vaccine lasts for ten years so if you can remember when your last shot was and it’s within that time zone, then you’re safe. If not you should consider getting the booster.

That is just one of the many hazards associated with a storm cleanup. You also run the risk of throwing out your back if you’re trying to lift too heavy an object all by yourself. In fact, you could face the same potential for injury sorting out the junk in your garage. This is why it’s best to call on the professionals when you’ve got a big cleanup job that requires a lot of heavy lifting and serious hauling.

Junk King Capital District is a professional, reputable, local junk removal service. Ever since they set up their operation here in Albany, residents have been keeping their crews working steady. With the storm clean up, those crews have been putting in even longer hours but they’re happy to do it. Their goal is to help you get to a junk free life and if that means working long hours then so be it!

You won’t have to worry about those long hours because you’ll be able to make an appointment with a Junk King crew that is convenient to your schedule. In many cases it doesn’t take long for them to pick up and load up all your designated junk. They can typically clear out a home in under an hour no matter how big the junk piles are. What takes them time is making sure all that junk is properly disposed of. This means finding the right recycling Albany center or certified landfill. That could mean a long drive out of town but it’s a drive you won’t have to make as long as you hire Junk King. Don’t put yourself at risk; let Junk King Capital District do the work.

Albany Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

If you have ever stayed at a hotel and took advantage of their indoor gym then you know how great it is to roll out of bed and walk down a hall a few feet to workout. That might have been the inspiration for you to set up your own home gym. You had the space in your garage or spare room to put in a treadmill and perhaps some other exercise machine equipment. Then you were good to go. What happened? Over time those good intentions faded away and you were staring at those bulky pieces of equipment with zero motivation for using them. Just owning gym equipment isn’t going to help you shed those pounds. This is why you should give a second thought to joining a gym. The benefits of joining a gym can be summed up in four major points: Motivation, support, classes and equipment.

Consider the equipment you’ll find at the typical gym. There will be plenty of variety to choose from. Whether you’re working cardio, machines or free weights you’ll be able to move from circuit to circuit without ever getting bored. Along with the variety of equipment you should find a gym that also has a wide assortment of classes for you to enroll in. Most gyms offer these classes as part of the membership. These are wonderful experiences which guarantee you’ll get a complete, structured workout. At the same time you’ll be meeting like-minded folks who are focused on the same goals of getting into shape.

That brings up the issue of motivation. If you’re paying a monthly fee for a gym membership you’ll be more likely to use that membership so as not to let it go to waste. Carving out time to go to the gym several times a week is going to have you feeling a lot better and its great bragging rights, too! As for support, you’ll get that in abundance at the gym whether you hire a personal trainer or not. There will always be somebody on hand to show you the ropes literally and figuratively. This will insure you’re working out the right way.

Now what about all that old gym equipment? It’s time to say good-bye and Junk King Capital District can pitch in to help. They are the professional junk removal specialists who can certainly handle getting rid of an old treadmill or rusty weights. While the Junk King crew is loading up that gym equipment they can also take away any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. Think of all the space you’ll be getting back. Don’t wait until after the holidays to get in shape: start today and have a “new you” by New Years.

Albany Landscaping Cleanup

This recent news bulletin was put out by the AP: “A line of windy rainstorms pummeled central and eastern New York, downing trees and utility poles and knocking out power to thousands. Tornado watches had been issued for the Southern Tier to the Mohawk and Hudson valleys and north to Adirondacks. They expired at 11 p.m. Tuesday with no tornados detected. The National Weather Service says heavy rain led to flash flooding in Greene and Ulster counties starting late in the afternoon. The warning was in effect until 10:30 p.m. Central Hudson Gas and Electric is reporting about 17,000 mid-Hudson Valley customers without electricity Tuesday evening. National Grid has 4,300 customers without power, mostly in Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Warren counties. NYSEG reports 22,000 outages, mostly in Westchester and Putnam counties.”

Of course, for anyone living here in Albany this wasn’t necessarily “breaking news.” Folks just had to look out of their window to see the drastic change in the weather. In fact, we’re coming off a summer of extreme weather. There wasn’t an area of the country that wasn’t impacted in some way or another whether it was from heat waves, drought or hurricanes. What’s the weather outlook for the future? More of the same. Albany residents can brace for a fierce winter with the potential of major snow storms. Welcome to the new climate reality!

One way to get prepared for the coming fall/winter storms is to make sure the debris from the last storm is cleared away. If you woke up to find some unwanted “items” in your back or front yard it might be time to give Junk King Capital District a call for the removal chores. Junk King is the local Albany business that specializes in after the storm landscaping cleanup. In fact, they can handle pretty much any type of cleanup but it’s that storm debris that should be removed ASAP.

What’s great about Junk King is that each of their removal crews will arrive at your home with a big enough truck to cart off anything that has fallen in your yard. If there is a big tree branch, they’ll bust it up and load it up. You won’t have to worry about scratching up your car; the Junk King truck can take the “hit.”

A passing storm could also play havoc with things like patio furniture, kid’s play sets, grills and anything else that isn’t nailed down in your yard. If any of those items got ruined then get rid of them with Junk King. While you’re at it, Junk King can also clear out any clutter from inside your home or garage. This is a great way to gear up for the holidays. Keep the Junk King Capital District phone number handy (1-800-995-5685); you never know when you might need to make that call!

Albany Debris Removal

Along the ocean shorelines of the west and east coasts there are plenty of wonderful volunteer efforts to clean up the debris left behind on those marvelous beaches. Just because Albany isn’t on a coast doesn’t mean there aren’t waterways that can’t benefit from that kind of cleanup effort. Recently a group of likeminded volunteers gathered to help clean up Periwinkle Creek. This was part of the annual “Down By The Riverside” cleanup event.

The focus this year was on picking up the fast food wrappers, soda cans, shopping carts and tires that were carelessly left behind at Periwinkle Creek. The goal was to get that trash picked up before the fall rains come and swell the creek. That in turn could send that debris all the way down to the Willamette River and that’s not going to be good for anybody.

What’s great about an event like this is that is that all ages were welcome to join in on the cleanup crews. This made for a perfect teaching opportunity. The best way to stop future, reckless dumping is to teach the young ones why it is so wrong.

When it comes to your own home wouldn’t it be great to have your own group of volunteers to sweep through and pickup your debris? Chances are that’s not going to happen but it doesn’t mean you can’t get help. You can hire Junk King of Albany to provide you with professional junk cleaning removal services that will leave your home debris free.

Right now most of us have plenty of junk we can toss out but what about those special projects that we know will create even more junk? We’re talking about things like a DIY remodeling job in the kitchen or bathroom. Or a landscaping make-over for your front yard. In either one of those scenarios you’ll be creating piles of all kinds of debris. You probably won’t be able to fit all that trash into a garbage can which is why you should plan ahead and have Junk King Capital District standing by for the removal. No matter what kind of trash, junk or debris you want carted off Junk King can handle the job.

The moment you hire Junk King Capital District you’ll be hiring the services of a team of licensed and insured workers. That makes them completely responsible and dependable. Yes, it’s true that the Junk King Crew won’t be working long at your home like a general contractor would but that doesn’t mean they should be any less professional. Junk King not only respects your property but they also respect your time. That’s why the appointments will be made around your schedule and unlike other companies, Junk King won’t keep you waiting. When we say we’ll be there you can set you clock by that! For debris removal large and small there is really only one choice: Junk King.

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