Its fall y’all!! Halloween, and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and it’s time to start getting your house ready for the season. Preparing for the upcoming holidays means cleaning out the guest bedroom and dusting off decorations from the attic. The big question is what to do with all the unwanted junk? How do I remove all this clutter?

It’s been a whole year since you’ve had your family come down for a visit and it’s time to give the guest bedroom a good cleaning. So you walk into your guest bedroom and find for the past year it’s been doubling as a storage unit, oh no. There are boxes of old clothes siting on the chair, board games with missing pieces under the bed, the kids school projects in the corner, and lots of miscellaneous items piled on the bed.  Now the job of cleaning up the bedroom has turned into the big question where to put all this unwanted junk?

Not only do we have to deal with the guest bedroom but decorating the house for fall as well. As I pull out my fall decorations I realize I’ll be replacing several items this year. The fall wreath is missing quit a few pumpkins and leaves, my spooky skeleton is missing a foot, and the scarecrow I put up every year is in pieces. Most of these items will not fit in my trashcan so what will I do? Where am I going to put all this junk?

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