Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Pick Up In Atlanta

Summer is upon us and that means a lot of fun to be had in the backyard. That includes throwing family reunions, block parties and the occasional wedding reception. To get ready for any of those big gatherings, you might first want to do some serious rubbish removal around your yards and house. The more stuff you want to get rid of, the more you’ll need to think beyond the weekly garbage pickup. To toss out a serious amount of garbage means committing to a dumpster rental or professional junk pick up from a company like Junk King. Which is the best choice for your needs?


A dumpster rental will usually be dropped off and placed by the curb outside your home. In some neighborhoods, this will require a permit from the city. That’s an extra step that takes up time. With Junk King, your junk can be picked up in the same day you schedule an appointment without the need for paperwork.

When you rent a dumpster, you’re letting your neighbors know that you’re throwing out a lot of garbage. There is nothing wrong with that except when the neighbors decide to sneak their own garbage into your dumpster rental. Everyone figures there will be plenty of space so why not? The truth is that your dumpster might only fit what you’re throwing out. If you wake up to find out it is already half full, then you junk isn’t going to fit. On the other hand, when Junk King takes care of your junk pick up, they’ll only be removing what you tell them to take away. You’ll have plenty of space on the back of the Junk King truck to hold everything you want to get rid of. You can only fill a dumpster up to just below the rim.

A dumpster rental is also usually for several days. It is difficult to drop off a unit, fill it up and have it picked up all in the same day. Additionally, you have to do the actual work of loading your dumpster. That puts your back at risk. When you hire Junk King, the two-man moving crew will be doing all the work for you. You just tell them what you want taken away and they’ll use their muscle for the lifting! When you consider all the pros and cons, it’s clear that junk pick up from Junk King is the only way to go.