Make Back-To-School Time Decluttering Time

Do you remember your first day of school? It actually was several years of “first days.” With each passing first day, it probably got a little less dramatic. By the time you hit high school, it was probably just a matter of routine. Of course, that all changes once you become a parent. It becomes your task to make sure your little one has a smooth transition for back-to-school. That goal is aided by making sure everything is organized around the house. The first day is actually the easiest provided you can adjust to the new time schedule. After that things can get a bit more hectic when there are homework assignments and documents that have to be filled out and signed at the last minute. Plus, you also want to make sure you been keeping track of where the backpacks landed the end of the previous day!

The less clutter that is around the house the smoother all of those school mornings will be. You also have to factor in the clutter in your closets. That is where the big delay can come every school morning as kids frantically look for what to wear. The problem  isn’t that they don’t have the right outfit it is just that it might be buried among all the clothing that they are no longer going to wear because they outgrew it. It might be time for some serious sorting through those closets. The result can yield a lot of old clothing, shoes, jackets, sweaters, hats and much more clutter that could be turned over to Junk King Atlanta. These are the junk hauling pros that can take your back-to- school decluttering to a whole other level.

Don’t Stop at The Closets

Decluttering your closets should be the primary mission but as long as junk King is on the job you don’t have to stop there. Any other bulky item that you would like to get rid of that could make your living environment less cluttered is what you can turn over to Junk King. That includes odd pieces of furniture, mattresses, appliances and electronics. Getting rid of those kinds of things will be a big “check off” on your to do list.

Junk King Atlanta is the perfect partner for your back-to-school decluttering needs.