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Junk King Can Help With Dishwasher Removal

Is it time to replace your old dishwasher? That decision is usually made when the cost for repairs is close to the cost for buying an entirely new model. The benefits of investing in a new dishwasher will mean that you can find an energy efficient appliance that can actually help save money in the long run. And you might not have to wash the same dishes twice! Before the new dishwasher can come in, the old dishwasher needs to go out. That is the job that you can hand off to the crew from Junk King Atlanta.

The Right Pathway

When the Junk King crew shows up for their appointment, they will be showing up with a friendly attitude. As you bring them through the house to the kitchen, they will also make note of the best pathway to carry the old dishwasher out. The goal is to clear the dishwasher without knocking into other furniture or scratching up the floors. This is the type of service you would expect from professionals. And based on the positive reviews that the Junk King crews continue to receive on a regular basis it is clear they are handling that kind of work the way they should.

Once the old dishwasher is on the back of the truck the job is essentially completed. However, since you have that crew and that big truck you might want to put them on the task of removing anything else that you would like to clear out. That includes items down in your basement. The Junk King team has never met a flight of stairs they could navigate!

You can schedule your dishwasher removal on the same day that the new dishwasher is being picked up. Junk King will make sure that area is ready to receive the new appliance.

When it comes to getting rid of an old dishwasher, the team from Junk King Atlanta will be a big help. Book your session today.

How to Recycle Cardboard in Atlanta


Card Board Recycling


Do you have a pile of cardboard laying around? Get rid of it now!


If you’re on the internet, chances are good that you’ve surfed through e-commerce stores. Stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others all take advantage of technology to provide goods to customers via the internet. Of course, if you choose to order a physical item, that item must then be shipped to you—and what’s the cheapest way to ship items? Cardboard, of course! 


It’s estimated that Amazon alone ships around 608 million packages in a year, which equates to around 1,600,000 packages a day. A majority of those packages are cardboard; the material is versatile and holds up well even in short periods of time in poor weather.


This means that cardboard boxes are commonly saved for a later date by the consumer—while cardboard ‘slips’, separators, and dividers are commonly immediately thrown into the garbage or, at the best of times, the recycling bin. That’s a lot of wasted material that could have been reused. 


commercial junk removal services


If you don’t know the types of cardboard or when to recycle it, you can very easily become overrun with cardboard products—which may result in needlessly throwing the material out in the garbage, simply because there is a lot of it. Luckily, recycling cardboard in Atlanta can be done easily, quickly, and cheaply. Many people recycle cardboard in Atlanta, GA by taking their used boxes to the local recycling facilities, but there is an easier way. 


Instead of throwing it all away, give Junk King a call—we’ll pick it up, take it away, and we’ll even responsibly recycle it for you. Just search for ‘cardboard recycling near me’ to read more about Junk King, and if you’re wondering how to recycle cardboard, read on to learn more. 



Different Types of Cardboard That You Can Recycle in Atlanta


Card Board Box Removal


There aren’t very many types of cardboard in the world, and there are even fewer different types of cardboard that can be recycled. Most cardboard is created out of paper wastes, but it can also be created out of fibers tree pulp. Some cardboard can have a glossy finish, while others may have multiple layers which makes them stronger and more durable than other options. Usually, all of the different types of cardboard can be separated into one of two categories:


Corrugated cardboard is the type with an inner layer of wavy cardboard, making it composed of three layers that are durable and thick. Items usually shipped in this are fragile and so these boards come in a range of thicknesses. This is the type great for box forts and castles. 


Paperboard/Chipboard is the most common cardboard available. It consists of a single layer and is fragile in comparison to corrugated. It is more stable than a piece of paper, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for forts or castles. Most companies use them for single-use products like breakfast cereals or bulk packaging. 


Additionally, those who are in framing manufacturing may consider mat board to be a type of cardboard. These boards are fibers tree pulp that has been boiled, dyed, and pressed into flat and (usually) highly durable boards (of multiple plies). You wouldn’t want a fort or castle made out of this, not only are the sheets heavy, they can be very sharp when cut with machines or a mat cutter. 



Bigger Trucks


Corrugated and paper cardboards are really the best types to recycle because they break down quickly and can be reused just as fast. Since they are all made from trees, recycling them means you save them from going to the landfill and rotting, but you’re also saving more trees from being cut down to keep up with packaging demand. 


Of course, not all cardboard, corrugated or paper, can be recycled—just most of it. For example, cardboard that is rotted, soiled, or wet cannot be recycled. The fibers from the board turn into mush inside of the recycling machines and can halt an entire facility until the issue is fixed.


This is why weekly trash services which are single-stream must go through all of the trash they receive for disposal—meanwhile, dual-stream trash services go through all of their recycling bins in order to prevent harming the machines. 


If you aren’t confident in choosing what cardboard items should be recycled and what should be thrown away, consider if the board is relatively clean or if it has been in a rather clean, dry area. Each piece of cardboard, being made out of paper essentially, has the potential to rot from the inside out because of the porous nature of trees—so if you don’t know if a box is considered clean or not, it’s important to find out.


The easiest way to do that is to have an expert do it for you. Additionally, if you’re not sure about how to get your cardboard to a facility, and you don’t want to call a moving team for it, you can always search for ‘recycled cardboard near me’ for the top-rated recycling options in your area. 



Cardboard Boxes vs. Greenhouse Plastic – Which is the Best Material for Your Needs?


The environmentally conscious person may say ‘well, we can do better than recycling cardboard; we can just use plastic instead.’ While this may work in some instances, holistically switching all packaging to reusable plastics would only create a different problem in regard to fossil fuels vs. deforestation. 


For example, in order to create 1kg of cardboard, there needs to be three times the amount of wood, water, and electricity. When using recycled materials to made cardboard, water and energy can be reduced by half, but the base wood amount remains the same.


In contrast, in order to create 1kg of plastic, there must be double the amount of petroleum, water, and electricity. Further, even when using recycled plastics, only the energy consumption is reduced—the water and gas remain the same necessarily. 


Thus we see the trade-off—do we end chopping down trees in favor of using more fossil fuels? Which is better plastic or cardboard boxes for storage? It’s hard to say what the right choice is from this perspective. Instead, it might be easier to view which material to use in terms of what meets your needs. 


For example, you wouldn’t use a cardboard box for long-term valuable storage. Your belongings would be better saved in a plastic bin with a locking lid. By that same token, you wouldn’t need a plastic bin for something like cereal (unless you really like cereal). The same goes for things around the house, cardboard boxes are great to temporarily store things—but you’re going to want a plastic bin for anything of value or long-term storage/organization. 


Manufacturers have a similar issue with the cardboard vs. plastic debate. Plastic ships better than cardboard, but it costs more for that added security—and then the plastics need to wait until someone comes to collect them or until they are shipped out again. 


When thinking about greenhouse plastic vs. recycled cardboard, make surer to pick the one that suits your needs the best. Anything that is non-valuable and will be stored for a short amount of time will call for cardboard—but anything else, it’s safer and easier long-term to use plastic. 



Why You Should Recycle Cardboard & What You Can Do with it After – Zero Waste Tips


property cleanouts for real estate professionals


Clearly, there are plenty of uses for cardboard for the modern person. Often, people receive packages from eCommerce stores and then keep the cardboard boxes for use around the home. Storage and organization can make great use of the excess material. However, if you didn’t want to use recycled, used cardboard for that stuff, what can you do with recycled cardboard?


The obvious answer is to take it to a facility that can process it (like Junk King). Another answer though is to shred your recycled cardboard and add it to the backyard or community compost pile. The added fibers assist in getting air into the mound which in turn, assists in further breaking down the compost elements. 


You may now be tempted to ask what to do with old corrugated cardboard boxes? Since corrugated boxes are stronger than the average cardboard box, more can generally be done with them. They can be repackaged and shipped off again, or they can be used for a small to medium storage time.


full service junk removal


They can even survive being wet for short periods of time. Many gardeners utilize them in greenhouses for helping to store seeds until the next growing period—the extra layers of material assist in keeping the temperature more balanced than thin plastic. 


Most cardboard, regardless of its type or the product that was in it, can be reused in different ways. Making sure to prioritize reuse over simply throwing it away will  ensure that you get the most out of your cardboard products. 



Benefits of Recycling Cardboard with Junk King


self service dumpster rental services


At some point in every cardboard’s life, they will need to go either to a recycling facility or a landfill, depending on their condition. Sending them to a landfill, although easier in the beginning, means that the cardboard will break down over time—2 to 12 months usually.


Meanwhile, sending them to a recycling facility will result in the cardboard boxes being broken down and repressed into new boxes and products. Some people may even find recycling materials lucrative, as recycled materials for sale are often quickly bought by DIYers and small businesses. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


No matter what condition your boxes or cardboard are in, calling on Junk King North Atlanta is the easiest way to recycle cardboard and/or remove them from your property.


Junk King approaches all of their hauls with an eye towards reuse and recycling—at least 60% of everything they haul is recycled in some manner!—they are even noted as being the greenest removal company in North America.


Additionally, in using Junk King’s recycling abilities there are numerous environmental benefits, such as keeping good products out of landfills. 


There are three ways to contact Junk King North Atlanta, and four ways to get a quote today: (1) give us a call at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865) to speak with a customer representative and either get a quote over the phone or schedule an in-person assessment; (2) or, consider texting  picture of your junk to us at (737) 888 – JUNK to receive a no-obligation estimate; (3) lastly, you could stay online and follow the prompts of our pricing estimator—at the end of the wizard you can even set up a drop-off time. 


Remember, when you choose to move with Junk King, removals are as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 


Ready To Book? Click & Save $20!



Make Your Backyard Ready For Gardening

As the weather starts to warm up, folks are turning their attention to their backyards. This is the time to plan out water gardens might look like. Will you be expanding your garden this spring? What about planting vegetables? All of that can happen with the right prep work. That includes testing your soil to see what nutrients might be needed. But before you can do any of that gardening work you will want to start with a “blank canvas.” That means getting rid of all the accumulated debris from your backyard. That is a task that the team from Junk King Atlanta can be a big help with.

 Anything And Everything Can Go

When you hire Junk King for your backyard cleanup, anything and everything can go. You can start with the kind of “natural” debris such as broken tree limbs, dug up shrubbery or even piles of dirt. From there you can move on to the type of man-made debris like pavers, concrete and anything else that you no longer want in your yard. That can include all the playground equipment that your kids have long since outgrown. The crew from Junk King can dismantle swing sets and trampolines. Want to be nice to get rid of those things?

As with all other types of junk removal, all you have to do is point to what you want cleared out in the Junk King crew will pick it all up right on the spot. The cost for this service is a flat rate that is determined by how everything will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. If you were to ask around you would find that the Junk King price is the fairest.

When you need to get the debris cleared out of your backyard, you need to put the team from Junk King Atlanta on that job. Book that session today.

Foreclosure Cleanouts in Atlanta: The Complete Guide


Foreclosure Cleanouts


Foreclosure cleanouts are never fun for the parties involved. Usually, foreclosure cleanouts occur because there has been a break in a payment agreement, and so the property must be recovered from the violating party. Foreclosures can happen to anyone from residential homeowners to business offices, even manufacturers can sometimes fall into foreclosure. They are similar to estate cleanouts, but estate cleanings normally happen after there has been a death and various parties are given pieces of the estate—foreclosures normally don’t occur due to a death, but it can happen if the still surviving family members cannot pay for their continued living space. 


foreclosure cleanup guide


Foreclosure cleanouts (and estate cleanouts) often involve the entire gutting and removal of items from a property. For homes, this can mean beds or dressers being removed, while for businesses this can mean removing cubicles or office chairs, or machines and materials being removed. In addition, property managers make great use of foreclosure cleanouts because it is a greatly efficient way to quickly empty and clean a space to prepare it for deep cleaning. 


If you are facing a foreclosure or are thinking about how to empty a property of items, consider getting professional help for the removal. Professional help will not only ensure that things are being moved safely, but the professionals can also assist in moving items and large objects from the property without damaging them beyond reuse. Additionally, choosing to move with a company like Junk King North Atlanta means that the cleanout will happen in the easiest way possible. With Junk King North Atlanta, removing junk and trash is as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 




Why Choose the Junk King for Foreclosure cleanouts?


junk removal in atlanta


Junk King works differently than other junk removal services. For example, using the Junk King full-service for your foreclosures means that you are given a Junk King truck (with over 20% more interior space for the same price), and you’re also able to utilize a Junk King Atlanta removal crew of at least two people. Additional hands are always a help when it comes to cleanouts and movings, but trained and professional hands are harder to come by. In the case of foreclosure cleanouts, the auxiliary help that the full-service option provides can cut your cleaning time in half. What’s more, is that our professionals move in the most efficient manner while ensuring that everyone is safe during the process. 




The Benefits of Working with the Junk King to Clear Out Your Foreclosure


There are many benefits to working with Junk King to clean out a foreclosure, no matter what the foreclosure entails. As mentioned above, the full-service aspect of Junk King offers a truck and a crew to go with it. However, you could also utilize our self-service option; it comes with a Junk King MINI dumpster and instead of having a short amount of time in which to empty your property, you have multiple days (3 days to start with usually). Additionally, although you are given multiple days to use the MINI, it is slightly smaller than our big red trucks. The Junk King MINI dumpsters hold 12 cubic yards within their interior, while our trucks are able to hold six pickup trucks worth of junk and trash. 


commercial junk removal services


Another large factor you should consider is what happens after your junk leaves your property. One of the great benefits of working with Junk King is that you know that whatever can be reused, donated, or recycled—will be. Junk King has held the distinction of being the greenest removal company in North America for years now, and large hauls like foreclosures constitute a significant portion of their 60% baseline for recycling. Not only that, Junk King’s goal for a greener future means that they tend to beat out their competition every time because clients would rather give their business to the greener guys than a landfill. Junk King is your local removal company; to see reviews for Junk King North Atlanta, try searching ‘junk removal company near me’ and read through thousands of satisfied clients




How to Choose the Right Company for Your Job


Junk Hauling


Don’t make the mistake of choosing to work with the wrong company for your foreclosure. You can end up paying more for less work and less efficiency, while also condemning your perfectly good items to the landfill. This makes the local environment worse and takes even more effort to eventually go back and clean it up. Not to mention the possible toxins that could bleed into the environment in the meantime. 


Choosing the best company for removals means choosing the company that makes your life and the project easier. That could mean picking to work with the company that also gives you additional hands, or it could mean choosing to work with the biggest dumpster option. Or, choosing the best company for you could include world-class customer representatives and professionals, instead of prioritizing the cheapest cost (and the corresponding treatment). By choosing to move trash and haul junk with Junk King, means you’re choosing the right company, every time. Just search for ‘Junk King near me’ to see servicing franchises in your area, or search for ‘foreclosure cleanouts near me’ to see all of your options. 




Costs of Usig a Junk Removal Service vs. Doing it Yourself


There are many people who boast about their ability to do it themselves with most residential projects. As such, there has been a rise in people believing that doing junk removal can be done quicker, better, and cheaper without professionals. Quite simply put, these DIYers are seemingly unaware of how difficult a foreclosure clean out or a cleanout of any type can be. The cost of foreclosure cleanouts Atlanta is a significant one for the people who are trying to move or vacate a property. It involves difficult physical labor which can cause injuries or lead to additional fees and a higher overall cost than ordering a removal service.


Not to mention, cleaning up after foreclosure will mean spending even more time and effort on the overarching task. This is because without the proper training and tools a person can injure themselves, but still need to pay whatever fees the local landfill might still require. For example, most residential owners are given 400 pounds of waste to remove in the local landfill, and for every pound after that, additional fees begin to be added on. 


In comparison, using a junk removal service (like Junk King) means that you have the option to sit back and watch as the junk is removed, while also being ensured that you will not pay any additional or hidden fees at the end of the removal. (This is a special aspect that only applies to Junk King, not other removal services.) Additionally, the Junk King way of doing things could also end up saving you money. This is a possibility for all Junk King orders because unlike other removal services, Junk King does not base their final cost on the weight of the truck or dumpster. Instead, Junk King asks that you pay only for the space that you use. So, if you explore the Junk King pricing estimator and over-estimate the amount of space you need—you’ll almost certainly be saving money off of the estimate. 


Need Junk Removal Immediately? Book An Appointment Today!


Why You Need to Hire a Good Company for Your Next Residential or Commercial Clean Out


Junk King Trash Pick up


Hiring a good company for your next residential or commercial cleanout makes a huge difference for everyone involved. Not only are you saving money by going with the cheapest option for the biggest space available, but you’re also saving labor and energy while assisting in the green movement. Picking the right removal company will ensure that the clean out goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure of if Junk King is the right fit for you and your project, contact us and speak with our representatives to learn about all of your available options for junk removal. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


There are three ways to contact us, and four ways to get a quote—pick your favorite and get started with us today. When you choose to move with Junk King it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone. 


  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5685) to speak with a customer representative. From here, either ask for a quote over the phone or schedule an in-person, no-obligation assessment. 
  • Or, text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888 – JUNK; you’ll receive a text back with your specially created estimate. 
  • Or, stay online and explore our pricing estimator. You can select which option best fits your needs and then look at the various simulations to see a ballpark estimate for your removal. At the end of the wizard is an option to order a truck—and on orders over $99 that are placed online, you can receive a $20 discount.


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