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Get Rid of Your Old Lawn Furniture Today with Junk King Atlanta!

old lawn furniture

Why Old Lawn Furniture is Not Something You Should Keep over the Winter


Lawn furniture does not endure extreme heat, cold, or storms; that is why Dave—down the street?—has better flamingos and matching pool chairs than Barbara, “bless her heart.” She shouldn’t have left her patio set out over the winter.


 There are many reasons why someone would not want to keep old lawn furniture over the winter, including:


  • Plastic furniture becomes brittle after winter weather, potentially leading to a break later on down the line. Similarly, open cracks in a plastic chair’s frame could expand in the cold, increasing the chance of breaking in the summer. 
  • In the same category metal furniture is also temperamental in the winter, since metal and water harm each other. Continuous water on the metal furniture will eat away its surface seals, but the inside materials will also deteriorate. 
  • Wooden furniture is the most affected by the winter weather. Generally, wood pieces come with natural cracks, and when water gets into those cracks, they expand as the temperatures drop. This breaks the crack further apart and dramatically weakens the strength of the furniture overall. 
  • Lawn furniture accessories like pots or cushions also should be considered. The accessories that fit in your yard are weather resistant, to a point. They will not survive year-round abuse. Things like patio cushions can harbor mold after a long winter. Even worse, they could end up attracting pests to it for a warm home. 


No matter your outdoor furniture, it should always go into a winter storage. Winter storages are available from a variety of local storage companies. Conversely, if you have found it to be too late, give the Junk King North Atlanta experts a call—we’ll get all of your junk gone in as little as two hours. Call today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI tomorrow!


yard waste removal guide


The Benefits of Junk Removal Services and How to Get the Best Deal


Yard Waste Removal


Those unfamiliar with junk removal service may wonder about the services that a junk removal company might provide. If it is as simple as some guys loading a truck, you could get your bother-in-law to do that. What you couldn’t get your brother-in-law to do:


  • Load his truck six times for removals at the (limited) local landfill; Junk King’s Big Red Trucks carry the same amount of junk for a fraction of the overall cost that a DIYer would spend.
  • Load his truck with 12-cubic yards of appliances and junk; truck beds can only hold so much weight. Luckily Junk King’s rental MINI dumpsters are built for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Uninstall, dismantle, and dispose of any sort of equipment or appliance. Junk King’s full-service option comes with a crew of two professional removers and all the tools they might need to assist in your removal. 
  • Gather a few of his friends to help with the removal; chances are he doesn’t want to bother them. Junk King fixes this issue by having multiple removers on one job. Removal crews can even get into double digits, depending on the needs of the job.


Getting the best deal for junk removal is simple, look at local review sites (i.e., Home Advisor or Angi) or explore your options via direct reviews (i.e., Yelp or Google Reviews). Regardless of what manner you collect the information from these reviews, make sure to further explore the companies closest to you. For Metro Atlanta, that might mean Junk King review for North Atlanta, Cobb County, or Gwinnett. 


After getting an idea of the service area’s businesses, please research the company and its practices. Doing this could include information like:


  • Local charities that are involved with the removal company. 
  • Any aftercare (i.e., recycling processing) that happens after the removal. 
  • Particular types of discounts or payment plans
  • If the company considers itself part of the local community.
  • Or any types of free online estimates or quotes for specialized jobs. 


To find more reviews of the companies near you, search for “Atlanta junk removal” to see all options from North to South. 


How to Prepare for a Junk Pick-Up


The two options are available for Junk King clients: the full-service option, which consists of a trained crew of professional removers and a Big Red Truck; and the self-service, which is a dumpster rental of the Junk King MINI dumpster. 


full service junk removal


Depending on what service is chosen, there are a few best-practiced etiquettes to prepare your property for a fast and safe removal: 


  • If the self-service variation is chosen, 
    • Remove any potential obstacles from around the area where the MINI will sit. Fragile things like stone fountains or mailboxes may need to be removed to keep them (and our trucks) safe. 
    • If the MINI needs to sit in a non-developed area, cover the area where it will sit with cardboard. This is especially important to do during periods of rain or snow since the more weight that is in the dumpster will encourage it to sink into the mud. 
    • Every type of residential problem can be solved with this dumpster, from yard cleanup to construction debris removal. Residents from all over the United States choose to move with the Junk King MINI over any other option. The MINI’s superior load bearing, bigger interior, and compact exterior are the reason for that. 
    • We also suggest taking the time to put some of your items into ‘piles,’ indicative of if you are want to donate or recycle an object. Often people find that once they start throwing things away, it becomes helpful to have this part of the process started. 
  • If the full-service variation is chosen, 
    • Please ensure at least four feet of space in all allies or paths through homes or properties. Safety is our top concern with every removal, so if there is not enough room to safely maneuver, the removal must stop until that is fixed. Hoarding houses are special circumstances requiring their own special set of requirements to be met. 
    • If there is room in the driveway for a Big Red Truck, that will make it easier and faster to remove large quantities of objects. Consider at least two feet of extra space on either side when assessing if a truck can go into a driveway. 
    • No cleanup job is too much for this option, from yard cleanups in the summer too hot tub removals in the fall. Even uninstalling and dismantling heavy equipment is not enough to fill the Big Red Trucks. 
    • Further, sorting junk into relevant ‘piles’ is helpful since this option consists of the removal crew completely removing anything you point to. With the full-service option, getting rid of junk is as simple as 1, 2, 3—point and the junk is gone!

How to Save Time & Money with a Professional Junk Removal Service


Junk King Atlanta big red truck


Everyone should save money on junk removal if they have the opportunity. Save time and money with a professional junk removal service today—contact us for a Junk King promo code to use on your first removal order. Also, consider placing your order online as jobs that are estimated to be over $99 are eligible for a 20% discount. 


Additionally, if you are considering a junk removal service that is not disposal based, you can try to find a company that will give you cash for your junk. Put the following into your search bar to explore your possible options for getting rid of junk (and making some cash):


  • Cash for junk cars Atlanta
  • Cash for used clothes/furniture/books near me
  • Cash for antiques +Atlanta
  • eBay/Let Go
  • Etsy (for those creative few)

Get Rid of Your Old Lawn Furniture today with Junk King Hauling and Recycling


Choose to move with Junk King junk hauling and removal services. Founded in 2005 on the belief that junk hauling could be eco-friendly and better at customer service, Junk King has been North America’s top choice for everything removal and disposal related. Junk King ensures that at least 60% of everything they haul is donated, reused, recycled, or given away. This is part of what it means to be North America’s greenest removal company and the top choice for removals in the United States. 


Contact Junk King today to get a Big Red Truck or MINI dumpster as soon as tomorrow. There are three ways to contact us and four ways to get a specialized quote:


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a representative over the phone; choose to receive a quote immediately or schedule an in-person assessment of your property. In-person assessments are always no obligation and written. (By the way, Junk King will even beat any written competitor estimate.)
  • Text us pictures of your junk and trash at (737) 888-5865 and receive a text back stating your estimate. 
  • Or stay online and explore your options with the custom-made Junk King pricing calculator. At the end of the wizard, you will even have an option to schedule a truck immediately. 
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