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How to Get Rid of That Treadmill, Exercise Bike, and Other Exercise Equipment!


Exercise Equipment Removal


When you get a new piece of exercise equipment, it’s exciting. You can’t wait to use it. And you’ll probably start using it – for a short time. What happens after that? Chances are good that if you buy a new exercise machine or other type of exercise equipment, it will soon take up space in your home. 


These items aren’t cheap, so most people won’t throw them out, but just because something is useful doesn’t mean that we need to keep it in our house! Treadmills, stationary bikes, ski machines, and other types of equipment don’t have a long shelf life in the average home, especially if they are not being used. Here are some things to keep in mind about that home gym before you decide what to do next. 



Benefits of Having That Home Gym


If you are still trying to figure out the best options for your lifestyle, consider keeping the home gym. You may want to consider changing up your exercise equipment so it better suits your needs. However, having some type of home gym equipment in your house is a good thing, so long as you use it. 


The health benefits of having a home gym are phenomenal. They give people the opportunity to move around no matter what the weather is like. Plus, they keep our bodies healthier. The more we move around, the more flexible we remain, and the better balance we keep as we age. 


Older family members using exercise equipment at home allows them to stay healthier, reduce their aches and pains, maintain their endurance, and maintain their independence longer. However, they often need different equipment than their younger counterparts. 


Dangers of Using Old Exercise Equipment


Many people do not realize that using a piece of old exercise equipment can actually be dangerous. If you want to use an old weight set, chances are, it won’t do any damage. However, using an old treadmill or rowing machine can be far more dangerous. 


By using old equipment, you face several dangers. One danger people face is scraping themselves on rusty metal from the machine. This scrape could lead to tetanus or an infection. Another danger is the concern of old belts or components breaking while the piece of exercise equipment is in use. Anything inside the machine breaking could lead to an injury, damage to your home, or worse. 



What are the Most Common Items Found in a Home Gym?


First, some facts and figures: Over 50% of Americans want to lose weight and get more exercise. These same people also have less time than ever to devote to exercising, given their busy schedules. This has led to an increase in the number of people who get exercise equipment for their home. Here are some of the best pieces of equipment to have around your home. 


  • Treadmills – these may be the most common piece of exercise equipment in any home gym.
  • Weight Machines or Free Weights – these can range in size from something very small and light to massive machines that require an entire room to use. 
  • Resistance Band Set – these are very small but can be great for toning and injury recovery. 
  • Rowing Machine – these floor machines are often quite large and are a great way to get the entire body moving. 
  • Yoga Mat, Brick, or Ball – yoga is great for everyone, from the novice to the expert, as well as those recovering from an injury. 
  • Stationary Bikes – a stationary bike is great for those who want to get moving but have limitations and need little or no impact on their joints. 
  • And more!


Picking the item or items that best fit your specific lifestyle is going to give you the most versatility. If you work from home, for example, a treadmill you can walk on while doing work is better than a rowing machine that prevents your hands from being able to use a computer. People with chronic pain or past injuries will often do better with little to no-impact pieces of exercise equipment. Pick and choose what you can fit into your day instead of just buying a piece of new or used exercise equipment because your goal is to get healthy. 


What is the Process for Getting Rid of a Weights Machine?


Fitness machine removal is a simple process: 


  • Get a weight-measuring device. You can find one online or at any sporting goods store. 
  • Place the device on the weights machine. 
  • Read the device to find out how much the machine weighs. 
  • Once you know the weight of the machine, decide where you’re going to take it. 
  • Find a donation center or a junk removal service that can handle your machine. 
  • Schedule a pickup with the organization you choose. 
  • When they come to pick up the machine, show them where it is and let them do the rest. 


Now, let’s take a closer look at how Junk King Atlanta can help with your exercise equipment removal. Trying to remove fitness equipment on your own is never a good idea. However, when you have a professional junk removal company like Junk King Atlanta do it for you, your home and your back get spared from problems. 


How Can Junk King Help with Your Exercise Equipment Removal?


Junk King will come to your home and pick up any type of unwanted exercise equipment you may have. This could be treadmills, stair-steppers, rowing machines, weightlifting machines, or any other type of fitness equipment. 


You don’t have to clean the equipment before we come; we just want to help you get the equipment out of your house so you can create more space! 


The cost of using Junk King to get rid of your exercise equipment depends on a few factors: 


  • How much the equipment weighs
  • The size of your home
  • The location of your home. 


Junk King Atlanta can come to your home, determine the cost of removal, and give you a price. Once you agree to the quote, our team will come in and remove your equipment. Removing exercise equipment is only one part of what we do. If you have other junk removal needs, our team can help with those, too. 


How Does Junk King Atlanta Handle Exercise Equipment Removal?


When you call Junk King Atlanta, we provide a quote then our crew begins the removal process. We start by removing weights equipment, old treadmills, rowing machines, and any other large items. From there, we take out the smaller items to fill in the gaps. 


If the machine is in good working order, Junk King will donate it. Donation is a big part of what we do because there are times when what we pick up can be used by others since it is still in good condition. 


If it’s broken, we will dispose of the equipment, usually through recycling. If the equipment is recyclable, Junk King will bring the items to a metal recycling company to recycle the machine. 


Junk King Atlanta’s Service for Your Home or Business


Junk King Atlanta offers two types of service: residential and commercial. Let’s start with residential. 


Residential customers will be charged based on the amount of time it takes the crew to remove the junk from their home and the amount of room taken up in the truck. In other words, the more stuff you have, the longer it will take the crew to remove it and the more of the truck it will fill. 


Commercial customers get charged based on what they need removed, how much space it takes up, and the frequency of the pickups. If a commercial customer needs a weekly pickup, the junk removal service cost will be greater than a residential customer who needs one pickup per year. 


Fun Options for Your New-Found Space 


As you can see, getting rid of your old exercise equipment is easy. Once the equipment is gone, you can create more space for the things that are most important to you. Here are some ideas for what you can do with newly-created space: 


  • Create an art studio. If you’ve always wanted to paint or draw, but never had the time, you could create an art studio in your home. 
  • Build a reading nook. Many people don’t get enough reading time, and they don’t have enough space to do it. Create a reading nook in your home where you can escape to the world of your favorite book. 
  • Make a play room. If you’ve got some extra space, you could host play dates with younger kids or gaming competitions with older kids or adults at your house. This can be a great way to get your friends and family together, and have some fun at the same time.
  • Create a hobby area. If you’ve always wanted to turn some wood, play an instrument, or do any other type of hobby, you could create a space for it in your home.
  • Make yourself a home theater. Imagine being able to watch movies like you were in a theater, but you can pause whenever you need to since you’re at home! Your newfound space may be the perfect solution. 



Want to Know How to Hire Junk King Atlanta? Call or Text Us Today!


Getting rid of your exercise equipment is a great way to create more space in your home. With our wellness product removal, you can turn the space they were taking up into a hobby area, reading nook, or art studio! And when you use Junk King for your Atlanta junk removal, you don’t have to lift a finger. Just tell our crew where the machines are, and they’ll do the rest. Call or text now to set up your Junk King Atlanta pickup!

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