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Eco-Friendly Junk King Hot Tub Removal From Junk King Atlanta North


We are the eco friendly junk removal service in Atlanta that can get rid of your hot tub quickly and easily. It’s important to remember we recycle or reuse 60% of what we take away. It’s good to know that our services are helping our planet.

We pride ourselves on being prompt, efficient and easy to work with. Getting rid of that old hot tub that doesn’t serve any purpose anymore is second nature to us. Everything we do is about making sure we attain our number one priority which is 100% customer satisfaction.

Like a lot of great ideas, our company started out small. Two friends got together and came up with the idea that’s grown into the business you see today.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub, if you want it gone we can be your one-stop solution. It’s important to us to make sure that your old hot tub doesn’t just get tossed into the dump.

Reusable Materials

The reusable materials are taken to recycling centers because everyone wants to do their part for the planet. That’s just one of the reasons we’ve become number one in the junk business in North America. If you take a look at our customer testimonials, you’ll see how people have used our services and found they exceeded expectations in every case.

We’ll be using power tools to take your old hot tub away quickly and efficiently.  However, we are well trained in the latest safety precautions so there’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

Clear Away Clutter

For example, we will always make sure the work area is well lit as well as clean. That way there’s little chance that anyone in your household can be injured. We also make it a priority to clear away any and all clutter before we start work.

Of course making sure we wear all the proper safety equipment is another priority. Each and every one of our employees is well trained and covered under Workman’s Compensation so there’s no risk to the homeowner.

What’s more, Junk King Atlanta North makes sure all our employees have safety goggles, gloves and the kind of slip resistant shoes that make the job site safer for everyone.

It’s all part of our promise to supply you with service, effort and superior value. When it comes to hot tub removal in Atlanta, we want to be your one and only choice. Being eco friendly is another one of the commitments we make to our clients on every project we take on. Get an online estimate from Junk King Atlanta North today.

Marietta Junk Removal

When it comes to the garbage rules in Marietta, things are a bit strict. All city residents have to sign up for sanitation service with the city. No outside contractors are allowed. Everyone who signs up needs to have an official city decal on their garbage cans. Without that decal, you could be fined $10. Your garbage can has to be no bigger than 32 gallons. If the can is bigger, you’ll be charged $10 for every pickup. The rules for yard trimmings are even more specific:

“Wednesday is the pickup day for brush and yard trimmings. Yard trimmings may not to be mixed with regular household garbage. Branches and limbs must be six feet or shorter, and no single piece may be more than four inches in diameter or weigh more than 100 pounds. Grass and leaves must be bagged and set next to the curb. Bags for grass and leaves must not exceed 32 gallons in size. The city will not pick up logs and stumps. There will be an excessive yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, pine cones, pine needles and brush) collection fee that will be added at the rate of $100 per load (approximately 200 cubic feet or 4x4x12) or (48 bags or more of yard waste) and/or a combination of both to equal 200 cubic feet. Residents should notify the Sanitation Division when they have excessive amounts of brush.”

You might just need a lawyer to figure out if you’re in compliance. Then there is the weight issue for your regular garbage. That limit is 60 pounds. When all is said and done, you’re going to have an extremely challenging time throwing out heavy oversized items like furniture or appliances. As least, you would have a hard time if you tried doing that one you own. Thankfully, there is Junk King. Although Junk King is a private junk removal service, you are well within your rights to put them to work.

Every Junk King removal appointment comes complete with a strong two-man crew and a truck big enough to haul whatever you’re tossing out. That crew will do the all the lifting and loading work. All you have to do is tell them what you want gone. Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. This branch follows the same guidelines for delivering amazing customer service. Bottom line: Don’t stress over getting rid of your big junk. One call to Junk King will have it all taken care of!

Atlanta Grill Disposal and Recycling

get rid of old grillReady for some cold weather grilling? Just because the temperature is dropping is no reason why you should drop your love for a fresh grill steak or piece of BBQ chicken. If you’re new to cold weather grilling there are some tips you should keep in mind before firing up the old BBQ. First of all, you definitely want to dress for the weather. Just because you’ll be standing by a warm grill doesn’t mean you need to rough it. This is especially true if you’ll be flipping burgers in the snow.

It’s also important to keep your propane tanks full. Propane gas doesn’t work the way natural gas does in the cold so you might be using more of the stuff. You want to make sure you give your grill a little extra time to heat up. Remember you’re going from cold to hot and it’s going to take a while to get there. Grilling in cold weather is best for simple recipes. You want the kind of food you can flip and forget. Something that needs constant attention and basting might be better off cooked indoors. Above all else, have fun. Nothing beats grilled food in the cold of winter.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a lot of good meals out of your current BBQ grill. If it is time to replace that grill you’ll want to find a way to make room for the new model. Junk King Atlanta is the way to go for this task. One call to these professional junk haulers and you’ll have that old grill loaded up on a truck to be whisked away. You don’t have to worry about taking it apart. The Junk King crew will either break it down or load it up as is. You also don’t have to deal with dragging that piece out to the curb where it could potentially sit around as a neighborly eyesore. Wherever your junk is residing is where the JK Atlanta crew will go. That holds true for your backyard, your basement and your attic. Even if it takes a dozen trips up and down steps to get at everything the Junk King crew will be happy to oblige.

After your stuff is loaded up, the Junk King crew will have two possible final resting places. Your stuff will either be dropped off at a recycling center or at a certified landfill. For the majority of all the stuff they collect, it will end up being recycled. That’s good news for a green Atlanta!

When you’re ready to toss out your old grill and anything else you want to get rid of Junk King Atlanta  will be standing by.

Concrete Disposal Atlanta

Atlanta Concrete RemovalThere appears to be good news in the residential and commercial construction arena. Here in Atlanta contracts for those jobs jumped a whopping 39% in July. This is according to McGraw Hill Construction who also found that overall the year-to-date contracts are up an impressive 69% which represents around five billion dollars in potential business and jobs. This is the kind of economic news that is sure to send off a ripple effect of positive growth. Every construction job means material suppliers will be hiring and buying. Same for lunch wagons, tool manufacturers, security firms and waste removal.

As for that last category, Junk King Atlanta is already doing great business helping Atlanta residents remove all the junk from their homes. This includes any type of remodeling debris like concrete or building materials. Yes, if you’ve got a construction project on your calendar then you’d be well advised to put Junk King on speed dial!

The well-trained Junk King Atlanta crew might not be able to help with the actual building but when it comes to the cleanup they are going to be your best partner. That’s because when you hire Junk King you’re actually hiring a two-man crew capable of doing a lot of heavy lifting. In some cases, you might even have more crewmembers dispatched to your property. That’s because Junk King wants to insure that your removal job will be done right the first time. Keep in mind that is there are extra workers you won’t be paying additional labor fees. You’ll only be charged for the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. If it takes two or four workers to load that truck you’re still only going to be charged for the space.

Removing chunks of concrete can be a challenge for you if you don’t have that manpower or truck space. You can’t throughout out cement! Along with the concrete that same Junk King crew can also pick up anything else you want to finally toss out.

Take a moment to visualize what you’d like to get rid of. Is your garage overflowing with boxes and trash? Is there too much unused furniture in your basement? Is it hard to find anything in your closets?  Anyone of those reasons would be a good excuse to call Junk King. Not only will Junk King help you get rid of the clutter, they’ll also be recycling the majority of everything they collect from you and that includes the concrete! When you’ve got junk, Junk King Atlanta is the only call to make!

Atlantic Construction Waste Removal

There is good news for students in Atlanta. The Atlanta Board of Education voted to approve a 70 million contract to build a new North Atlanta high school campus on the Northside Parkway area. If all goes according to plan the new school will open in the fall of 2013. This will mean shifting around some students. For instance, Sutton Middle School students will go to the old North Atlantic site and East River students will go to the Sutton Middle School campus while a new school building is being built there. While there is sure to be some initial confusion the bottom line is that Atlanta is getting a brand-new modern school facility. That’s a win-win all around!

Parents who will have kids attending the new facility will want to keep an eye on the progress of the construction. After all it is their property tax money that is going towards building this school. Nobody wants to see any costly budget overruns. This holds true with any type of construction project; even something as simple as remodeling your own kitchen. There have been plenty of horror stories told by homeowners about contractor nightmares. A job that is supposed to be completed within a couple of weeks stretches out to several months. This causes a major headache for a family. If all these students are being shifted around to new schools then you can bet they will meet their construction deadline.

One of the common delays with a home remodel construction job is dealing with all the waste that is created. Too often a small construction crew will have to devote a lot of their work hours towards cleaning up and the removal of scraps of drywall, chunks of plaster and all manner of building material leftovers. If the contractor’s crew is supposed to haul away the garbage every day then they may end up leaving the jobsite early so as not to run into overtime. This means you’re technically not getting a full day of work. You can avoid this issue by contracting your own construction waste removal crew like Junk King Atlanta.

Junk King’s team of professional junk haulers will come equipped with their own empty truck ready to be filled up with all your construction waste. Like the rest of your workers these junk haulers will also be bonded and insured. Since they are working directly for you you’ll be able to arrange for any type of pickup schedule whether that means once a day or once a week. The other benefit is that this independent crew can also take away any other junk or bulky items you’re thinking about getting rid of. And they won’t charge you extra! There is no escaping the fact that any construction job is going to create piles and piles of garbage. You won’t have to worry about it when you hire the pros take it away.

For the best in Atlanta Construction Waste Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today.

Atlanta Hot Tub Disposal

What do Phalaenopsis, Miltoniopsis, Paphiopedilums, Cattleyas, Oncidiums and Dendrobiums all have in common? They’re all the featured orchids on proud display at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Even though we are still in the doldrums of winter weather that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a burst of spring anytime you like with a short hop to the gardens. At the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Fuqua Orchid Center you’ll find the newly established “Orchid Daze: Hanging Gardens” exhibit. As described in the official press release these orchids “burst forth with Technicolor tropical blossoms. Sunshine yellows, firecracker reds, deep purples, felicitous fuchsias — they cuddle up close to your eyes at this 10th annual fragrant display of all things orchid.”

As anyone who has worked with orchids will tell you they require some very delicate care. For the most part, orchids are best grown in a controlled environment such as a hothouse or indoors. That’s not to say that wild orchids can be grown in your backyard garden; you just might find that they are not dependable perennials.

Speaking of taking away the winter “blahs” have you ever tried hot tub in with snow on the ground? While it is true that there will be a race between the warmth of your home through the cold ground and into a backyard hot tub, the moment you find yourself immersed in those warm soothing waters all that cold temperature will be instantly forgotten.

Having an inviting hot tub situated in your backyard is one of the great perks of home ownership. However, it might be that you “inherited” your hot tub from the previous homeowners. If only that hot tub could talk! If an old hot tub is in need of replacement then you’ll need to hire a professional crew of junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta to dismantle and remove that hot tub in order to make way for the new model. Even if you have given up on the idea of having a hot tub (which would be a shame!) there is still a great amount of work involved in the removal process of a hot tub.

A dismantled hot tub is not something that can be thrown out in the weekly garbage. There are just too many bulky pieces that make up the construction of the tub. This is why you need to engage the services of professional junk haulers to make sure all of that refuse is removed in one trip. The last thing you want hanging out your backyard are stacks of rotting lumber and rusty water heater pumps.

If you play your cards right, there’s no reason Junk King Altanta’s haulers who are taking away the old hot tub can’t remove other items that you’ve been dying to get rid of. Take a survey of your basement, attic or garage and you’re sure to find plenty of other junk piles just waiting for a truck to take them away. Hiring these professional haulers will free up your weekend and give you more time to enjoy the orchids at the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

For the best in Atlanta Hot Tub Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Atlanta Junk Hauling

Over in neighboring Smyrna, city officials have some plans for all that used up cooking oil that would normally be thrown out by restaurants. They’re going to recycle the oil formerly used to fry things like French fries and turn it into biodiesel that will be poured into the city’s fleets of trucks. This is all thanks to a federal grant that Smyrna received as part of the stimulus funds from the Department of Energy.
Using old cooking oil for biofuel is not a new concept. The key for making a program like this work for local governments is enlisting enough recycled fuel to keep the trucks running. So far local officials have signed up 150 restaurants to turn over their old oil. What’s great about this idea is that the oil will no longer end up in a landfill or poured down drains. It’s going to be put right back into circulation!
Another way to “circulate” recyclable material is by getting rid of all your old junk and clutter the right way and that would be hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta. Whether you’re a business owner or living in a home chances are you’ve collected plenty of junk over the years that is now being stored somewhere in your property. The moment you set aside one piece of junk that has become too heavy to move or toss out with the trash it’s easier to start a junk pile.
For instance, if you put an old tire off to the side in your garage then that area also becomes the perfect place to put those scraps of wood. Next to that can go the old golf clubs that nobody uses and that chair with a missing leg. Before you know it your garage is now overflowing with junk. Unfortunately, there is no government program like the biodiesel program that’s going to help you get rid of that junk. You’re pretty much on your own but it doesn’t have to be that way. Junk King Atlanta is just a phone call away at 1-800-995-5865.
If you are a business owner then storage space is at a premium. You might have a storage locker on your business property but how much space is available in their? Perhaps it’s time to start off the new year right by getting rid of all that junk that you know you’ll never use. The professional Atlanta Junk Hauling team provides the muscle and the truck space needed to take away any amount of garbage or junk.
Once you’ve gotten that junk cleared away you’ll be able to put that space too much more practical use. Yes, it is conceivable you’ll start collecting new junk right away! But at least you won’t be overwhelmed and you’ll also have a viable option standing by when the need arises to clear out the clutter once again. So the next time you see a city truck drive by and smell French fries think about how you can get rid of your own unused junk!