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Atlanta Mattress Disposal

Nowadays you can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for on the Internet. Whether that’s an old toy from your childhood that you want to own once again or directions to a favorite pizza joint all that information is just a mouse click away. If you have an old mattress and box spring that you’re thinking about getting rid of there is a very helpful list of recommendations on how to dispose of that properly specifically in the city of Atlanta.

Top of the list is to donate your old mattress and box spring to a nonprofit organization. That’s a very noble thing to do. However, it’s going to require a bit more leg work on your part. First you have to do another search to find out which of these charitable organizations in the Atlanta area will accept an old mattress. It turns out there’s not that many. If you do find a charity that will take your mattress that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll pick it up. This means you could be stuck with the task of strapping the mattress to the top of your car and driving it over to wherever this charity might be excepting donations. Making his kind of donation is practical when you have a bag of clothes or a box of books but doesn’t make a lot of sense when you’re trying to get rid of a old mattress.

Another option that’s recommended is for you to list the mattress and box spring on a classified website like Craigslist. If you go down that road then you could say “free mattress for anyone who will pick it up.” Doing that is just inviting trouble. You have absolutely no idea who might respond to that type of ad. Do you really want to invite a total stranger into your home who is going to take away a used mattress?

In the Atlanta area you’re also advised to drop your mattress off at the Gateway Transfer Station located at 1625 Westgate Parkway. Again, that might be a perfect choice if you have the available muscle power and truck space to accomplish that kind of task.

Finally, there is one recommendation that seems to be foolproof and that’s hiring a team of professional junk removal team like Junk King Atlanta. These are folks who make it their business to cart off all kinds of junk. Hauling off an old mattress and box spring is a snap for them. It’s because they are professional that they will be licensed and insured. Those are exactly the kind of workers you want to have coming into your home. They’ll also be dependable which means showing up on time for the removal appointment. Another great benefit is that you’ll be able to get rid of any other junk you’ve been hanging onto for no good reason. That’s because professional junk haulers like Junk King Atlanta are in the business of hauling all kinds of junk – furniture, appliances, mattresses, cabinets, yard waste, computer parts and more. They’ll know where to properly dispose of that junk so it won’t end up on the side of the road or in a ditch. As with many other things in life, this is another prime example of sticking with the pros to get a job done right.

Atlanta Furniture Disposal

Haverty Furniture was recently named “furniture retailer of the year” by the leading trade publication furniture today. You could say that this award was 127 years in the making because that’s when Haverty furniture first went into business in the Atlanta area. From those humble beginnings Haverty Furniture is now operating in 17 states across the South and has 119 showrooms filled with a large variety of quality furniture and home accessories. Haverty’s President and CEO, Clarence Smith said at the award ceremonies, “I would like to thank all of our employees who everyday help our customer translate her dreams into beautiful rooms. Their dedication keeps Havertys as vibrant now as it was when it was founded 127 years ago.”
If you would be fortunate enough to have some furniture pieces from that very first Haverty’s furniture store then you could be in possession of some exquisite antique pieces. However, there is a fine line between what makes a piece of furniture a true antique as opposed to just some junk. One of the things that separate an antique for junk is the amount of available pieces that are in circulation. For instance, Art Deco type furniture that was made in the 20s is a prize possession among many collectors because of its rarity. Back then it was just common furniture but today those pieces are much sought after by antique dealers. Of course, the furniture has to be in pretty good condition in order to fetch a decent price.
Now consider your own sofa that you probably got within the last 10 years or so. It’s a piece that has most likely was mass manufactured. In other words there are probably 1 million sofas just like it floating around. While you’re sofa might have provided you with years of comfort it certainly couldn’t be classified as an antique. When you add up all the wear and tear that sofa has gone through plus all the possible stains then it’s clear it has moved into the junk category. Many homeowners find themselves in the exact same position as owning “junk” as opposed to antiques.
However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of that junk and replace it with some brand-new furniture.
Shopping at a furniture showroom helps you consider all the possibilities for your own home or apartment. Keep in mind that you’re under no obligation to buy the exact same living room set up that is put on display in a showroom. In fact, you might find yourself mixing and matching a sofa from one display and a coffee table from another.
Once you’ve made all your new furniture purchases you need to make arrangements to get rid of that old furniture. This can be accomplished by hiring a team of professionals at Junk King for your Atlanta Furniture Disposal needs, who also specialize in carting away junk. The process is simple: you hire the haulers, they show up for the appointment, you point to your old furniture that needs to be taken away and it’s gone in a matter of minutes! All you have to do is wait for your new furniture to arrive and begin enjoying it.