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Category Archives: Tips

Junk Removal Pricing | How much junk is that?

Behind our cost effective junk removal service is a system based on the dimensions of our trucks, ability to consolidate or break down materials, and team hours spent hauling. This may sound like a lot of factors but all are key principles involved in our volume based pricing system. 

It all starts with our famous big red trucks (BRT) which are some of the largest trucks available. Each of our truck’s boxes measure 8’ wide x 12’ long x 5’ tall (480 cubic feet), giving us almost 18 cubic yards of space per truck. Our pricing system estimates the volume of junk someone wants hauled and the space it takes up in a truck. Using standard measurements of each item a customer wishes to have removed, for example, a queen size mattress takes up about 1 cubic yard of space, we know that one of Junk King’s BRT’s could hold 18 queen sized mattresses. This system extends to almost anything we haul, from couches to appliances allowing us to estimate the exact volume on our truck and therefore the best price to the customer, so they don’t pay for more space than they need. 

For example, if a master bedroom contains a king sized mattress and box spring, king size bed frame, two dressers, two night stands, a tv, a bench or chest or chair, and typically around 10 regular trash bags full of clothes or miscellaneous items. All of these items will come out to be about eight (8) cubic yards, taking up less than half of one of our trucks or a full-service fixed price of $428. This gives us a starting point for an estimate. Here is a list of some other standard items we remove and their approximate sizes and how many we could fit on our truck:

How many items can a Junk King truck fit:

  • A standard couch is 2 yards – 9 total couches would fit
  • An over sized ottoman is 0.5 yards – 36 ottomans
  • An office chair is 0.4 yards = 40 – 45 office chairs would fit
  • An oven is 0.75 yards = 24 ovens
  • A large dresser is 1.5 yards = 12 large dressers per truck
  • 10 kitchen bags of trash are 1.25 yards = 145 kitchen bags of trash
  • A refrigerator is 1.75 yards = 10 refrigerators per truck

We at Junk King also know that not all houses or situations fit into a typical estimate which is why we made our pricing system transparent and flexible depending on the junk removal needs of our customers. To ensure the consistency of our pricing system, we diligently train each of our team members to ensure they understand how it works.

We aim to make estimates as easily accessible to our customers as possible with our onsite pricing, online pricing estimator, our text us a photo, and we will provide you with a convenient quote to get your started. Call us today to find out more: 888-888-JUNK(5865)

Part 2 | Junk Removal Tips | Decluttering the Kitchen during Covid-19

With the continued stay at home order in effect in Maryland I have found myself cooking more than usual. I haven’t particularly improved my palette or expanded my repertoire but I have gotten better about navigating the kitchen quickly and with a little less mess. However, initially I was all over the place with pots and pans and spatulas and utensils, and ultimately Tupperware. One of the things I noticed spending time in the kitchen was how clutter the deep recess of the cabinets and drawers had become. So, Part 2 of this series is a deep de-cluttering of the kitchen. My de-cluttering took about 3 – 4 hours but I spent about an hour pouring out all the misc food storage items and finding lids for everything. However, lets begin in an unlikely place:

Spice Rack | Do all the cooking and trying new stuff with all the stay at home videos I realized my spice rack was ill prepared for my new found zest. It was appalling first to see so many of my spices had expired (up to 4 years ago) and many were at the bottom of their crusty remains. I also realized that numerous spices I had used once for that 1 thing and I never made it again. I tossed out several of the expired spices and even combined down duplicates. The best thing, my trash has never smelled so appealing.

Pantry | If you were like me when this thing began, you started to buy in bulk some items that you used frequently and were afraid of shortages. This created a need for additional space in an already unnecessarily packed pantry. Give this area an organizational once over. Organized canned and dry goods, certainly checking for expiration dates and now is a great time to donate never to be eaten foods to food pantries/shelters. If you have kids – then make sure you have organized easy to grab snacks to the bottom so they can self manage their quarantine snacking.

Fridge & Freezer | If your like me you probably look at a simple clean-out of these weekly for the easy to identified, need to be gone leftovers. However, what about the expired condiments of that salad dressing that sounded good that one time. My freezer was a haven for almost gone, little bit left, bags of stuff and misc items that needed to go. I also took the time to rearrange foods into specific areas so I could easily find them. The kids even got their own section for breakfast – easy to make items.

Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers | Now that you are warmed up, let’s tackle the big stuff. For me, it took literally emptying out each cabinet and assessing all the items together. It was a mess, but so therapeutic. I had old pots/pans that I hadn’t used in years shoved into the backs of hard to reach places. Inside the drawers were crumbs, so many crumbs, and I can’t remember why I decided to save the partially burned spatula. A lot of your old items can still be donated to give it a second life, but old takeout order lids can probably be tossed. However, using some of the plastic storage caddies for small items is also a great idea. I even discovered a large pan, that I had needed for 2 of my trial recipes and it found it’s way back to the front.

BONUS – UNDER THE SINK | This is that one place that things just go that no one ever wants to see. I tend to just reach in and feel around until I discover what I want but in this case everything came out. I then wiped down the cabinet, dishwasher soap leakage, was making it gunky, and removed old sponges, and dirty hand towels, plus I found; a can of Lysol – mostly full, and a roll of paper towels – super important these days.

DOUBLE BONUS – JUNK DRAWER | If your utility drawer is aptly named the junk drawer it is time for a clean-out. Mine happens to be in the kitchen and started out as a utility place for the stuff you occasionally need and slowly became a place for whatever didn’t have a place. Clean it out – arrange batteries, make sure the scissors are clean. Find the left over pieces of the whatever you needed at that moment and decide if you still need it. Remove the junk and make it a utility drawer once again.

Well, if you anything like me, this task could take a few hours. Have at it but have fun – at the end of this Junk Removal session, you should feel happy an accomplished. However, I do recommend take out after you are done, just to let the organization set in for at least 1 day!

Part 1 | Junk Removal Tips | Decluttering during Covid-19

>>>Go here for a helpful decluttering checklist from Junk King

So your stuck at home with your “loved ones” and maybe feeling antsy about the space. With loads of time on our hands let’s see if we can’t get a little of our personal space back but getting rid of the unnecessary to make room for the important. Clutter can get out of control quickly. Odds and ends stashed in a drawer to remain forever. Out of the way closets become a land where things go to never return and even your nightstand can be a wasteland of forgotten things.

You want to, dare we say NEED TO, declutter and aren’t sure where to begin. It could even be understandably overwhelming to think about the whole house, however with 14 – 21+ days to tackle – I know we can handle it. That being said – let’s start small to warm ourselves up to the idea. 

Makeup Bag/Drawer | Go through your makeup bag (guys what about your gym bag or your shaving kit from traveling) and reassess some of those items. Hot pink eye shadow from 1980 Toss it! Lipstick that melted into a blob – let it go. If you haven’t applied it or used it in a year. Get rid of it. Then restock the items you do need.

Medicine Cabinet | Expired medication – lets safely dispose of those. Half used hotel shampoos and lotions you don’t use – throw those out. Anything else that just doesn’t belong. Give them a toss. Close the cabinet door, wipe the mirror and smile – you deserve it.

BONUS DECLUTTERING: Why not shake the bottles in the shower and see what needs to be tossed or refilled. For me – it was the toys in my son’s bathroom that needed to be removed! Also – some homeless shelters will accept partially used bottles of shampoo or even hotel bottles.

Linen Closet | Over time those neatly stacked towels and extra blankets start to shift and the neatly folded fitted sheets somehow end up knocked on the floor. Take stock of what you need/used in the last year and think about donating the rest to a local charity. We use Bemore Caring as our partner for lines/coats/blankets/clothing. You may even discover a 4 pack of TP that is in such high demand these days.

Time to get personal and really focus on these next areas. Expect them to take more time as they are two spots that hold a lot of history buried in there.

Your Dresser | Dressers can hide a lot in their drawers so let’s dig in. Your going to start at the bottom and work your way up, opening every drawer, and take every item out of the drawer. Before it goes back in,refold every shirt/short/pant and match all the socks. Ponder everything…Have I used this in the past year – if not perhaps it can be donated.

Master Closet | Add to those donate and toss piles by going through the closet. Follow your gut on this one: you know what you wear regularly and haven’t worn in forever. Now is the time to get real – are you really going to use those jeans this year? I personally spent 2.5 hours in my closet – jumping up and down in old jeans and remembering when my faded flannel was the pinnacle of fashion.

Night Stand | That place next to your bed that collects books, water bottles, and electronic chargers along with loads of dust and other old papers. Clear out the drawers, wipe off the top and take a peek behind it. Who knows what mystery items are back there.

BONUS CLEANING | After the night stand – take a look under the bed. We can’t promise that there aren’t any monsters under there but you may find your slippers/sneakers or that missing sock. That was probably a good therapy session but now you might need a break. You deserve it! Check back later for Part 2 of the Junk Removal Tips | Decluttering during Covid-19

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