Birmingham Couch Pickup

Thanks to advances in Internet technology, it has gotten a whole lot easier to report litterbugs. In fact, the site is dedicated to just that. Not only can you post an incident of littering but also you can get specific with the street address. That is linked to Google Maps, which zeroes directly in on the offender. A recent post from Birmingham found that “Household members are dumping their household trash directly on street curb, across from their house. They are not using a garbage can. Trash is blowing throughout neighborhood.” Although it is easy to report these types of incidents, there is no guarantee that authorities will be able to act promptly. That is especially true of illegal dumping. You might report a sofa that was left by the curb in your neighborhood. However, unless you get the license plate number of the person doing the dumping, that sofa will be stuck there until municipal workers have the time to pick it up. That’s why you should leave couch pickup to the pros. Those pros would be Junk King.



Junk King is a local junk hauling service that is part of a national chain. It’s always good to work with a national chain because you know that company has to adhere to a certain level of excellence in order to keep the franchise. With Junk King that means providing exception customer service and being eco-friendly.

You’ll spot that exceptional customer service when you call for the couch pickup. Junk King will go to extreme measures to make sure the appointment works for your schedule. They’ll also tell you to leave that sofa right where it is. The Junk King crew assigned to your couch pickup will remove the sofa from its current spot. Don’t put your back at risk when you’ve got the JK crew on the job!

In addition to the couch pickup, the Junk King crew can remove all the rest of your unwanted items. That includes big and small pieces. You’ll finally be able to toss out your old computers, televisions and mattresses along with any furniture you’re done with. The eco-friendly part of Junk King can be found with their practice of recycling and donating. They would love it keep everything out of landfill and that’s what they’ll do with your junk for no extra charge. A couch pickup that ends with a clutter free home begins with call to Junk King.