Quick Household Junk Removal in Birmingham

The team at Junk King is able to take care of all your junk removal needs quickly and easily. We are able to take up all types of loading and lifting tasks so that you are able to relax. You don’t need to touch any object or pick any item once we are there.

Our uniformed, friendly, trained crew members are polite and respectful. They ensure that there is no damage your property and we pick up only the unwanted items. The team gives you the prices upfront depending on the type and amount of junk to be removed. If you find our price is right, only then do we go ahead with junk hauling.

Junk King offers unmatched pricing on junk removal services. This is possible because our trained professionals are able to complete their job in a short time. They do this using a wide variety of equipment that homeowners would not otherwise have. The equipment enables us to reach difficult areas with ease. Thus we are able to undertake thorough cleaning.

Our residential junk removal service takes care of almost all kinds of junk. Get rid of your old junk by calling us. We take away all the junk on the same day of our arrival. We are also dedicated towards proper recycling, donating and disposing of the junk hauled away.