Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

On Christmas Day, a tornado touched down in Birmingham and the folks are still clearing out the debris two months later. Recently a group of volunteers from the Hunter Street Baptist Church took to the area surrounding the church for the big clean up. Around 250 residents brought out chainsaws, trash bags and pruning clippers to get the job done. They worked mainly on the fields where all kinds of trees were toppled and other debris was dumped. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 250 folks helping you with the cleanup around your home? Maybe you wouldn’t need 250 people but having a helping hand or two can certainly make a big difference. That is why you should consider Junk King for your next spring cleaning project.


Junk King is the professional junk removal company who has spent over ten years in this type of service industry. In that time, they’ve helped a lot of homeowners, farmers and business clear away tons of clutter.

Contractors who are working on a remodeling project or home construction build, count on Junk King to provide dependable and fast debris cleanup. This is vital at the beginning of the job when all that demolition occurs. Many apartment managers have Junk King on speed dial. They know that a Junk King crew can quickly swoop in and removed all the rubbish left behind by a former tenant. Thankfully, Junk King crews don’t have a problem with climbing stairs! Real estate agents often call on Junk King to provide efficient cleanup of foreclosed properties. They won’t be turned away by big piles of trash.

Given all that, imagine what Junk King can do around your home. For spring cleaning, you might want to finally chuck out all the furniture that is worn out not being used. Don’t put it on the back porch or out in the garage. Give it to Junk King. All that clutter from your closets can be taken away in a single appointment. Imagine how much better you’ll feel once all that clutter is gone! Don’t forget all the help Junk King can provide in your backyard, too! Removing rocks, bricks, patio furniture, swing sets, sandboxes and broken sheds will clear the way for your landscaping. Get a jump on your spring cleaning with a call to Junk King. You’ll be glad you did.