Portable Dumpster Rental in Birmingham

Are you dealing with a lot of unwanted material in the Birmingham area and looking for an easy way to rid yourself of it? You might want to consider portable dumpster rental. Of course, Birmingham residents have more than a few options when it comes to choosing how they dispose of junk, but how many of them are viable when you consider all the logistics? The truth is that many waste disposal solutions work best under very particular circumstances (and some of them don’t work very well at all). Learning more about the choices available to you can ensure that you always make the smartest move in dealing with your junk and are never inconvenienced by a problem you didn’t expect to encounter. That’s why our team has put together this guide, which compares several of the most popular strategies.

Portable Dumpster Rental: Not the Only Option

portable dumpster rentalBirmingham residents have tried all kinds of things to rid themselves of junk over the years (we know, because we’ve borne witness to many of them). There are a few strategies that people repeatedly choose, so we’re going to look at each one in detail. Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular methods for waste management in the Birmingham region:

  • Portable dumpster rental: we’ll be honest—we think this is one of the best choices for most people with waste management duties. We’ll explain why in a little while, but for now, let’s have a look at your other options.

  • Full-service junk removal: this is also a reasonably strong choice, but it’s not quite as versatile as renting a container yourself. You’ll see why in just a moment.

  • Driving your junk to the nearest landfill in your own vehicle: not recommended. It’s a lot of work, and it can also be hazardous. Don’t believe us? Just you wait.

Now that we’ve identified the three most common strategies for waste management in Birmingham, let’s have a look at their pros and cons.

A Comparison of Different Waste Removal Strategies

We’ll start off with portable dumpster rental because it’s one of the most convenient ways for homeowners and contractors to deal with unwanted materials. When you contact a dumpster rental company, you’ll be guided through a process that goes something like this: you agree on the size of the container and the duration for which you’d like to rent it. Then, the company will bring the container to your doorstep and leave it in a location of your choosing. You’ll fill up the bin yourself during the rental period, and when your rental is over the company will come back and collect the container to dispose of the contents on your behalf. If you choose a responsible company, they’ll even make sure that all of the material in your container is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It’s a convenient and versatile strategy that puts control in the renter’s hands.

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Compare that to using a full-service junk removal company. Now, don’t misunderstand us: full-service junk removal can be exceptionally useful. In fact, many of the best waste management companies will offer both services, so that customers can choose the one that suits their current situation best. That said, full-service junk removal is going to be much more effective under certain conditions than it is likely to be under others. Consider the following questions before you decide to hire an entire crew for this service:

  • Will you be available to let the crew onto your property and supervise them as they are cleaning up? Waste removal crews may not know exactly what to take away with them unless those objects are clearly marked, and even then, it’s possible for them to mix up some items or overlook others. The only way to make sure that a full-service junk removal team will be 100% effective is for you to stay onsite the whole time, even if they’re consummate professionals.

  • Can you make sure that you will choose a friendly and respectful crew? Many of the best services pride themselves on customer service and send only the best people to take care of your site cleanup. However, there are other services whose members may not be as professional—so you should always research a company carefully before you entrust their members with access to your space.

  • When you hire a crew of people to remove your junk, you’ll be dependent on them—so what will you do if they’re late or an emergency prevents them from reaching your area? It’s important to answer these questions before you make any arrangements.

As for taking your junk to the nearest landfill in your own vehicle, it’s a plan that almost doesn’t even merit consideration here. Sure, you might save yourself the cost of a container rental or full-service junk removal service—but only at the risk of damaging the interior of your vehicle. Old furniture, unused construction materials, yard waste and most other forms of junk can puncture or stain the upholstery in your vehicle, making them a real liability. They can also obstruct your vision as you drive, which can make a trip to the dump with junk in the trunk (or backseat) unsafe.

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Considerations for Portable Dumpster Rental in Birmingham

Given the above, it may seem to you that renting a dumpster is the easiest way to deal with your waste problem. You’re probably right—but just to make sure you have the right rental experience, let’s examine a few things you can do to make sure your dumpster rental goes just right:

  • Rent a small container. That might seem strange—after all, we’re all so conditioned to believe that bigger is better. When it comes to rental dumpsters though, that’s often not the case. In fact, larger containers can be more awkward, and can get in the way of regular activities while they’re sitting on your property. Bear in mind that small dumpsters still contain plenty of room—a container with 12 cubic meters of volume can still handle the load of at least four pickup trucks, which makes them ideal for most domestic and small commercial applications.

  • Place the dumpster in your driveway for best results. Dumpsters (even small ones) are heavy, and they’ll easily crush grass on your lawn or flowers in your garden. If you’re thinking of placing the dumpster on the street outside your home? Think again. Practically every city in the United States has laws preventing dumpsters and other such containers from occupying public right of way areas such as streets or sidewalks without a permit, and those permits can add to the cost of dumpster rental substantially. Avoid permit fees or fines, and make sure the container can be placed in your driveway during the rental. If you follow the last step and rent a small container, it shouldn’t even stop you from parking your vehicle in the garage!

  • Choose a company with a fair pricing model. Not all dumpster rental companies charge the same way for their services. Some charge by weight, which unfairly inconveniences renters who are trying to dispose of bulky items. Some others charge by container size, which can dupe renters into trying to “get the best deal” by renting containers that are too large and ungainly for their needs. We’ve found that the best model is to charge customers based on the amount of space they use in the container itself. That way, they can effectively give themselves a discount by packing the container efficiently.

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Portable dumpster rental in Birmingham is usually the most effective way to remove waste from your property. Just make sure you follow the tips listed above, and you should find that it helps you clean up your space with ease.