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Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal Team Highlights Garage Safety Hazards

We want to supply Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal help that’s safe, environmentally friendly and effective. If you’ve dealt with us before you know we take away almost everything. However, we go one step further and supply excellent information people can use.

That’s why we made this blog all about the kind of garage safety hazards you’ll want to avoid when you’re cleaning that space out.

Bad Wiring
Bad wiring in the garage is one of the biggest causes of residential fires. This type is particularly dangerous because it doesn’t usually get discovered for long periods of time. If you’ve got a lot of trash and flammable materials in your garage, these fires also spread quickly.

If you’ve lived in an older building, it’s a good idea to talk to an electrician about the wiring in your garage. While you’re waiting, there are several things that you can look for that can serve as red flags.

For example, if you’ve got an outlet that sparks every time you use it, you’ll need to pay attention. If you live in a rural setting, there’s also the chance that rodents have been chewing on the wiring. That can make the situation even worse.

Our Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal teams can help you to de-clutter your garage so you’ll see any of these telltale signs.
Improperly Stored Liquids

Lots of homeowners use their garage as a storage area. While that’s not generally a problem, it could become an issue if you’re not properly storing combustible liquids. Gas, as well as lawn care products and even paint, can become a real issue. It’s important to store these types of liquids in clearly marked containers that are durable and airtight.

We have even seen improperly stored propane tanks left in the garage. Whenever we see this, we always suggest that homeowners store the barbecue in the garage but leave the tank outside.

Finally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your garage floor is clean and free from obstructions. In the winter, snow and ice that’s melting can become a hazard. If you do oil changes and small repairs inside the garage, make sure to clean up any oil and gasoline that’s left over.

When you decide what you want to throw away, give us a call. Our Junk King Birmingham – Junk Removal services are industry leading.

Feel Safe With Your Birmingham Junk Removal Team

Craigslist has become the Internet’s classified section. You’ll find anything and everything for sale on that sight. You can also look for a job, an apartment or a date for Friday night. There are also many workers who advertise their services. Although many have good intentions, you could be opening up your door for some shady characters. Just because someone can post that they’re “good” at something doesn’t mean they are. You don’t want to take a chance with a this type of hire. Instead, stick with the professionals no matter what kind of job you need completed.

McPeters Birmingham

Consider junk removal. This is a task that has probably been sitting on your “to do” list for some time. However, because you have heavy objects that you want removed and because you don’t have the manpower or the truck space you’ve put this job off. The good news is that Junk King is standing by to lend a hand or two! Junk King is a professional junk removal company that has been in business since 2005. Right away, that sets them apart from many other so-called professionals.

Junk King is also a national company. That means each local franchise has to follow a strict set of guidelines with regard to how they operate their business or else they won’t be able to carry the Junk King name and that name matters. Those guidelines begin with the type of workers that Junk King hires. Each member of the team has to be licensed, bonded and insured. Also, Junk King sends out at least two crewmembers on every junk removal appointment. Not only is their strength in numbers but safety, too!

Junk King continues its professionalism with how they price the work. When the crews show up for your junk removal appointment, you’ll show them all the stuff you want removed. They’ll then provide you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. That is a price that is not going to change when the job is done. Even if your junk takes up more space, you’ll still only pay the estimated price. This is a much more affordable method of junk removal as opposed to paying by the pound or renting a dumpster.

When you’ve got Junk King on the job, your junk removal task becomes safe, fast and affordable.