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How To Avoid Holiday Stress

The goal for the upcoming holidays should be “merry and bright.” However, between all the things on your to-do list, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. Many of us have tendency to take on a lot in the interest of “getting things done.” That can put a lot of added pressure especially when you’ve got a “ticking clock” deadline. Before you become too overwhelmed, you might want to embrace to avoid stress for the holidays.


Set A Budget

Spending and the holidays go together like Christmas trees and tinsel. You can easily spend several hundred dollars between now and December 25th in a quest to make sure everyone has a wonderful holiday. Guess what? They will whether you get them an amazing present or not. Still, there is nothing wrong with showing your appreciation as long as you have some limits. It is a good idea going into the holiday shopping season with a budget. Make your list of all the people you’d like to buy gifts for down to the mail carrier. Assign each one a number value and you’ll quickly see what you have projected. This will allow you make some adjustments and prioritize. Working within that budget will keep the stress down in the coming weeks and also after the New Year when some of the bills start coming in.

Keep Exercising

You might feel the need to step up your cardio routine because of the extra sweets that you’ll be enjoying. That’s a good thing to do but you should also be exercising as a way to reduce stress. Even if you keep at least two visits per week to the gym instead of three you’ll still enjoy the benefits. If you can add in a few walks after dinner or before breakfast, then go for it.

Keep Things Simple

It’s great that you have a lot of friends and they’re all inviting you to parties but it doesn’t mean you have to go to every party. Even if you do go, have an exit strategy as is when you can leave and get home for a good night’s rest. What if you’re the one hosting a party? There are plenty of wonderful food options that don’t involve you doing all the cooking. Better yet, make it a holiday potluck. Simple.

Get Help Around the House

Getting the house ready for the holidays means a lot of decorating. That’s actually fun and shouldn’t be looked at as a burden. You also don’t want to become overwhelmed by cleaning. This is where a call to a company like Junk King Birmingham can make a huge difference. One session is all it will take for the team from Junk King to remove all your unwanted clutter from your closets, garage and basement. Talk about making your home merry and bright! Put Junk King Birmingham to work hauling off your junk this holiday and watch how your stress falls away.

Make This Holiday Season Junk Free

Can you believe that we are just a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas? Already the Christmas decorations are pushing out the Halloween decorations for shelf space at your favorite store. The race is on to make sure you have a wonderful holiday season. Of course, that means a lot of coordinating schedules with family members, decorating the home and all that shopping. The last thing you want to worry about is clearing out clutter in the garage or making space in the guest bedroom. Those are two tasks that are best suited for Junk King Birmingham. One session with these professional junk haulers will have your home junk free in a matter of minutes.


Junk King Birmingham takes all the hard work out of getting rid of your unwanted clutter. Actually, they turn that hard work over to their dedicated moving crews. You’ll be assigned at least two of these capable movers to do all the lifting and loading of your stuff. When the crew shows up at your house, you’ll take them on a quick tour of all the things you want to get rid of. You could have something down in the basement, an upstairs bedroom or even in the backyard. You don’t have to bring it together in a pile. It can stay right where it is until the junking crew whisks it away.

After they’ve size everything up they’ll be able to present you with an estimate. Junk King Birmingham’s pricing policies are based on volume. It comes down to how much room your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. You’ll never be charge by the pound or be told that something is too heavy to move. All the Junk King is focused on is making sure you’re completely satisfied and that always happens when you can get rid of junk.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Birmingham will have the opportunity to be repurposed. That will happen either through a charity or recycling center. Junk King knows exactly where to drop off those items and will happily go the extra mile, literally and figuratively, to make it happen. Your first holiday wish of a junk free home can come true with one call to Junk King Birmingham.