Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Difficulty in Recycling

Do you sometimes find it difficult to recycle?  When you face the choice of just throwing something out or recycling it, it’s almost always easier to throw things away in a conventional manner.  We’ve all been in that situation: holding an empty can or bottle without a recycling bin in sight.  We most often end up settling for a trash can.

We all know how recycling can help the environment, and especially in today’s world how recycling our waste is seen as an obligation to our neighbors and society at large.  So how do we find the proper balance between time and good-will and get in the habit of regularly recycling?  I’d like to take a moment to provide five ways in various situations that we can get in the groove of recycling more often.

  1. Make a List: It never hurts to make a list to keep track of your everyday activities.  There are often several points during your normal day where you may have an opportunity to recycle, but simply don’t.  Sit down and make a list that maps out your day and when you might normally throw out trash (on the way out the door, after lunch, etc.).  Next time you encounter that time of day you’re far more likely to recycle.
  2. Create a Habit: We all know it’s pretty hard to kick a bad habit; the same often goes for good habits like recycling.  Most of us have been habituated to throw our waste away in a trash can, just because we’ve repeatedly done that throughout our lives.  If you make recycling a game or goal, it can become easier to keep than you think.
  3. Create a Company Culture: If you are in charge of a company, or simply want to make difference where you work, creating a company recycling culture can be a great way to get a large group of people into the habit of recycling.  Think of an innovative way to make people look for those blue recycling bins: maybe everyone could initial their cans and bottles and win a ‘point’ for each recycled item, with the end goal of winning some sort of prize.
  4. Use an Eco-friendly Junk Removal Service: It’s often an even bigger hassle to recycle large or heavy items like scrap metal, old brick foundations, or computer equipment.  Junk-King provides an eco-friendly junk removal service that recycles up to 60% of the total hauled waste.  For those items that you can’t recycle yourself, be sure to consider Junk-King’s affordable services.
  5. Set an Example: You’d be surprised at how people might look up to you if you start recycling on a regular basis.  Whether it’s at the office, at home, or out and about, you can pass on the recycling ‘vibe’ by smoothly and swiftly depositing your trash in that blue bin.