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Things you can do for Earth Day 2011

Earth Day 2011 is fast approaching on April 22nd. As most of you probably already know, earth day is a time where people can appreciate the earth and natural environment around us.  Earth day is also an opportunity to become more aware of our currently fragile eco-system, how we’ve impacted it, and what we can do to make things better.
For that reason, we’d like to provide a list of several things we all can do in 2011 to help the cause and make sure that future generations inherit a clean earth.
Start Recycling Now – This one seems like a no-brainer, however a surprising percentage of the population still does not participate in regular recycling.  Reusing recyclable materials is one of the keys to cutting down on our overall eco-footprint on the earth, so this one is really important.  Don’t wait another day – start recycling right away.
Get Your Kids Involved – In many cases our children tend to follow in our footsteps.  That’s why we really want to make sure that those footsteps are green!  Getting your kids involved early with recycling can help them carry those activities on when they finally go off to college.  Also, providing your children with an eco-friendly mindset will give them a valuable knowledge base for their futures (which may very well depend on clean energy and green technology).
Host a Paper Shredding Party –  You’d be blown away at how much paper is sitting around the average person’s house.  Think about your own house – how many stacks of old schoolwork, junk mail and bills are just sitting around the house.  Although we all mean to recycle these items, they can often get thrown in the wrong bin in a frenzy of cleaning chaos.  That’s why making a fun group activity aimed at recycling, like a paper shredding party can prevent any possible paper mishaps.
Start Composting - Most people think of food waste as ‘organic’ so they think it doesn’t matter where it ends up.  However, waste that ends up in a landfill can contribute to hazardous chemicals in our environment. Composting might seem like a very daunting task to those who aren’t familiar with it.  However, the basics of it are fairly simple.  Check out on online composting guide or do some basic research and you’ll be composting in no time.
Adopt a Pet from a Shelter - People across the country are buying new pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds or any other type of domestic animal you can think of.  Although we like to be able to pick the exact breed and type of pet we get, it’s far more humane to adopt a needy pet from a shelter.  You won’t have the same variety or breadth of choice, but these animals can be just as loving and fun; plus, they need a home.  So if you’re thinking about getting a pet any time soon, make a great earth day 2011 choice and adopt from a shelter.