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Recycling – It’s More than just Re-using Someone Else’s Trash

Why exactly do you call a junk recycling service like Junk King to get rid of those bulky items when you could call a regular trash pick-up service instead? There are those who do it so they can feel environmentally friendly (some actually are) and there are those who do it out of a genuine desire to help others. Those old appliances can be re-used by someone in need, right? Isn’t that what recycling is? The answer to that is yes and no. Recycling is re-using someone else’s trash, but it’s also much, much more than that.
To understand the importance of recycling, you must first look at the results of not recycling. These results are easy to see if you just visit your local landfill or watch the incinerators’ smoke stacks emit toxic fumes into the air. Plastics and other materials that are not recycled are causing irreparable damage to our soil, air, and water supplies. In the case of landfills, the land that they rest on will be unusable for decades, even centuries to come. There are some items that will degrade in time. Others never will.
Next, look at items that can be recycled. Appliances often contain toxic chemicals which can cause significant damage if discarded without proper precautions being taken. When appliances are recycled, part of that process is getting rid of harmful fluids and fuels in a responsible manner. Landfills, transfer stations, and incinerators don’t do that. They simply dispose of the entire appliance in whatever manner they dispose of everything else that is brought to them.
Recycling centers don’t dispose of anything. They find a new use for each and every item that comes through their doors. If you call Junk King to to haul away your old appliances or stereo equipment you can rest assured that the parts or the whole of the item will be in use in someone else’s home in no time. That should give you the incentive you need to do some recycling. Just think of all the jobs you will create just by recycling your appliances and electronics.
In cases of electronics, the originals can be broken down into many parts to create new items in the same or different categories. That old radio you recycled five years ago may have been used to create the CD player you just bought or it could have been recycled into an automobile dashboard. Either way, it wasn’t wasted. It also didn’t get buried in a landfill where the plastic will never break down and will be useless after a few years. It’s hard to recycle an item that is melted or fused together with other items.
Go back forty years and everyone took their trash to the dump. Consideration was never given to the fact that those dumps would eventually fill up and have to expand. It was just assumed that trash would break down and disappear. Much of it has, but newer items, made from materials that are made to be indestructible, never really do. That’s why recycling is so important, and why it’s so much more than just re-using someone else’s trash.