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Clear Out Your Driveway

Not everyone parks their car in their driveway. There are a number of other good uses for that long strip of gravel or asphalt, and storing all your useless junk there isn’t one of them. If you’re not going to use it for the car, at least find something creative to do with it. Begin by clearing it out. Call a junk removal company and get rid of all the old appliances and dented metal trash barrels you know that you’ll never use again. That space is much more than a storage bin for the tools and toys of yesteryear. It’s part of your living space. Treat it with respect.

What can you do with an empty driveway? You could have the asphalt torn up and turn it into a lawn. Rent a jack-hammer at your local hardware store and take an afternoon to hammer it into manageable chunks, then call the junk removal company back to haul it all away. The next step will require some heavier equipment; you’ll need to turn over all the soil underneath and plant some grass seed. You could also buy sod and roll out a new lawn in a few hours. It only takes a few days to take root and settle, so you could be barbequing on your new lawn in no time.

If you want to stick with the heavy equipment idea, you could just dig down and put a pool where your driveway used to be. That’s always a good time for all. You could also repave with concrete and make a basketball or tennis court out of it. Do you have kids? You’ll find they get injured a lot less after the junk removal company gets rid of the old junk in the driveway and you give them a place to play. They might even hang around the house more often instead of going to the neighbors all the time.

You could also leave the driveway as is and start using it as a driveway again. Some people stop parking their car in the driveway when they think they need it for storage. When you clean out the driveway, clean out the basement or garage too and you’ll find you have plenty of storage space. The car can go back in the driveway where it belongs and you can start doing your own auto repairs again. With rising gas and insurance prices you’ll need to find new ways to save money. Changing your own oil is one of them, as is vacuuming and washing the car at home. All of these tasks are a lot easier to do when your car is in the driveway instead of on the street.

If the rest of these suggestions seem like too much work, here’s a simple one. Call the junk removal company and point out what you want removed. Leave a table and chair, buy a hibachi and a cooler, and set up in the driveway for a relaxing day of burgers and beers. What could possible be better than that?

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