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Fathers Day Junk Hauling

Maybe you’re wondering what to get your dad for father’s day this year.  You could pick up some tools – but he’s already got so many.   Maybe a good book – but you aren’t sure what he’s already read this year.  How about a gift that he won’t put aside, something that will last?  Here’s an idea: think about booking dad a junk hauling appointment for father’s day.

Your dad probably is pretty busy and has had several ‘projects’ on the back burner that he just hasn’t had time to get to.  One of those projects could be clearing out some free space from various rooms around the house.  The garage might be filled with extra junk like rusty bikes, torn up sports equipment and a broken down lawnmower.  The basement might have some shelves lying around that are no longer being used.  His workroom may be serving as the current holding space for an old clunky washer-dryer.  These are all rooms that dad probably had the idea to ‘fix-up’ at some point, but he simply doesn’t have the time.

The backyard is likely also on dad’s list of fix up projects.  Last year’s storm may have left fallen tree branches across the yard.   He’d love to get those cleaned up, but he isn’t in the physical condition he used to be in and may have trouble lifting the larger branches.

What could be a better father’s day present than having a professional junk hauling service to stop by the house and get these projects completed?  Beyond giving him peace of mind, he’d gain a ton of free space to start working on new projects.   All that junk that has collected over the years would finally get hauled out of his house.  In addition, dad could feel extra good because of Junk King’s eco-friendly junk hauling policies.  By recycling up to 60% of all collected materials, your dad could rest easy knowing his junk wasn’t harming the environment around us.

Father’s day is about giving thanks to your dad.  He certainly picked up a lot of your junk when you were a kid – whether it was the mess in the toy room, the shoes in the hall or the bikes in the driveway.  For once, let someone else clean up his mess.  Give Junk King a call at 1-800-995-JUNK or book online and send our seasoned professionals over to dad’s house this weekend.

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