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Moving? No, it’s never, ever easy. How about some tips to ease the burden?

Well, the most obvious tip is not to leave packing until the last minute. If you know you’re moving some months in advance, organize and pack seasonally. Packing your summer items for a winter move makes sense. Even better, pack it away, ready to move when you aren’t going to use it anymore. Neatness does count. If you live in an area of the country where you won’t be playing tennis or golf after November, think of all the time you could save if your snorkels, tennis gear, and even some warm weather gardening items are organized and packed already. Summer move? Gloves, ski gear, winter coats, how would it be if those items got packed in April. (Don’t pack them wet.)

Barbecues? Not doing any outdoor cooking after a certain date? Consider this, if you remove the legs and clean that barbecue grill well before the last week of the move, it will cause less stress than getting filthy at the last minute (and leaving greasy, black fingerprints on everything.) Or, perhaps that grill can be upgraded and Junk King hauling and recycling can come and collect the old grill. Let’s face it, nothing last forever, including barbecue grills. Yes, you can replace the parts, but often corrosion and wear takes its toll. Give us a call if it’s time to upgrade that grill, or even downsize it.

Listen, maybe we have selective memories when it comes to moving. It’s a stressful time, not only the move, but all the “legalities” that are involved with relocating to a new house or apartment—leases, rental agreements, escrow, walk-throughs, etc. A couple of months ago, I watched as the neighbor across the street moved 20 years worth of items from her large home to a smaller house across town. Sure, she thought she had it wired and prepared, then she hit a wall. Everything in the garage sat there a week after everything was supposed to be out. Garages and storage sheds are notorious clutter magnets. Don’t pay to store or move that junk. Sure, you tell yourself that you’re going to use or sell that tanning bed or old outdoor furniture someday. It is my experience that short-term storage turns into a long-term (non) solution before you know it. If you didn’t take the time to cull through your junk last time you moved, you aren’t likely to find it all that compelling to rush to do it when it’s in storage. It can cost thousand$.

So? Call Junk King. For the cost of a few months of storage rental, we can get rid of all that clutter permanently. Don’t worry, we recycle and donate 60% of the items we pick up. You don’t lift a finger—we do all the work. We’re experts in what can be reused and recycled. Don’t make moving worse than it has to be.

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