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Old TV Disposal – Let the Pros Handle the E-Waste

Way back when, (actually just a couple of years ago) the first generation of plasma TVs hit the market and quickly became all the rage. They also came with a very hefty price tag. Even a small screen version would set you back around $10,000. Today, that same size television could be yours for less than a thousand dollars. How the times have changed!
The moment you unplug that old set to replace it with the high-grade, high-def set it has become e-waste. The “e” stands for electronic and the waste, well, you know what that means. There’s one thing about e-waste that not many people realize: it can be extremely hazardous. Yes, that little box that has brought you hours upon hours of entertainment can actually turn deadly if just tossed on a scrap heap. That’s why when it’s time for a new television, you should get rid of the old one the proper way with a company that specializes in TV and e-waste disposal.
Busting a television screen can release some noxious fumes. If those chemicals are inhaled or allowed to seep into the ground that’s going to be bad. This is why e-waste needs to be handled like the hazardous material that it is. You’re not in any danger from a television until it is busted open. Even without the bad chemicals, shards of glass and pieces of circuitry boards are extremely dangerous. This has become a serious problem for poorer countries that take the e-waste and dump in outside their cities. People then pick through the garbage looking for parts to sell themselves and they end up with some serious health concerns.
When you hire a licensed junk removal company they should be able to tell you exactly where your television is going to end up. You shouldn’t have to settle for “don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.” If you are getting rid of your television the right way, then it might also be time to go through the house and see what other e-waste could be disposed off. Old computers, monitors and even cell phones can all be put into the e-waste category. Basically if you had to plug it in to power it and now it’s broken then its e-waste.
Some people have tried putting old televisions on the street with a sign: “It’s free and it works.”  That might be okay for an hour. Any longer than that and you’ve got increased chances for sun damage, rain, dog marking or even a curious bystander knocking it over. Then nobody will want it and you’re right back where you started from. Do it right from the beginning by calling in the pros.

Junk King is on standby to handle all your old tv disposal and e-waste removal needs.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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