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Eco-friendly Mattress Disposal Made Easy with Junk King

Junk King Boston


One of those questions that we get all the time at Junk King Boston is, ‘What do I do with my old mattress? When it comes to disposing of your mattress, the best option by far is recycling it. The Mattress Recycling Council says that 80-90 percent or more of your mattress can be recycled. 


The sad part is that, given the fact that up to 90 percent of your mattress can be recycled, some estimate that 90 percent of mattresses actually wind up in landfills, where they will go on to pollute (more on that below). 


Many parts of your old mattress can be recycled, even if you’re ready to move on and have Junk King take it away for you. Mattresses usually contain steel coils and a cotton outer layer that can go into new products after getting processes at a recycling center. The wood frame can be recycled, as well. 


To get a feel for the scope of the problem, more than 20 million mattresses are ultimately thrown into landfills every year in the US. In fact, over 50,000 mattresses get dropped off at landfills every single day in the United States. Junk King Boston can help keep more mattresses out of landfills as North America’s ‘greenest’ junk removal company. 


Mattress Recycling: Reasons to Ponder 

mattresses disposal


Responsible mattress disposal is a big part of Junk King Boston’s business because Junk King is the ‘greenest’ junk removal company in North America. Keeping mattresses out of landfills is a big deal: It takes between 50 to 100 years for the average mattress to decompose naturally if left in a landfill. 


While those fifty years are ticking by, the mattress will likely be giving off volatile organic compounds as it gets exposed to the elements. (These volatile organic compounds are bad for humans, animals, and the environment.) Mattresses also end up requiring a lot of space in landfills: a single mattress can occupy about 25 cubic feet in a landfill. 


While the mattress is in the landfill, the chemicals that comprise the foam and inner fibers of an old mattress can leach into the local ground and potentially even the water supply. Mattresses in landfills have to be buried where they were put, unfortunately. 


full service junk removal


Eco-friendly Mattress Disposal 


Junk King can help facilitate the process of eco-friendly mattress disposal by hauling away your old mattress. There are recycling facilities out there can are happy to take your old mattress after it has been sorted at the Junk King warehouse. 


Your mattress will get sanitized once it gets to the recycling center. After that, your mattress will be sorted, baled, and recycled so that it can be used for more products, thus saving valuable resources. Old mattresses that get recycled can become new mattresses, upholstery, textiles, or even beds for your pets. 


The foam padding from your old mattress can be made into carpeting, too. Believe it or not, the foam padding from your old mattress can eventually be turned into the padding on new exercise equipment or the cushioning for seats. 


The part that is baled from your old mattress is the steel and metal inside. This can be put towards a variety of different products later: poles, lighting, benches, etc. The options are usually only limited here by what the manufacturer decides on after the metal is melted down. 


The bed frame itself, which Junk King Boston also takes, can be used for tomorrow’s landscaping in the form of, for instance, wood pellets. Wood can also be put towards an alternative fuel source known as biomass. 


mattress recycling


How Mattress Recycling Works 


After Junk King Boston stops by and picks up your mattress, though, what actually happens to your old mattress? Initially, your old mattress will be put with other mattresses in the Junk King warehouse; then your old mattress will head to a nearby recycling facility. 


Your mattress will then be inspected for things like bed bugs. (If your mattress has bed bugs, then the mattress will likely be responsibly disposed of in order to prevent the spread of infestation to recyclable mattresses in the same area.) If your mattress checks out, then it will head slipped inside the recycling facility, i.e., away from exposure to the elements. 


The first part of the actual disassembly process will likely be removing the fabric and fiber from inside the mattress. From there, old box springs and the interior steel wiring will typically be removed and baled using a special device. Once turned into steel bales, the old steel from your mattress can be sent to a metal recycling plant and melted down into fresh steel for new products. 


Avoid Waste with Junk King 


Throwing your mattress in a landfill contributes to the total amount of waste in the world, creates pollution in the atmosphere (mattresses contain volatile organic compounds), and prevents the materials within mattresses from being recycled. 


Your mattress likely contains a number of different components that can be responsibly disposed of or recycled. The foam padding from your mattress, for instance, can be put towards home insulation, carpeting, or bedding material once it is processed. 


The springs in your mattress can go towards metal recycling, as well. The wooden frame can be shredded down for a number of different applications, such as lawn mulch; wood frames can also be used as an innovative alternative fuel source if done the right way.


Junk King Boston is here to ensure that your mattress gets recycled in an eco-friendly and useful way. 


Mattress Disposal with Junk King 


More modern mattresses made predominately of foam can also be recycled, and Junk King Boston takes these mattresses, too! The foam inside can be taken out and used for new mattresses, insulation for homes, or carpeting. Book online for responsible mattress disposal with Junk King and save $20 on orders of more than $99. 


Aside from environmental stewardship, customers rave about Junk King Boston because of the friendly service and great rates. In fact, you will only pay for the space inside the ‘big red’ Junk King trucks that you actually use, which can really add up to savings with mattress disposal. 


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Dumpster Container Rental in Boston

It’s that time again, Bostonians — you’ve slowly been letting junk pile up on your property without realizing it, but today’s the day you finally noticed that it’s out of control. Maybe you took a real look inside that storage room and saw that there’s no place left to store anything, or perhaps you poked your head into the garage and discovered that you don’t even have room to park there anymore. Whatever the reasons for your clutter may be, you’ll be glad to know that there is a solution. Simply find a company that can offer you dumpster container rental in Boston.

Dumpster container rental BostonMany people don’t understand that self-service dumpster container rental in Boston is one of the simplest ways to deal with unwanted items. People tend to balk at the idea of filling up a container themselves — but all it takes is one honest look at the alternatives to realize that filling your own container makes your work easier than it would be with most other options. In the following article, we’ll show you why dumpster rental can be the ideal solution for many homeowners with junk on their hands, as well as cover some helpful tips for choosing a dumpster rental company so that you can make the most of this option if you choose it.

Why Choose Dumpster Container Rental in Boston?

The first thing people think when they hear about dumpster container rental is usually: “Why would I pay someone else for the privilege of throwing away my own junk?” However, dumpster rental isn’t for the items you would normally put in your curbside trash or recycling bins. Remember: The City of Boston only accepts certain items for standard garbage pickup. Homeowners, commercial contractors, and DIY enthusiasts may find that some of their items are unsuitable for disposal through such means.

Here’s a brief list of some things you can’t put in the regular Boston trash. The municipal government Code Enforcement Division may issue a green ticket to anyone who attempts to rid themselves of these items by putting them in the garbage for curbside pickup:

  • Building debris and leftover construction materials

  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers

  • Televisions (standard or flat-screen) and laptops

  • Paint and motor oil

  • Household hazardous waste

  • Flammable or explosive items (look for the corresponding WHMIS symbol on any canisters you need to dispose of before you attempt to put them in the garbage)

Of course, some of the items listed above cannot be placed in rental dumpsters either — generally when it’s a safety concern or an item that could damage the container itself. However, many dumpster rental companies will provide containers fit for building debris, construction materials, old furniture, and other items that are difficult or illegal to throw in the trash.

“Now wait just a moment,” you might be thinking. “I still don’t understand why I need to rent a dumpster for these items. Can’t I simply take them to the dump myself, or hire a crew to do it?” Technically, you’re correct: you could do these things if you wanted. The question is: why would you?
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Taking unwanted items to the landfill in your vehicle sounds like the easiest thing in the world, until you actually do it. First, you must load the items into your vehicle. If you have a truck, you can probably tie them up and secure them in the bed — but if you drive a car or a van, you’d better make sure you don’t accidentally damage the interior upholstery with any sharp edges or protrusions. When you’re done wrestling the material into your vehicle, you’ll have to drive it all the way to the nearest landfill — and hopefully, whatever you’re chauffeuring around town doesn’t smell too bad. Once you arrive at the dump, your worries aren’t over. Many dumps in the Boston area charge fees for dropping off waste, and you’ll be responsible for wrestling the items back out of your vehicle and into the pit as well. Essentially, you’re still paying to throw away your junk — you’re just doing more work and paying for gas, too. Does that still sound easy to you?

“Okay,” you’re thinking, “no landfill for me. I’ll call in a cleaning crew to deal with the mess.” If you’ve got the budget to pay a team of professionals, that’s an excellent idea. You’ll also need to make sure you can take time off work or away from your social life to stay at home on the day they’re supposed to arrive, so that you can let them onto your property and make sure they don’t miss anything — but as long as that isn’t an issue for you, hiring a cleanup crew should be no problem.

Dumpster rental offers an easy alternative to any of the strategies listed above if you do it correctly. Below, our staff has put together a list of tips you can use to make sure your dumpster rental goes off without a hitch.
the complete summer cleaning guide

Successful Dumpster Container Rental in Boston Starts with These Steps:

  1. Order the right size of container. Dumpsters can come in many sizes, but you probably don’t need anything larger than a 12-cubic-yard debris box unless you’re doing serious commercial or industrial work. Containers that are too large present difficulties for renters, as they are more cumbersome and can be less accessible during the rental period. A small debris box doesn’t take up much space, and practically anyone can easily fill it without the need for ladders or other tools.

  2. Place the container in a suitable location. Dumpsters cannot be placed on streets, sidewalks, or other public “right of way” areas unless you have a specific permit obtained from the city. When placing a dumpster on your own property, make sure to avoid areas with grass, gardens, and other sensitive spots that could be damaged by the weight of the container. The driveway is normally the best spot — just make sure your container is small enough that it doesn’t block the driveway during the rental period.

  3. Check with the dumpster company to make sure they can take the materials you have. Some dumpster rental companies are more flexible than others, and many differ regarding how they process the contents of your container once they’ve come to collect it. For best results, call the company you’re considering ahead of time and make sure the items you need to throw away are suitable for disposal in their containers. It’s also helpful to ask whether or not the rental company has a policy of sorting items for eco-friendly processing so that you can minimize their impact on the environment.

  4. Choose a company with an appropriate pricing model. Different rental companies may have vastly different approaches to setting rates for their rentals. Are you going to be paying for the type of container itself, the duration of the rental period, or the amount of space you use? Many people prefer the last option since it gives them a way to reduce the final price by packing their rental container efficiently.

    the do you really need it checklist

Following the steps listed above can ensure that your dumpster container rental in Boston serves your needs adequately and allows you to pack up unwanted items on your schedule. To receive more information on dumpster rental, call us and speak with someone in our organization who can tell you more about how to choose the most useful waste disposal option for you.


What Factors Influencing Your Dumpster Rental Cost In Boston?

Perhaps you’re doing home remodeling in the Back Bay or cleaning out an attic in Somerville. Whatever project calls for a dumpster rental in Boston, you probably want to know about the costs before you get started. Junk King makes it easy to get an affordable, simple solution. Our pricing is always transparent, and we even let you pay based on the space you use!

Check out our MINI dumpster pricing or call our Boston junk removal team to ask questions and get a better idea of your dumpster rental costs for your specific situation!

Only Junk King Lets You “Pay Per Use”Dumpster Rental

Junk King Boston lets you pay only for the space you actually use! Most dumpster rental companies in New England start their pricing with a big flat fee. If you have a smaller project, the Junk King MINI can save you money.

If you aren’t sure how much space your junk will take up inside a dumpster, don’t worry! The MINI is 12 cubic yards so it can work for everything from cleaning projects to minor home renovations — with costs scaled to your needs.

We have a low minimum charge and special pricing for partially filled containers:

  • Only a $168 minimum

  • 1/2 MINI filled for $248 – $288

  • Full MINI filled for $328 – 348

How Dumpster Rental Pricing Works

When you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Boston, be aware that different companies use different price models. Some may advertise a low rate that’s too good to be true — because they tack on a bunch of extra fees. Junk King keeps things transparent in our terms and conditions.

Junk King’s prices include delivery, pick-up, and standard disposal and recycling services.

  • Load size: The Junk King MINI holds up to 12 cubic yards of junk loaded by hand. We let you pay per use, so you’ll be charged based on how many cubic yards you fill.

  • Bedload: Dumping loose debris such as dirt, rocks, tiles, shingles, bricks, or chunks of broken concrete? Fill your MINI 1/3 full or 4 cubic yards, which is equivalent to a truck bedload.

  • Daily rates: Our standard pricing includes up to 3 days of rental, after which a small per diem of $30/day will be added.

Worried about creating a bigger load of debris than you imagined? If your dumpster rental gets stuffed over the top or weighted down with more than a ton (2,000 pounds), the cost will have to increase a bit.

Try to break down large debris to avoid overflow, and ask Junk King for info if you aren’t sure how much your debris will weigh.

Standard Fees That May Apply

The cost of dumpster rental stays basically the same regardless of what kind of waste you have, with a few exceptions.

Some special waste incurs mandatory fees at the recycling center or landfill, so any Boston dumpster service will have to pass on these costs. These include electronics such as televisions and computers and bulky items such as mattresses.

Any item fees will go straight toward the actual disposal costs. We don’t want there to be any surprises with your Boston dumpster rental experience, so talk to Junk King staff about your items if you have any questions.

Do I Need to Worry About Hidden Fees for Dumpster Rental?

With Junk King Boston, the bottom line is that your dumpster rental experience should be smooth and stress-free. We don’t advertise a low price and t

  • Collection fees — Those dumpster bags at the hardware store have a low initial price that does not include pick-up. If the price seems unbelievable, it probably is!

  • Fuel, travel, delivery, etc. — Some of our competitors surprise you with small and large fees for all kinds of things. Junk King includes all necessary services in our fair and transparent prices.

  • Item fees — Junk King can tell you beforehand whether any items will incur additional charges. We have processed millions of pounds of junk and debris over the years. Our #1 rated customer service team will help answer all your questions!

Need a Dumpster Rental in Boston? Contact Junk King for Advice!

We’re the flexible service you need for any kind of junk removal in the Boston area. Deciding between a dumpster rental or our full-service junk hauling? Tell our junk experts about the situation and we can help you find the most cost-efficient and easy solution.

Call us at (617) 318-6888 or go ahead and book online now!


Junk King Eco-Friendly & Multi Service Provider in Boston, Massachusetts

Junk King is a locally owned eco-friendly company in the Boston area. We accept all the jobs from one item to multi truck loads “on time and on value”. We are experts in the junk removal and cleanup business of homes, offices, apartments, construction sites, businesses, government properties and family estates. Our agreeable formally dressed crews redirect 100% of all recyclables from being dumped at the landfill, bringing about a much littler carbon footprint. Our company is all about making the customer feel that they are the most essential piece of our business.

When you call us and ask us to take my junk, we will book a two-hour window for our inspection. Our manager will call you before they arrive so you don’t need to stick around throughout the day. We will draw estimates of the job and if you agree, we’ll start to haul away your junk. All you have to do is sit back and relax till we do our job.

After stacking your rubbish, we do an exhaustive cleanup and verify we didn’t leave anything. We promise to secure your home, property and business. We at Junk King Eco-Friendly Boston, Massachusetts promise that all recyclables and re-usable things are isolated before dumping at the landfill.

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