Best Return on Your Home Improvement Investments

The primary goal of any home improvement project is to make your living space more comfortable. The secondary goal is to increase the value of your home. That certainly comes into play if and when you plan to resell your home or refinance your mortgage. Not every home improvement projects will guarantee a return on your investment but here are a few that just might:



A great kitchen is at the top of the list of any prospective home buyer. They are also the most popular remodeling projects that often return up to 100% of the of cost. In some cases, you might even find that a remodeled kitchen or bathroom can allow you to add double what you spent onto the value of your home. The caution is to make sure that remodel is something that would appeal to a majority of buyers.

In the kitchen, you should think traditional with all wood cabinets, natural wood or stone floors. Countertops should also be stone and not tile. You should also think about replacing your appliances with new energy efficient models. Those can provide a return on the investment directly through your power bills.
If the structure of your home allows it, then knocking down a wall to make an open floor plan from your kitchen into a family or dining room area can be a huge asset. I


In the bathrooms, walk-in showers have replaced tubs as the must-have item. Most people don’t have time to take a bath and would much rather devote that square footage to a comfortable shower that allows for great steam and water pressure. You might also want to replace the sink and toilet to match the design of your new shower.

Keep in mind that your home improvement project should be something that you will be comfortable living with while you’re still in the home. There are also many ways that you can save on the cost of your remodeling. For instance, you can do a lot of the demolition on your own. The only thing you would need help with is removing all that construction waste. One call to Junk King Albany gets it done. These professional junk haulers have a lot of experience removing all types of demolished counters, cabinets, appliances and drywall. The crew from Junk King Albany will make sure your home improvement project isn’t overwhelmed by trash.