Clear Out The Old Cubicles With Help From Junk King Albany

There is something happening in off the spaces all across the country. The cubicle walls are coming down. What that means is that open office space is being created and that is leading to increase productivity. Cubicles have a way of isolating workers even though they are just “next-door.” Without the cubicles, communication is easier and that means the office staff can support each other in a much more cohesive manner. Are you thinking about bringing down the old cubicles where you work? If so, then Junk King Albany can be a big help. Removing those all cubicle walls is a job they were tailor-made for.

Dismantling Included

when you decide to get rid of the cubicles in your office the first thing that has to happen is that those cubicles have to be dismantled. You might not have even been around when those cubicles were first put up. Would you even know how to dismantle them? When you hire Junk King you don’t have to tell. That’s because the team that will be assigned to your removal task will handle all the dismantling for you. They have had plenty of experience with this type of assignment. It won’t take them long to take apart those cubicle walls and get them safely loaded onto the back of their truck. This is the kind of work that is definitely a two-man operation and that is exactly the crew the Junk King will be sending over.

All the Rest of It

Clearing out cubicles from your office might also inspire you to get rid of all the rest of your unwanted office equipment and furniture. It can all go onto the Junk King truck in the same session. All you have to do is decide what you want taken away. That also includes anything that would be considered e-waste like computer monitors, printers and fax machines. Those of the types of objects that have to be dismantled by a certified recycler. Junk King can make sure that those items are dropped off at those specific facilities.

Get your old cubicles and the rest of your office equipment removed with one session from Junk King Albany. Put them to work today.