Give Your Backyard A Makeover With Help From Junk King

There are a lot of things that you can do to get your lawn and garden is ready for spring planting. The most important task would be to aerate the soil and add any nutrients. This is when all that great compost you have been growing can be put to use. But it is not just the gardens that need refreshing but also the entire backyard. After a brutal winter a lot of items could have been damaged by the weather. They could also be some things out there that no you are no longer going to be using. All of this means that you need to bring in Junk King Albany for some thorough backyard debris clearing. It’s the best way to start your outdoor spring makeover.

Taking Down Structures

Every rubbish removal session that set up by Junk King is staffed by two capable movers. This is the team that does a great job with lifting and loading all kinds of objects regardless of size or weight. But there is an added skill that the Junk King team brings to every job. That would be their ability to take down structures. No, they won’t be rolling up on a bulldozer but they can manage to take apart simple things like a backyard swing set or dilapidated shed. This will allow you to make much more room in your yard either for additional gardening or just for living space. Of course, if you are thinking about finally installing a backyard pool then you might want a lot of things cleared from your yard. That’s the perfect job for Junk King Albany.

Truck Load In

Before the crew gets to work, they will work out the final fee with you. This will depend on how they handle the truck loading of all your stuff. The junk King team can look over any pile of rubbish and debris and know exactly how much space it will fill in the back of the truck. That will let them provide you with a price on their flat fee range. If you were to shop around for estimates you’ll find that the Junk King prices are very fair and competitive.

Your backyard makeover should begin with a debris clearing session from Junk King Albany. Set up that appointment today and get ready for spring.

Get Your Home Ready To Sell Without The Junk

Put any home up for sale is more than just publishing a listing for real estate brokers. You will have to get the home appraised in order to determine a fair market value. It will also help to check out recent sales in your neighborhood for comparable prices. Once you set that price you will probably conduct a few open houses to give potential buyers the chance to tour the property. This means making sure that your home is ready for viewing. It is not unlike getting ready for a special party that you might be hosting. Of course, at an open house everyone who comes through the home will also be looking into all the closets, up in the attic, out in the garage, and down the basement. That means everything needs to be clear of clutter. One call to Junk King Albany can help with that task.

Getting rid of clutter before you put your home up for sale will not only make it more inviting to those potential buyers but you also be preparing for the day you move out. You certainly don’t want to bring any of that old clutter into your new home. When you hire Junk King to help get rid of the clutter, you’re really hiring a pair of movers who have a lot of experience with this type of work. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your clearing session won’t have any problems getting access to all those areas where you keep in junk storage. Yes, they’ll go down into the basement and up into the attic if that is where stuff needs to be removed from.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King will also have an opportunity to be repurposed. Junk King isn’t going to be doing that recycling but they can strive to get your items dropped off at charities or recycling centers that can handle the repurposed effort. This should make you feel good about getting rid of your old unwanted items. You might be done with them, but that doesn’t mean they can be put to use again.

When Junk King Albany has cleared out the clutter from your home it will be in great shape to be put on the market. Put that plan into action today.

Reliable Office Furniture Removal

Sooner or later, everything needs replacing. That is as much true for a pair of sneakers as it is for the family car. It also applies to office furniture. Chairs, desks, credenzas, shelves and tables all serve a purpose in an office space. But as staff needs change so can the furniture. The question then becomes what to do with old office furniture. It might not have a lot of value for resale.  Because of that, it simply becomes rubbish in the office. That would be rubbish that you are paying to keep stored. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of that rubbish and open up that storage space? The best approach for reliable office furniture removal is to hire Junk King Albany.

Two-Man Moving Crew

The most important element with any type of office furniture will is the movers. If you are just getting rid of a few old chairs, then one mover can probably handle the job. However, it might take them twice as long. Junk King always dispatches  a two-man moving crew for every one of their appointments. This is a team that has been licensed and insured. They also know how to efficiently move heavy objects without damaging property. That’s very important at the home and at a commercial space that are renting.

Junk King crews can also take apart various office furniture pieces like wall units or tables. The first goal is getting all of that stuff onto the freight elevator. The second goal is packing it tightly onto the Junk King truck. That is going to determine what your final fee will be.

Volume Not Weight

Junk King has a price scale that is based on volume and not weight. That volume comes down to how everything is going to fit on to the Junk King truck. The Junk King team knows how to pack up a truck tightly. The less room they utilize the less you will be paying. You can figure out a range of the price using the online pricing estimator. But that final fee won’t be determined until the crew is at a chance to look over everything in person. You’ll find that it’s a very fair and affordable price for the service.

Take care of your office furniture removal needs with one call to Junk King Albany today. Your office can be cleared by tomorrow!

Junk King Provides Rubbish Removal Solutions For Hoarders

There are really two kinds of hoarders: Those who don’t want to get rid of rubbish and  those who do but just don’t have the means to do it. The first type of hoarder is someone who not only needs cleanup help but also intense therapy. Many extreme hoarders can be helped by a therapist who can get to the core issues of why they feel the need to hold onto things that are obviously worthless. With the other type of hoarder, rubbish and clutter could have simply piled up over the years in a garage, basement or closets. To get rid of all that rubbish would mean moving help and a big truck. That is the exact type of solution that Junk King Albany can provide. One call can set a plan into motion that will have any level of hoarder mess cleaned up in a single session.

Time for Sorting

Before setting up your appointment with Junk King, you should take the time to go through all the storage areas in your home. Remember, you don’t have to move things around the make it easy for the team from Junk King to load it onto the truck. They’ll pick up things wherever they are and that includes upstairs on a second floor or down in the basement. This is the big benefit with Junk King: They’re going to do all the work. This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Book the Session

Once you have a general idea of what you’re getting rid of, you can talk to Junk King. They want to make sure that you’ll have all the crew and trucks you need. Because they’ve been at this kind of work for so long, they know what it takes to clear things out. They won’t have any problems sending over extra movers or trucks. They want to make sure everything is gone in a single session.

Before the crew begins work, you’ll want to work out the price. This will be determined by how the team will pack up the truck. It is all about the volume with Junk King. When you need a hoarder level cleanup, Junk King Albany will always be your best solution.

Get Spring Cleaning Started With Junk Hauling

Most people think that the first step for their spring cleaning task would be to check to make sure they have all the cleaning supplies ready to go. Although that is very important, there is one step that you could do before that which might help the process even more. That would be hiring Junk King Albany for a junk hauling session. By clearing away all the unwanted clutter and rubbish in your home you will make room for more storage and find it easier to do the deep cleaning for spring.

Junk King wants to make the rubbish removal process as smooth as possible. You may think that it is complicated because some of the things you want to get rid of are extremely heavy to move. Or they may be located in a part of your house that doesn’t have easy access like the attic or the basement. While that may be a challenge if you were doing the work by yourself, it won’t be an issue for the team from Junk King. This will be to capable movers who won’t have any problem lifting and loading all kinds of furniture or appliance. And that means lifting and loading from any room in your home.

Your only task is to decide what you want removed. Knowing that there’s no limitations could change your initial thoughts about getting rid of some items. You also shouldn’t hesitate with turning over something that might still be useful to another family. Junk King understands how important it is not to let anything go to waste that could be repurposed. That’s why they make dropping off items to a charity a priority. A lot of these organizations employee locals to refurbish or repair items. They then are either donated directly to the family you need or sold in a thrift store. All of this benefits the charity and it is something that they depend on throughout the entire year.

Are you ready to schedule Junk King? One phone call or a quick visit to the website can take care of it. Get your spring cleaning started right with the junk hauling session from Junk King Albany and watch how the home can be transformed.

Fast And Affordable Cleanup Help For Schenectady

There is a 2-acre site at Broadway and Clinton Street in downtown Schenectady that has been targeted for a cleanup. This is no ordinary “pick up the trash” kind of cleanup but instead a clean that will cost around $10 million. The former coal gasification site is currently being used as a parking lot. However, there is an issue with coal-tar contaminated soil that will have to be removed. It is estimated that it will be around 500 truckloads that have to be dug up and disposed of and then replaced. It is a major undertaking to be sure. When it comes to cleaning up your Schenectady home, you probably don’t need to 500 trucks or $10 million dollars. It might only take one truck from Junk King Albany and one fast and affordable junk removal session. This is the kind of cleanup help you can always count on.

The trucks used by Junk King has the hauling capacity that is equivalent to six pickup trucks full of stuff. Is that enough space to get rid of all your unwanted clutter? When you set up your cleaning session with Junk King, you’ll be assigned two strong movers. This will be the team that is going to do all the heavy lifting for your project. They’ll be able to swiftly cart away any old sofa, futon or recliner that you’re eager to get rid of. Even if those items are down in the basement or up on the second floor of your home, they won’t present a problem for the Junk King crew.

Before the work begins, you’ll want to lock down the fee. Here is where the affordability part of this process comes into play. Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on how all your items will fit onto the truck. The crew will be able to instantly size up everything and know if it will take up a third, a half or the whole truck. You’ll be presented with a fee that reflects that volume. Easy. And this is price that is not going to have any extra charges. One flat fee for all the work. Get cleanup help for your Schenectady home from the always reliable Junk King Albany. It’s the only way to go for junk removal.

Where To Find Rubbish Clearing Help For Saratoga

What is the biggest mess you’ve made around your Saratoga house? Sure, there are the occasional spills and kitchen cooking messes but those are easy to clean up. What about a DIY renovation? That can certainly generate a lot of rubbish. The same can be said for going to the clutter in your garage the closets. You can create boxes and bags and piles of unwanted  stuff that have to be tossed out. When you start dealing with a mess that can’t be wiped up by paper towel, then you need outside help. That is when the call in Junk King Albany. These are the junk hauling pros who can make any pile of rubbish vanish like a magician makes a rabbit disappear!

If you are planning a remodeling project, then you definitely have to think ahead to the cleanup. A contractor will tell you that it helps to start each day with a clean job site. That means that the workers usually spend the last half hour on the job cleaning up the mess they made throughout the day. But that cleanup usually consist of putting away their tools, sweeping the dust and piling up all the debris somewhere in your backyard. Sooner or later, that debris will have to be picked up and that’s something that the crew from Junk King can definitely handle.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until you create a big mess to hire Junk King. The crews are always standing by to help Saratoga homeowners remove all kinds of unwanted items. Don’t make the weight of something a factor in your decision of whether or not Junk King can haul it away. They can carry off just about anything from a three-piece sectional sofa to a hot tub. You also shouldn’t have to worry about whether the thing you want to get rid of it down the basement and attic. The Junk King crews will easily navigate those stairs even if that means taking the thing apart before it gets hauled out.

What rubbish items do you want to get rid of from your Saratoga home? Whatever it is, Junk King Albany can get it removed in no time at all.

Take Care Of Junk Removal In Schenectady Today

Good news for Schenectady residents: The Department of Environmental Conservation has given the SI Group a “certificate of completion” for the cleanup of its former plant that was located on Tenth Street. The company ceased operations at this facility back in 1997 and that is when the cleanup efforts started. Yes, it two over two decades to take care of this cleanup but the site can be used again for industrial purposes. Do you have an ongoing cleanup project that has taken a long time to complete? Maybe you’ve been holding onto something for years that you’d like to get rid of but you just don’t have the means. Now you do thanks to Junk Albany. They can take care of your Schenectady junk removal needs starting today.

Junk King likes to move fast. A call placed this morning to set up an appointment could result in a same-day pickup. Junk King asks each one of its customers to set aside two-hours for their session but it hardly ever takes two hours. That allows for driving time. It also creates space to provide those same day pickup appointments. This only means when you call into Junk King you should be ready to get your unwanted rubbish hauled away.

Even though there might be one or two bulky objects that you’ve been holding onto for a few years, you don’t have to limit your junk removal session to just that. There will be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for all the things you want to get rid of. One of those trucks can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of debris. So, what do you want to get rid of?

Remember that the crew from Junk King is going to do all the work. You won’t have to put your back at risk lugging something heavy out of your house. Leave it all for Junk King. Are you ready to get all the junk removed from your Schenectady home today? Then you’re ready to work with Junk King Albany. Make that call.

Where To Find Reliable Junk Hauling In Saratoga

Anyone who has lived in Saratoga for a while will have their “go to” lists. These would be all the recommended restaurants, shops, parks, museums and other places of interest. Longtime residents will also have a list of recommended service professionals such as plumbers, mechanics, handyman and electricians. Depending on the situation, there’s always a chance to add to the list. For instance, you might require the need of some quality junk hauling but aren’t sure who to call on in Saratoga? The answer is simple: Junk King Albany. As you do your research into this company, you are going to discover why they are the area’s leading professional junk hauler.


As a company, Junk King has been in operation since 2005. What started as a single junk hauling service on the West Coast has quickly spread to become a nationwide network of reliable junk haulers operating in every major metropolitan area in the country.  You can franchise a business like this without being able to build on a solid reputation of delivering on the promise of that business.

When you hire the right people, junk hauling does not have to be complicated. The crews working for Junk King had gone through rigorous training in order for them to be able to be licensed and insured. That sets them apart from many so-called professionals. It is also important to Junk King that there crews have a friendly attitude. They should treat every home with the same kind of respect they would want their home treated with. This is reflected in the quality of work they perform. Junk King will only move an object out of the house once they have determined the safest route that won’t damage anything else like walls or floors.

Yes, with Junk King on the job you’re not to have to do any of the lifting and loading. That can have a great influence on what you want to get rid of. There shouldn’t be any hesitation with regard to an object being too heavy or bulky. It can all go with help from Junk King. When you need to look for reliable junk hauling in Saratoga look no further than Junk King Albany. They get the job done right every time.

Fast Junk Removal For Schenectady

This is the time of the year when a lot of new things are coming in nearly every Schenectady home. Those new things could be electronics, appliances, toys, clothes or any other fun gadget that Santa decides to leave under the tree. For every new thing that comes into your home perhaps an old thing should go out. That would certainly apply to any appliance or electronic that has been replaced. Sometimes, getting rid of all the old things requires more than just the weekly trash pickup. That’s where Junk King Albany can make a big difference. These are the junk hauling experts that can help you clear out your Schenectady home of all your old unwanted stuff in no time at all.


After Christmas is a good time to take an assessment of how much storage space you have left in your home. Instead of shifting things around again maybe it’s time to get rid of some of that stuff that’s clogging up the closets and the basement. Junk King will send over a team of movers and a big truck that will be able to haul away just about anything you want to get rid of. In fact, the Junk King truck can hold the equivalent of six pickups. You don’t have to worry about lifting any of that stuff because the Junk King crews are going to handle that from start to finish. That might have a big impact on what you going to get rid of. It doesn’t just have to be some outdated electronics but also some big pieces of furniture that have finally worn out their welcome.

Not only will the Junk King crew be doing the heavy lifting for you but there also a team that is licensed and insured. They been trained to spot all those things that can be recycled or donated. That goes towards Junk King’s philosophy of environmentally friendly disposal. They don’t want to see anything going to landfill that doesn’t have to. This is how Junk King is been operating ever since they began collecting junk back in 2005. It’s a proud history of supporting the environment of local communities throughout the country.

The fastest and most efficient way to get rid of junk from your Schenectady home is to give the job to Junk King Albany today.