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Bethlehem Spotlight Features Junk King Capital District

The Bethlehem Spotlight recently featured Junk King in a post about green junk removal:

“Junk King is a certified waste consolidation center through the Department of Environmental Conservation. Special attention is placed on remaining environmentally safe. When called upon, a truck will arrive to pick up that old television, where it is properly wrapped and hauled away to their facilities before it is sent away to be recycled. ”

Check out the full article here.

Junk Removal Delmar NY

From an official census standpoint, Delmar is considered a hamlet. A hamlet is defined as “a community within a town that is not incorporated as a village but is identified by a name.” That classification really doesn’t matter to Delmar’s residents. They just know this is a great place to live and they’re not alone in that assessment. CNN/Money Magazine named Delmar one of the “Best Places to Live” in America. Mighty impressive for a hamlet with only around 10,000 residents.

A quick tour around Delmar will show how much pride the homeowners take in their properties. One way they’ve managed to keep their yards pristine is with the help of Junk King Capital District. This is the professional junk removal service that set up operation here in the Capital District within the last year. In that short amount of time, Junk King has helped folks from Albany, Clarksville, Altamont, Latham, Medusa, New Scotland and Delmar remove tons of junk. That is no exaggeration.

When you get right down to it, junk removal can be a dirty business especially when you’re dealing with stuff from your yard. However, the Junk King crews don’t mine getting a little grimy while on the job. This means you shouldn’t worry about sending them out to pick up things like yard waste, branches, dirt, and leaves. They can also scoop up your left over roofing shingles and any construction material. All you have to do is tell Junk King what you want gone and they’ll take it from there.

The Junk King crew can then make the move from your yard to your garage, basement, or attic. If you’ve got things like old furniture or appliances stored in those places then let the Junk King crew climb the stairs and do the heavy lifting. When everything is loaded up on the truck, the Junk King crew will take your trash out of Delmar and to one of the area recycling centers. So far, Junk King has managed to divert around 60% of all the garbage they collect away from area landfills. That is going to help New York reach a zero-waste goal.

You don’t have to worry about which of your junk items can be recycled. The Junk King Capital District crew will do all the sorting. This is what they are trained for. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk, give Junk King a call. Often you could have a pickup scheduled in the same day. There has never been an easier way to keep your home junk free.



Country Knolls Junk Removal

You’re going to find a lot of homeowner pride here in Country Knolls. As communities go, Country Knolls is not that sprawling or populated and the folks like that just fine. But just because we might be a tiny community doesn’t mean we don’t like showing off. That’s why you’ll find plenty of blossoming gardens in the spring and warm holiday decorations in the winter. Up until recently, the residents had to fend for themselves when it came to the upkeep of their homes but now there is help provided by Junk King.

This is professional junk hauling company that provides service to Albany, Rennsselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady and Greene Counties as well as Country Knolls. That’s a lot of ground to cover, but Junk King of the Capital District is up to the challenge. Because they are part of a national franchise, this local branch of Junk King has to follow high standards with regard to customer service. That’s why you’ll find the crew works for Junk King to be efficient and courteous. They even sweep up after every removal job. Try getting that kind of care with a fly-by-night junk removal service.

An important guideline for Junk King has to do with keeping Country Knolls “green.” This means that Junk King is tasked with diverting a majority of everything they collect away from landfills. The less garbage that goes into a landfill the better for the environment. Where will your junk end up? If Junk King is in charge, then it will most likely end up at one of the nearby recycling centers. Your junk could also be dropped off at a local charity that specializes in fixing up things like old furniture or appliances. All you need to know is that your junk will be properly disposed of. Ready to clear out the clutter?

When you call Junk King, you’ll give them a sense of what you’ll be throwing out. They’ll set up an appointment that works around your schedule. You might even be able to lock down a same day appointment. As for pricing, you’ll be charged a single fee based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. There won’t be any additional dumping fees or labor costs. All of this will be agreed on before any work is started. Add it all up and it is clear to see that Junk King Capital District really is the best way to get the junk out of your home!

Leaf Removal Albany NY

leaf removal albanyIf you’ve taken up painting as a hobby, you’ve no doubt considered landscapes. Every fall, this area explodes in amazing colors as the trees go through their ritual shedding of leaves. Before those leaves drop, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas that just need to be captured on film or on canvas. No matter what your medium, you’re not going to find a bad view. The goal is to hurry because as soon as one or two leafs fall off, the rest get the idea and follow. Then you’d be left with a lot of bare branches. Sure you can wait for some snow for new artistic inspiration but in between there is a lot of leaf cleanup. If you’re a home owner with trees on your property you know what a chore it is to pick up those leaves. The raking part is kind of easy. It’s the bagging that can be really backbreaking. Luckily, you’ve got help this year if you call Junk King to help with your leaf removal.

Yes, their name says “junk” but Junk King Capital Distric removes a whole lot more besides household goods and old furniture. After every big storm, the Junk King crews go into overdrive. That’s because many loyal customers know they can depend on Junk King to help them remove any debris that has fallen into their yards. In between those emergency calls, Junk King can pitch in to help you clear out the piles of leaves. They can also take away things like rotted wood, broken planters, patio bricks, lawn furniture and anything else that is creating a distraction from the rest of your beautiful home.

On that same trip, you can always tap into the Junk King Capital District crew to help with the interior removal. Now is your chance to finally clear out your garage. Maybe you’re looking for a little extra space to hide those Christmas presents? Junk King can help get you there by carting off anything you want from your closet. What you want to throw out is up to you; the job just got a whole lot easier with Junk King on your side.

Another benefit of hiring Junk King is there fast service. Usually, you can have an appointment scheduled for the next day. In many cases, there could be a Junk King crew showing up within a couple of hours. You don’t have to get anything ready besides knowing what you want tossed out. The Junk King crew is going to do all the work. Are you ready to say good-bye to your leaves and junk? Call Junk King to make that happen.


Haul Away Junk From Your Albany NY Home

Like it or not, here come the holidays! Just as the last piece of Halloween candy is gobbled up you can expect a full court press towards the end of the year Times Square ball drop. Will you be ready? If you’re expecting guests during this holiday season you’ll want to get out in front of cleaning up for their arrival. The first place to start is the entry way into your home. This is the “dumping ground” for boots, shoes, jackets, hats and backpacks. It’s also the first thing that your guests will see. What impression is all that clutter going to give them? There are many decorative shelves and hooks that can be adapted for this entry space. When you get those units up, assign everyone in the family their own space. That way you’ll know when the space is empty who is to blame!

Next, you’ll want to take a laundry basket through your home to pick up the loose clutter. This would be things like books, junk mail, magazines, toys and all the odds and ends of daily living. You can tuck that basket in a closet for the duration of your guests’ visit. You could even put it on the dining room table for the family to claim their stuff or watch it get tossed out. That basket approach to picking up clutter can certainly give the appearance that your house is neater but what about those big items that you’re not going to fit in that basket? Now, we’re getting into junk territory and that’s when you have to call in the pros from Junk King Capital District.

Before making that call to Junk King get clear about what you want tossed out. This doesn’t mean you have to pull anything to the porch or drag it down to the curb. Just know where the thing is living and tell Junk King when they show up. If it helps, make a room-by-room list that you can check of as each piece of junk goes flying out the door. You might know exactly what you want to toss out but there is no reason why you can’t get the rest of the family involved as well. Let everybody tag their own junk for removal. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get rid of when you know you’ve got a crew to do the work. You’ll also have a truck to fill up so anything goes.

As soon as you clear out the junk from your home, you can start decorating. Things will look a lot brighter without the clutter. Call Junk King Capital District today to set up your pre-holiday clear out.

Albany NY Attic Junk Removal

albany attic junk removalRecently, government workers at the state Capitol in Albany peeked into their own attic storage space an uncovered a treasure trove of historical items including a slave bill of sale, 1813 portrait of George Washington and many items that former New York Governors Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt would take with them to Washington. These objects were collecting dust sitting in boxes until they were unearthed and put on display. Now visitors to the Capitol can take in a finer appreciation of New York history.

There’s simply no telling what you might find up in your own attic. If you’ve moved into an old home with an attic there could be some amazing “surprises” left behind by the previous occupant. Of course, if you started with an empty attic then you probably know exactly what is up there. Perhaps there are some keepsakes and mementos that you want to put on display. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of junk. It’s understandable if junk ends up in your attic. After all, it is storage space and “out of sight, out of mind,” right? The problem is that you might need that space for more important storage items. You could even consider converting that attic into a viable space for an office or spare bedroom. To accomplish that goal, you’re going to need some help from Junk King Capital District.

These would be the junk removal pros that will be sending over a very capable team to assist with your attic junk. By “assist” we mean climbing up and down those stairs for however many trips it will take to clear out the attic. That might have been one of the things stopping you from clearing out the attic in the first place but it will no longer be an issue with Junk King on the job. Those same workers will be taking all of that junk and loaded it onto the back of their huge moving truck. That’s part of the complete Junk King package as well. This affords you the opportunity to get rid of any size item from headboards to sofas to pianos.

Although you might want to initially hire Junk King Capital District to remove all your unwanted items from the attic, they don’t have to stop there. They can also go to any other area of your home where you’re keeping something you want thrown away. This also applies to your yard as the Junk King crew can load up any kind of outdoor debris. Don’t ignore what’s up in the attic. Let Junk King help clear it out for good!

Junk Removal Troy NY – There’s No Cleanup Job Too Big

The local news has been full of stories about a local Labor Day party that went horrible wrong and the aftermath it created. Former NFL pro Brian Holloway discovered his home was being used by a flash mob of teens for a destructive party. He found that out when his son sent a picture he found on Twitter of the out of control teens. By the time Holloway returned to his New York home from Florida, he found the place completely trash. He then tracked down the partiers by using their Twitter and Facebook postings. Holloway was earnest in his efforts to help these kids. Sadly, some parents didn’t take too kindly to the public shaming and have threatened to sue. Ironically, all that “shaming” evidence was provided by the kids themselves who had no problem posting pictures of themselves destroying the home.

There was some good that came of all of this. Some local high school students volunteered to pitch in and help clean up the home.

“We just wanted to show him that not all teenagers in the world do these kind of things,” volunteer Gina Martina told a local paper. She also gave Holloway a card with a written apology along with a plate of brownies.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to face such an extreme cleanup project like Holloway but if you do, know that Junk King will be on your side ready to help. Junk King are the Capital District based junk removal professionals who have been called on to clean up a lot of Troy NY area homes. They’ve certainly faced the kind of disasters that Holloway faced when it came to the cleanup. Junk King crews have been called in to remove all the rubbish from foreclosed homes and from basements after storm damage. When you hire Junk King you literally won’t have to get your hands dirty. They’ll be doing all the work.

This would be a perfect chance to toss out all kinds of bulky items like old furniture, appliances, mattresses and e-waste. Anything that is taking up space in your home can make its way onto the back of the Junk King Capital District truck. That also includes any item from your front or back yard that you want removed. Doing this kind of major junk removal is a good way to get ready for the winter.

One phone call to Junk King Capital District can put the plan into action. You might even be able to have your junk picked up on the same day as your first call! Won’t it be nice to live in home without clutter? Call Junk King today and see how fast that can happen!

Back to School Junk Removal In Albany

As kids head back to school in Albany, Governor Cuomo took the occasion to vow that failing schools will no long be tolerated.

“What I’m saying on education is, failing schools are not acceptable. Period. It has to end, and it has to end now,” he said in a meeting with The Buffalo News Editorial Board. “Our society’s willingness to perpetuate this situation is no longer acceptable. We need dramatic action, and it’s going to come to a head.”

On the list of possible solutions are to have successful charter schools take over the failing schools. If an entire district is getting poor grades that it might be time for the mayor or town to step in. There will be a lot more school reform details put forth in his upcoming state of the union speech. Although there have been plenty of education reform bills put forth in the state legislature, they haven’t moved far. Hopefully, this year will be different.

Sending your kids off to school is a good time to “reform” your home. At the very least you should take the opportunity of an empty house during the day to do some cleaning. What kind of junk has piled up over the summer? Maybe there are some broken toys or a swing set that has been abandoned. Perhaps there is a above ground pool that has seen better days. Could be that y our garage and basement simply became a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter. Instead of hanging onto that stuff into the fall, why not call Junk King Capital District and schedule a removal appointment?

Junk King are the Albany based junk hauling experts that are part of a national franchise. This means they have high standards to live up to when it comes to this type of service. You can see how those standards play out in all the positive reviews that Junk King Capital District receives. There is plenty of talk about friendly workers, dependable service and great prices. Those are the kind of reviews that have made Junk King the number one junk hauler in Albany.

Most professional organizers will tell you that if you’re not using something at least every six months you can get rid of it. That makes sense for clothes and shoes. It’s also good advice for all that old furniture you’ve got in the basement or out in the garage. You might even have boxes of stuff still taped up from your last move. Do you really need whatever is in those boxes? Instead, reclaim all that space for more practical purposes. Get rid of enough junk and you might even have an entire empty room to refurnish! Let Junk King Capital District show you the way!

Albany NY Stove Removal

NY stove removalDown on Long Island, the Woodhull House is scheduled for a $200,000 renovation. This is a big deal to the community because the Woodhull House is the oldest standing house in this area. In fact, it was built by one of the founders of Brookhaven. Every town has its own shared history. There might even be some history in your own home that would be of value to your family and community. When it comes to things like photo albums, keepsakes and mementoes you definitely want to find a way to preserve those items to pass down through the generations. However, when it comes to other items like old kitchen appliances there is no reason to hold onto them. Even if they do have a “history” if something isn’t working it should be replaced. Case in point: your old stove.

Surely you’ve have a lot of memories attached to your old stove. All those great meals. All those not so great meals. The holiday dinners. The late night snacks. Yes, if that stove could talk it would have plenty to say! Unfortunately, it might no longer be performing like it once did. Maybe the temperature is off. Maybe food isn’t cooking all the way through. Maybe it takes too long to heat up. Whatever the reason, now might be the best time to buy a new stove. This is the time of year when stores are eager to clear out their showrooms to make way for holiday merchandise. Just like with cars, even though you’re buying a stove made this year it is still considered last year’s model. Nothing wrong with that plus you’ll be getting an exceptional deal.

Before you move in your new stove, you’ve got to make way by removing the old one. You should consider making two phone calls. One call to Junk King Capital District and the other to your local gas company. You need to call the gas company because they have to hook up the line on the new stove. You might think it looks easy but actually it’s better to have it done by a certified mechanic.

As for that call to Junk King, that will be so you can get the old stove removal fast and efficiently. Junk King are the pros when it comes to removing all kinds of oversized items like kitchen appliances, furniture, construction waste or anything else that won’t fit into your garbage can. Time it right and you can have your old stove taken out by Junk King in the morning and your new stove arrived in the afternoon and the gas company showing up before dinner. Be sure to take full advantage of Junk King Capital District to help you remove all the rest of your junk on that same trip!

Got Junk Items in Albany?

Albany Junk Items DisposalIs there anything you have in your front yard that could be considered junk? If so, you might be getting a visit from a representative of the Albany Code Enforcement Department. These are the folks charged with the task of protecting property values. Whether you’re a business or homeowner, the Code Enforcement Department wants to make sure you’re going to get the most from your property if you put it up for sale or refinance. That might mean cleaning up the area surrounding your property as in your neighbor’s home. Translation, if you’ve got junk you better get rid of it or face a fine.

There isn’t a lot that the Code Enforcement Department can do about the inside of your home unless they are called in. But they can certainly drive by and see if you’ve got junk piled up by your garage or in your driveway. Things like old car parts, rusted patio furniture, broke porches and anything else abandoned on your lawn is not only an eyesore but brings down the property value of your home and the homes on your block. That’s why you’ll be encouraged to get the junk removed as quickly as possible. In the past, that type of chore proved to be impossible for many without the manpower. Thanks to Junk King Capital District that’s no longer a problem. You’ll get the manpower and the truck space to haul off whatever you need to throw out.

One call to Junk King can have a two-man crew dispatched to your home or business for the cleanup effort. When the crew arrives, you only have to tell them what you’re getting rid of and they’ll handle the rest. That means if you’ve got some rotted trunks up in the attic or mattresses down in the basement the Junk King crew will climb the stairs to get that stuff out of your home. They can also load up their truck with all that junk in your yard. It doesn’t matter if the object has been sitting there for years; the Junk King crew will pull it up and get it gone for good!

Another big benefit of hiring Junk King Capital District to get rid of your stuff is that they know the proper way to dispose of that rubbish. This means turning it over to a nearby recycling center to be repurposed. If a piece looks like it might have some life left in it then the crew will attempt to drop it off to one of the local charities that refurbish objects to donate to the needy. Those are two proactive ways that Junk King helps keep Albany clean. Clearly, when you’ve got junk then Junk King is the only call to make.