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Start Your New Year And A Clean Home

How good are you keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Many resolutions are long-term goals. “Getting into better shape,” means changing the way you eat and exercise. That can happen for just one day. The same can be said for breaking bad habits. It might be a struggle at first but hopefully you’ll be able to kick that bad habit over time. There is one resolution you can make that actually can be accomplished in a single day and that would be getting rid of all your junk. To make that a reality you just need to hire Junk King Albany.


Junk King Albany’s resolution is always to make their customers happy. That begins with easy scheduling. Junk King Albany knows how valuable your time is especially if you want to schedule appointment on your day off. All they ask is that you pick the day that works best for you and a two-hour window within that day. It probably won’t take the full two hours to load up all the things you want to get rid of. That just gives the crews enough time to get from one job to the next. They’ll also give you a call when they’re 10 to 15 minutes away from your house. You won’t be wasting time with Junk King Albany.

You also won’t be wasting all the things you’re throwing out. Often folks are hesitant to get rid of things like clothing, shoes, books, furniture and other household goods because they’re not exactly “trash.” Just because you’re done with something doesn’t mean it can’t be put back into circulation and that is just what Junk King Albany strives to make happen. They’ve set up working relationships with many charitable organizations around the area. They know exactly what these groups are looking for in the crews have been trained to pull out those pieces. Not only should you feel good about reclaiming the space in your home but also feel good that your stuff won’t go to waste.

One call to Junk King Albany helps you keep your clean home resolution for 2017. It’s a great way to start the New Year.

Albany Cellar Decluttering

How much of a struggle is it to get to your washer and dryer? If you’re like most folks, those machines are down in the basement. It’s the best place for them that is close to pipes and out of the way. However, that doesn’t automatically mean you have a clear path to those machines. It can be a real hassle to carry a large load of laundry through a “minefield” of clutter. Even if you’re stubbed your toe once on something, that is one time too many! Instead of living with that clutter for one more day, why not hire Junk King to work a little cellar decluttering magic. You’ll be amazed at how fast your cellar can be cleaned out.

Once you put something down in the cellar, it’s a good bet it’s going to stay there for while. It doesn’t matter if it is a box of old clothes, some unused sporting equipment or even a worn out sofa, it’s down there for a reason and is because you don’t want to deal with it. Of course, it always seems like it is easier to take something down into the basement as opposed to bring it up again. That especially applies with heavy objects. With Junk King on the job, you won’t have to worry about any of that lifting. That’s because Junk King will provide all the manpower to bring anything up from that cellar. That is going to make a huge difference when it comes to deciding what you can get rid of. Don’t feel guilty about making the crew from Junk King climb those stairs. That’s what you’re hiring them for!

When the Junk King team is down with your cellar decluttering, they can set their sights on the rest of your home. In no time at all, you’ll be able to see the bottom of your closet and park your car back in your garage. Just point to what you want taken away and it will be gone.

In terms of cost, you’ll find that Junk King offers the best junk removal deal in Albany. You’ll be charged a flat rate based on how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. It’s a fair deal that can’t be beat. Your cellar decluttering and home junk removal can happen in a flash with a call to Junk King.

Get Rid of Albany Junk – Clear the Clutter for Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. That means a mad scramble to set up the perfect date for that someone special in your life. On some level, Valentine’s Day has become a bit of a cliche. You get roses, chocolates, a card and maybe go out to a nice dinner. Wouldn’t it be great to surprise your sweetheart with all of those things throughout the year instead of on the one day when they expect that? Maybe this Valentine’s Day you can present a present that is a bit outside of the box. Sure, get some roses but also set up an appointment with Junk King to help clear the clutter around the home. They’ll really appreciate this gift.


Every home has a certain amount of clutter. In some cases, that clutter has taken over. You’ll usually find this in places like closets, garages and basements. It’s easy to keep the clutter out of the living room when guests come over. However, it can really build up in those places where you don’t spend a lot of time. It would be a shame if you were prevented from parking your car in your garage during a snowstorm because of clutter. One call to Junk King can get it all removed.

With Junk King on the job, your sweetheart won’t have to lift a finger. Yes, some decisions need to be made as to what specifically can be tossed out but that doesn’t mean moving anything. Leave all the unwanted items right where they are for the Junk King crew to pick them up. Each junk removal session comes with two very capable movers who know the proper form when it comes to lifting. They are also bonded, licensed and insured. That makes them a safe and responsible crew to invite into your home.

As for payment, you might be pleased to know your Junk King appointment is going to cost you less than a full night on the town! You’ll only be charged a flat rate base on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. It’s a fair price that covers all the costs of junk removal. Get ready to score big points with your sweetheart when you hire Junk King to clear the clutter.

Make Your 2015 Resolution for Albany Junk Removal

This is the favorite time of year for gym owners. That’s because they know the number on New Year’s resolution is to “Get into better shape.” That translates into lots of new gym memberships. Sadly, most of those memberships will fade away in the coming months as people fall back into bad habits. Yes, getting into shape is the number one resolution and it’s also the hardest resolution to keep. There is one resolution that you’ll have no problem making and keeping. That would be clearing out the clutter in your home. Sounds like too much work? It won’t be when you hire Junk King to lend a hand.


You probably have a long list of things you’re ready to get rid of. These are the kind of objects you have to fight through every time you go into your closet looking for something. They are also the kinds of things that could be keeping your from parking your car in your garage. Maybe it’s all the stuff that stands between you and your washer down in the basement. Whatever is on your junk removal list, the team from Junk King will be able to get rid of it even if that means making a dozen trips up and down those stairs!

Junk King will also be providing you with a truck that all your stuff will be loaded into. That should leave no doubt about getting rid of as much as you want in a single junk removal appointment.

If another resolution for 2015 is to reduce your carbon footprint, then Junk King has you covered. Since they began their business back in 2005, Junk King has been dedicated to eco-friendly junk removal policies. This means that the bulk of what they collect is kept out of local landfills. Nothing would make Junk King happier than if they could avoid those dumps all together. Instead, they’ll strive to have your junk dropped off a charity or certified recycling center. This is especially important with your e-waste since it has now become against the law to throw that out with the trash.

What will this exceptional junk removal service cost? Surprisingly, not a lot! Junk King will charge a flat fee based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. It’s a competitive price based on volume not weight. Start your New Year right with junk removal from Junk King.

Albany TV Disposal – Want to Replace Your TV This Holiday Season?

By now, you’re Christmas stockings are probably “hung with care.” The question then becomes who is going to hang your new flatscreen television. If you’re like millions of other Americans, you might have treated your family to a new flatscreen HD television. Aside from how amazing the picture and sound quality is going to be on this TV, you’ll also benefit from how little space it takes up. If you’ve got a clear piece of wall across from your sofa, then you can hang your flatscreen up like a painting. With a little extra effort, you can also have all the wires “disappear.” By disappear, we mean snaked through the inside of your walls. To get this job done right, you might want to consider hiring two professionals: One for the installation and one for the old TV disposal. For the installation, you’ll have many options but for the disposal, you should only be calling Junk King.

Junk King is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers who have been clearing out the clutter from homes and businesses since 2005. One of the first things that Junk King noticed about the junk they were collecting is that there were a lot of old TVs being tossed out. A television is not something you can simply put on the curb. Most garbage pickup companies won’t touch it. That’s because it is considered e-waste and has to be properly disposed of. Junk King understands this and that’s why they set up a partnership with a certified e-waste recycling facility here in Albany. They’ll make sure your old television will get to where it needs to go!

Along with your old TV disposal, you can also put that Junk King crew to work removing all the rest of your household clutter. By the time the holidays are over, you’re sure to find a lot of stuff you can get rid of. Since Junk King will provide a two-man crew and big truck with any type of junk removal appointment, there is no end to what you can get rid of. As with your old TV, Junk King will also do what they can to make sure the rest of your junk is recycled or donated. When it comes to responsible TV disposal and junk hauling, clearly Junk King is the best company to hire.

Albany Shed Removal and Breakdown

When it comes to backyard makeovers, the best approach to take is with flowers. Any and all kinds will do. If you’ve got a patch of dirt, all it takes is a little tilling and some seeds to get you going. There are actual cans of seed mixtures that can have you springing up a wonderful array of flowers with little effort. In other words, go wild. Perhaps your backyard is dominated by a concrete patio. In that case, planters can be brought in to contain all the flowers you need to grow. You’ll find that places like Home Depot have pre-made planters. All you have to do is place the plants in a good spot and keep up the watering. Before you bring in the plants, you might want to look over your backyard at any potential eyesore that needs clearing. For a job like that, the only call you need to make is to Junk King Albany.


Just because they have “junk” in their name doesn’t mean that Junk King can’t help you around the backyard. Consider that old shed you’ve got tucked in the corner. At one time, it served its purpose for keeping your lawnmower and garden tools secure. But after several brutal winters and blistering summers, that shed has seen better days. This is when Junk King comes into play. They can handle your shed removal and breakdown without a hassle. Every Junk King crew is fully stocked with all the equipment that need for a teardown. Whether it takes a hammer, screwdriver or a good crowbar, the Junk King crew will make sure the shed removal happens without anybody getting hurt. All you have to do is stand back and watch it all come down!

Once your shed is broken apart, the Junk King crew will load all the pieces onto the back of their truck. This is a dirty job to be sure but that’s nothing you have to concern yourself with. The Junk King crews love to get messy!

As long as they are handling your shed removal, you can also get the Junk King crew to take care of removing the rest of your unwanted junk. Around the backyard that can include swing sets, sand boxes, kiddie pools, patio furniture, auto parts and piles of lumber scraps. The sooner you can get those big pieces removed from your yard, the sooner you can get those flowers growing. Start your backyard makeover with a hassle free shed removal appointment from Junk King. You’re going to like how it looks when the junk is gone!

Celebrate Earth Day In Albany With Green Junk Removal

How will you be celebrating this year’s Earth Day? Many folks dedicate that day to thinking about the earth by cleaning up beaches, engaging in recycling projects or simply taking in the great outdoors. The hope is that a little attention on Earth Day will last all year long. It’s kind of like being nice at Christmas. Beyond the weekly recycling, there are a few other actions you could take to help reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, if you want to warm up or defrost food you should be using the microwave. That process takes up half as much energy as using the stove. Switching from taking a bath to taking a shower can save fifty gallons of water. If you recycle at least one soda can, you’re saving enough energy to keep your TV running for three hours. Yes, when it comes to helping the planet, it is the little things that matter.

You can also celebrate Earth Day by engaging in a little green junk removal with help from Junk King Albany. These are the professional junk removal experts who make every day Earth Day. From their inception, Junk King has been dedicated to reducing carbon footprints of all of their customers. Best of all, those customers don’t even have to ask for that service. It’s all included in the standard junk removal package. The result has been a companywide diversion rate of 60%. “Diversion” means keeping junk out of landfills and that’s a goal we should all be striving for.

The way Junk King achieves this rate is by training their crews to sort junk. They know what pieces can be dropped off at a recycling center or which items can be donated to a charity. When Junk King handles recycling, they cover specialized items like wood, scrap metal, concrete, foam and e-waste. All of those materials would be recycled at different centers then your soda cans and cardboard. This might mean a few extra drop off appointments but you’re not going to be charged anything extra!

As for the charity donations, the Junk King crew can spot a piece of furniture or appliance that might have a little life left in it. Those would make for perfect donations to a charity that specializes in refurbishing. In no time, you old couch or stove could be helping a family in need. When it comes to going green for Earth Day or any day, a Junk King junk removal appointment is the only call to make.

Spring Junk Removal In Albany

To celebrate Earth Day, volunteers are being sought to participate in the annual spring-cleaning of the Canalway Trail. This year marks the 190th consecutive navigation season for these canals. Although they’ve seen a lot of shipping traffic, they’ve also seen their fair share of illegal dumping. That’s why it is so vital for these types of cleanup projects to be kept up. The Canal Clean Sweep is just the kind of activity that should inspire you to tackle your own spring cleaning project. The good news is that you don’t have to do your spring-cleaning alone. You can hire Junk King to handle the junk removal phase of your cleanup plan. That is going to make things go a whole lot smoother.


Spring-cleaning is really about taking a good look at your home. Yes, you wander around in there every day but that doesn’t mean you’re paying 100% attention. For instance, you might not always notice the cobwebs in the ceiling corner unless you start poking around up there with a broom. You might not realize all the snacks that were spilled between the sofa cushions until you pick them up to vacuum. You also might have forgotten about all the junk you’ve collected over the years. Once you stuff something up in the attic or in a corner of the basement, it is easy to forget about it. But you’re wasting valuable space by hanging onto that unwanted stuff. That’s why you need Junk King for a total junk removal appointment.

That appointment provides you with a hard working crew and truck capable of hauling away just about anything you want to get rid of. The only limitation with Junk King would be getting rid of hazardous materials. Everything else is fair game. The Junk King crew will happily travel up and down any set of stairs where you might be keeping your junk. What a relief it will be to let someone else do all the heavy lifting!

After everything is loaded onto the Junk King truck, you’ll pay a single fee and the crew will be off to their next stop. That fee is going to be an estimate of how much space your junk will fill up on the truck. It’s an estimated charge that is not going to change. Shop around and you’ll discover that when it comes to professional junk removal, Junk King is your most dependable and affordable option.


Albany Water Damage Cleanup

Can you remember the last Albany winter without snow? That weather condition is part of living experience in the state capitol. At first, the falling snow is kind of idyllic. It’s all picture perfect. Then comes the harsh reality of having to dig out from under piles of the white stuff. At that point, you’re just hoping for the sun to crank up the heat to melt everything away. While that might seem like a quick fix, that melting snow could reveal some serious leakage problems around your home. The more snow (like this winter), the greater the chance of water damage. If that happens, then you need to spring into action before the mold can take hold. That’s when a call to Junk King will be your best course of action.


When it comes to water damage cleanup, you might not have much of a choice in terms of salvaging rugs, carpets, drapes and furniture. There might be some pieces that you can dry out but you have to be clear that they are completely dry before you put them back in place. Even then, it would help if you wipe down the pieces with bleach. For the other soaked items, getting them out of the house is the only option. If you hire Junk King, then pulling those items out won’t be a problem. That is because the Junk King crew will be happen to go down into your basement for the removal. You just show them what you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest. If you are eager to get those things out of your home, you can always pull everything out to the driveway or curb for Junk King to pick up.

Along with that hardworking crew, you’re also going to have the benefit of the large Junk King moving truck at your disposal. This will allow you to get rid of all your water-damaged items in a single trip. Beyond taking care of your water damage cleanup, Junk King is standing by the rest of the year to help with all of your junk removal needs. You can call on them to help de-clutter your garage, attic and closets. When you’re ready to get back out into your yard for some landscaping, Junk King can be the perfect partner helping you to remove dirt, branches and sod.

Best advice: keep the number to Junk King Albany on your speed dial. You’ll be very happy at how fast they can get the junk removal job done.


Meet The Franchise

Junk King Franchise Owner, Todd Porter.

Junk King Franchise Owner, Todd Porter.

Todd Porter, co-owner of Junk King Capital District, New York with his spouse, spent many years working in a cubicle in a Park Avenue law office. For his second career Todd opted to open a junk hauling and recycling business. His love of nature and the environment fits right into his business. The Porters and their children, the “Prince and Princess” of junk as he calls them, avidly hike and camp. So Junk King’s policy of recycling and donating 60% of the items they haul fits the Porters’ green sensibilities. But their commitment to the betterment of the community doesn’t stop at protecting their surroundings. Junk King Capital District often performs “pro bono” cleanups for people in need. Junk King was founded in California in 2005 by two childhood friends. The company prides itself on its fast, green service. Junk King employees do all the work. There is no need to drag the junk out to the curb. The company gives free estimates and you can book online at or call 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK).