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Albany Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

Many local businesses are catching the computer recycling wave by setting up a drop-off day for things like computers, monitors and other types of e-waste. Recently, WNYT and Taft Furniture held such an event. Although “recently” probably isn’t a good word to use. The event was last year. The good news is that they managed to collect over 250 tons of e-waste destined for recycling facilities. The bad news if you missed that event, you’re stuck waiting for the next one (if there will be one). While it’s very noble for these organizations to sponsor these drop-off days they don’t always work with your schedule. This is where hiring a company like Junk King Capital District can make all the difference.

When you call Junk King to set up a removal appointment, they’ll be working to accommodate your schedule; not the other way around. If you would prefer a weekend, early morning or late afternoon pickup then that’s when Junk King will make the appointment. The other benefit is that Junk King Capital District comes to your door. You won’t have to load up all your e-waste in the back of your SUV and drive across Albany looking for the drop-off location. In fact, the Junk King crew assigned to your removal project will be carrying out your e-waste from where ever you’ve got it stored. That means they’ll climb down the basement or up to the attic to get to your stuff.

All of this matters because computers, monitors, copiers and televisions are not something you should be throwing out in the garbage. They should all be recycled and there a plenty of certified recycling centers around the area who can the job. Why not let Junk King transport your e-waste there?

It might seem like a lot of fuss for a two-man Junk King crew and their big hauling truck to show up at your home just to take away a computer monitor. For the record, they would have no problem doing that but they can also help you finally get rid of all your oversized junk items. Yes, we all have junk. The issue is what to do with all that junk. When you hire Junk King that junk of yours can become a fleeting memory in now time. Just as the Junk King crew will carry off your computers and TVs they can do the same with old sofas, kitchen appliances, bedroom sets, lawnmowers and tires. If you’ve decided something is junk then let Junk King take it away!

E Waste Recycling in Albany New York

Did you take part in the great e-waste collection event? According to the mission statement, the purpose for this event was “To create an awareness for safe and proper recycling practices by providing a complimentary electronic recycling service to our local community, that safely disposes of household e-waste in an eco-friendly way.” As mission statements go that’s a pretty decent one. Unfortunately, this was a single day event that was held back in April. There were five locations around the area where folks could drop off their stuff but it was only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and if you were busy that day you were out of luck.

Just to review, here is what is considered to be e-waste: computer towers, laptops, servers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, cords, cell phones, pagers, PDAs, Palm Pilots, cameras, camera chargers, flat panel television, plasma television, glass monitors, desktop copiers, VCRs, DVD players, turn tables, stereos, clock radios, routers and telephones. That’s a pretty long list. The question becomes how much of that junk are you holding onto because you have no way of getting rid of it? Well, now you have a way and that would be with Junk King.

Ever since they started collecting junk in the Albany area Junk King Capital District has quickly risen to the ranks of becoming the city’s leading junk removal experts. Because so much of our useless stuff can be considered e-waste, Junk King makes it their business to properly dispose of those items and ensure they don’t end up in a landfill. That’s because of all the kinds of trash we throw out e-waste needs the most special attention. All the components in a computer or TV or even a cell phone need to be separated and sorted.

Technically, you can call up Junk King and have them cart off your old computer and monitor in a single trip. However, it’s to your advantage to make that “trip” count. You can do that by tapping Junk King Capital District for the removal off all your unwanted items. Go through your closets, attics, basements and garages. You’re sure to discover plenty of things you can toss out. Maybe it’s finally time to reclaim all that space and turn it into a more productive area. The garage can become a wonderful arts and crafts work station. The basement can be transformed into a family home theatre. The attic could be a guest room. First, you have to get rid of all the junk. That’s where Junk King comes into play. Start with the old computer and finish with a totally junk free home!