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How To Senior Proof Your Home

There may come a time where the roles are going to be reversed in your life and you will be taking care of your parents. If they are still living at home, then you want to make sure that is a safe environment. Just as you would with a new baby, you’ll have to focus on making their home safe from any potential accidents. Here are some good suggestions on how to see your home:


Create A Clear Walking Path

You want to make sure your senior love has plenty of room to walk around the house freely. That’s why you want to create clear pathways between common areas like better, living room, bathroom and kitchen. It is also important to keep things off of stairs.

Secure the Carpets

All the rugs and carpets should be properly secured with double-sided tape. This will prevent anyone from tripping into that.

Avoid Wet Floors

Any wet floor can become a hazard. You want to make sure there are bath mats in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. If the floors are wood and being clean, then use only nonskid wax.

Make Sure Everything Is Well Lit

Good lighting goes a long way to help preventing falls. Just because you can see things clearly doesn’t mean everyone. You want to make sure there is enough lighting in stairways, hallways and in each room. Use the lightbulbs with the highest wattage whenever possible. You can also add nightlights in the bathroom and hallways. It’s a good idea to keep a flashlight by everyone’s bed as well.

Add Handrails

Handrails are vital to prevent falls. Obviously, stairs leading up to the second floor will have a rail but what about your outdoor porches? Handrails can also be strategically placed in the bathroom to help with getting in and out of the tub and toilet.

Get Rid Of Clutter

We all occasionally stumble but the older we get more dangerous those stumbles can become. You want to remove any small furniture items from common pathways. Other things like pet bowls, electrical and phone cords or even throw rugs could also be a concern. It might also be some clutter that can be removed to make things safer. Not just piles of newspapers and magazines but also any unused furniture, appliances or other household items. Those can easily be removed by the crew from Junk King Albany. These professional junk haulers can quickly clear an entire house full of clutter in no time at all. Count on Junk King Albany to help get your home senior proof and safe by clearing out the junk.

Get Organized Without All The Junk

There are professional organizers who would gladly come into your home and tell you exactly what you should do to put everything in its proper place. The first thing they will always say is to get rid of all your junk. Essentially, you’re paying someone to tell you what you already know. It’s probably a better move to cut out the “middleman” and go directly to Junk King Albany. These are the junk removal pros that can certainly help you get organized by creating a junk free atmosphere.


You’re the only one who can determine exactly what is junk worthy in your home. Getting rid of the stuff that is broken but too big to toss in the trash is easy. This could be something like an old recliner that will recline or a desktop computer that has long since been replaced. Then there’s a whole category of junk that would be the things that you are no longer using. Anything you haven’t touched in over a year is probably something you not going to use again. That holds true for clothing, kitchen gadgets and sporting equipment. There is no reason why you need to hold onto all that stuff when you need the storage space.

Junk King Albany will make this junk removal process as stress-free as possible. That starts with providing you many options for scheduling. They consider the best time for your junk removal session is one that is the most convenient for your schedule. You pick the day and two-hour window and Junk King will strive to make it happen in that timeframe. You could even score a same-day pickup. If your junk is ready to go, then Junk King Albany, then will be ready to pick it up.

Once Junk King Albany has removed all your unwanted clutter then you could focus on organizing. You have a better sense of where everything can go. It will help to use things like plastic bins and a label maker to store whatever you’re keeping. The goal is to stay organized but Junk King Albany will always be standing by for any of your junk removal needs. Your path to organizing your home starts with a junk removal session from Junk King Albany.

Get Rid Of The Old Snowblower And Other Rubbish

If you’re like most homeowners, then you probably have a lot of tools in your garage. These are things you’ve collected over the years that were usually bought any time something broke down. Tools also make a great gift around Christmas time. It’s easy to imagine amassing a large collection of tools that have never even used! Then there all those tools that have broken down over the years that you’re still holding onto. It might be that you hope to get them repaired some day. Or it could be that they’re too big to throw out in the trash. If you want to get serious about getting rid of your old tools like a snowblower, power saw or drill, then you need to bring in the team from Junk King Albany. This is the crew that can have your garage clear of old tools in no time at all.


You’ll probably rediscover these unwanted tools as you go in search for the holiday decorations. These are be all the things that are cluttering up your path to get to those items you really need. Instead of fighting through all that clutter should turn it over to Junk King Albany. You’ll be assigned a two-man cleanup crew that will facilitate all the removal of anything you want gone from your garage. That can be a bunch of little things or huge items like an old treadmill or workbench. The great thing about hiring Junk King Albany is that they’re going to do all the work. You won’t have to lift a single thing and your back will certainly appreciate that!

Once the crew from Junk King Albany has work through the garage, they can proceed throughout the rest of your house removing unwanted items from your closet, basement, attic, guest room and any other area. You can leave those things scattered throughout the home because the Junk King crew will be picking them up right from the spot. Think about how much of a difference it will be to have all that junk finally taken out of your home. This is a great way to kick off the holidays! You’ll be amazed at how fast Junk King Albany can clear out your home of all its clutter.

Don’t Scare Your Neighbors With Junk In The Yard. Clear It Away Today

As you go through your neighborhood, you’ll start to see all kinds of ghoulish pumpkins, giant spiders, hanging ghosts and fake tombstones popping up on front lawns. Everyone is getting into the holiday decorating spirit. Putting out decorations on your front lawn for Halloween is a good way to show trick-or-treaters that they are welcome there. It’s also fun to get some “scares” going on. The worst thing would be if someone mistook your home for a haunted house when you didn’t even put up any decorations. If your front lawn is looking a bit shabby, then it’s time to bring in Junk King Albany.


Junk King Albany is all about giving your home a makeover. That can start with putting the two-man crew assigned to your task to work around the yard. Although they specialize in removing bulky objects like furniture and kitchen appliances, the Junk King Albany crew can also do some amazing things when it comes to clearing up the yard. They can take away any fallen tree branches, dead shrubs, old tires, broken planters, rotting fence or any other yard debris. Once all of that rubbish is cleared away, you’ll have a better chance to see what you’re working with in terms of improving your curb appeal. It’s not too late to bring in some perennials to spruce up your front lawn.

When they’re finished clearing out all the junk in your yard the Junk King Albany crew can set their sights to clearing out the junk around the rest of your house. Your garage, basement and attic don’t have to be haunted with junk. Anything and everything can be removed very quickly by that Junk King Albany crew.

The cost for all of this hard work won’t scare you. Junk King Albany charges a flat rate based upon how much space your junk is going to fill the back of the truck. One fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. Shop around your sure to see that Junk King Albany offers the best deal in town for this type of service. When Junk King Albany takes away your unwanted rubbish it’s definitely a treat and not a trick!