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Reliable Office Furniture Removal

Sooner or later, everything needs replacing. That is as much true for a pair of sneakers as it is for the family car. It also applies to office furniture. Chairs, desks, credenzas, shelves and tables all serve a purpose in an office space. But as staff needs change so can the furniture. The question then becomes what to do with old office furniture. It might not have a lot of value for resale.  Because of that, it simply becomes rubbish in the office. That would be rubbish that you are paying to keep stored. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of that rubbish and open up that storage space? The best approach for reliable office furniture removal is to hire Junk King Albany.

Two-Man Moving Crew

The most important element with any type of office furniture will is the movers. If you are just getting rid of a few old chairs, then one mover can probably handle the job. However, it might take them twice as long. Junk King always dispatches  a two-man moving crew for every one of their appointments. This is a team that has been licensed and insured. They also know how to efficiently move heavy objects without damaging property. That’s very important at the home and at a commercial space that are renting.

Junk King crews can also take apart various office furniture pieces like wall units or tables. The first goal is getting all of that stuff onto the freight elevator. The second goal is packing it tightly onto the Junk King truck. That is going to determine what your final fee will be.

Volume Not Weight

Junk King has a price scale that is based on volume and not weight. That volume comes down to how everything is going to fit on to the Junk King truck. The Junk King team knows how to pack up a truck tightly. The less room they utilize the less you will be paying. You can figure out a range of the price using the online pricing estimator. But that final fee won’t be determined until the crew is at a chance to look over everything in person. You’ll find that it’s a very fair and affordable price for the service.

Take care of your office furniture removal needs with one call to Junk King Albany today. Your office can be cleared by tomorrow!