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Charlotte Garage Junk Clean Out

Recently the Charlotte Fire Department responded to an early-morning fire that began in a garage and spread quickly to the rest of the home. This occurred on Lockley Drive in Eastover. Fortunately, the couple who lived in the house was alerted to the fire by smoke alarms. It was suspected that lightning might have been the cause of starting his fire as rolling thunderstorms crept through the neighborhood just before the fire started up. In order for lightning to start a fire there needs to be some “kindling” to strike. While there is no mention in this particular case that this garage was overflowing with junk, it stands to reason that it certainly wasn’t sparse. This is a primary reason for clearing out junk in your own garage or home: removing a potential fire hazard.

The average garage often becomes a veritable dumping ground for all the things we don’t want in our houses. A lot of these items are things we want in storage like old golf clubs, a kayak, a ping-pong table, Christmas decorations or tools. The garage is also the place for any kind of hazardous material like solvents, cleaning products, paint thinner or motor oil. So imagine, if you will, all of those things gather together in a tiny “box.” It’s a wonder more fires don’t start that way!

There are better ways to use your garage; not the least of which is to park your car there. Many folks appreciate the fact that a home has a garage and this becomes a great selling feature for real estate brokers. Ironically, that garage is quickly filled up with junk that the car never stands a chance of being parked in there. For all practical purposes, a garage is simply another room in your home. You could adapt your garage into a viable workspace or guest room. Like the rest of your home it is still structurally sound; it just has a really big door! That door can actually be removed and replaced with a wall with very little effort. The concrete floor can be covered in tile or wood laminate. Add in some insulation and you’ve created a very cozy space. With very little effort you this new room could become a home office or a spare room for visiting family members. But the first thing you need to do is get rid of all that junk!

That task is actually easily accomplished when you call upon the services of a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte. If you are not discriminating with sorting through your junk you could literally throw open the doors of your garage and have these professional junk haulers back the truck up. Then the simple command of “get rid of it all!” Before you know it your garage is cleared out. If you need to sort through your junk then just drag the items you want taken away out to the driveway and let the pros handle the rest! You’ll be reducing the risk of fire and reclaiming of valuable space in your home.

Charlotte Hoarding: How To Get Rid of Junk

For the most part “saving” can be a good thing. That certainly applies to saving money for a rainy day. Saving is also important when it comes to family pictures or keepsakes. You can also save recipes, favorite books and even DVDs that you watch over and over again for your enjoyment. We all have something we like to save. Yet there are some among us that take saving to an entirely different level. This is when a compulsion kicks in and compels a person to begin hoarding objects. In extreme cases of hoarding you can’t really blame a person for being lazy or criminally negligent. Instead, you need to look at deeper psychological issues that have triggered these patterns of hoarding and have created hazardous living environment.
Before the popular reality series based on the lives of hoarders came along, there were many noteworthy cases of hoarders who would crop up in the news. One of the most famous was the 1947 discovery of the Collyer brothers. These were two very well to do New York City residents who lived in a mansion and died there among literally hundreds tons of junk. Just last year a woman was smothered when a massive pile of clothes she had been ordering fell on her and she had no escape.
There are also many instances of hoarders homes going up in flames because of all the hazardous material stored within the walls to create a veritable tinderbox. Hopefully your “saving” tendencies haven’t gone to those extremes. If you do feel you’re right on the edge of becoming a full-blown hoarder then you might want to take control by getting rid of all the junk that’s cluttering up your home.
Fortunately you don’t have to do this alone because the professional team from the Junk King is standing by in Charlotte to help you cart away all your junk.
Junk King Charlotte employs licensed junk haulers who specialize in removing any amount of junk you want to get rid of. No pile is too big for the Junk King crew. The reason we hang onto our junk is because we don’t have the ability to simply throw it away. With the hoarder they don’t have the desire to throw their junk away which goes back to that emotional problem. You could be holding onto old furniture or kitchen appliances because your car isn’t big enough to load them into. Those bulky things then get shoved out onto the back porch or down the basement but that doesn’t make you a hoarder. Now is your chance to get rid of all of that by calling up Junk King at 1-888-888-JUNK.
You can also depend on Junk King Charlotte to show up when they say they will and treat your home with respect. Their reputation depends on you being among the many already satisfied customers. If you’re ready, Junk King is able to take all your junk away!