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Tag Archives: Charlotte Yard Waste Removal

Tree Branch Disposal in Charlotte

Here’s some good news for those Charlotte residents who consider themselves to be a bit of a “green thumb”: the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show is heading to Charlotte. This is an exciting expo which will have over 400 exhibits covering topics such as home improvement, green living and garden showcases. This annual event provides all kinds of wonderful inspiration for Charlotte homeowners as they get ready to welcome spring. You can’t help but pick up a lot of helpful gardening tips by spending the day at this expo. To get you ready here are a few tips you could share with some of your fellow gardeners:

Recycle your old leather gloves into gardening gloves. They’re snug flexibility makes handling tools a lot more comfortable than the average stiff gardening gloves. You can also put an old beach town to use as a comforting mat for your knees. It all comes down to a matter of not wasting anything.

As you set out for the garden show make sure you bring your digital camera. You’re sure to find many new and vibrant varieties of plants, shrubs and even tree saplings that could inspire you to take a fresh approach to your own landscaping. What’s great about this show is that it is a specifically geared towards Charlotte gardening. New residents in the city might be surprised at the abundance of clay in the soil. This is just the way it is in Charlotte and you have to make certain adjustments towards how to make your garden grow.

Approaching your gardening could first begin with a general clearing of all the refuse left over from the winter. Depending upon where you live you might have been subjected to some harsh winter weather conditions which left the trees in your back yard in a sorry state. In some severe cases tree limbs have broken off and come crashing to the ground in many Charlotte neighborhoods. When that is happened it’s time to bust out the chainsaw. However, that’s not always practical or safe. It might make stronger sense to hire professionals to remove those fallen limbs and other yard debris. We are not talking about landscapers but junk haulers.

If you are serious about gardening then you’ve already embraced the concept of getting dirty. But that doesn’t mean that you want to attract dirt into your home or car. If you decide to haul off those fallen tree branches or dead shrubs then that’s just what you’re going to be doing. That’s why a pro junk removal team like Junk King Charlotte is the best call (1-888-888-JUNK). They certainly don’t mind getting dirty. They also have the right amount of muscle power to lift those heavy branches without the need for chopping them up. While the junk haulers are loading up those tree branches you might also consider having them take away anything else in your backyard that has seen better days. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that old patio furniture or birdfeeder. Whatever you need to toss out why not get rid of it all in one trip. That way you can start your spring garden with a clean canvas.

Charlotte Yard and Storm Waste Removal

If you think that hurricane season is getting rougher each year you’re not alone. Not only are more powerful storms starting earlier in the season, but that are bringing with that a more devastating path of destruction. Thanks to early warning systems, we can be prepared when a tropical storm turns into a hurricane. Since Hurricane Katrina, folks are smart enough not to take any chances when the evacuation order comes in. Even if that order never comes, there are also important steps that people can take to prepare themselves. The bottom line is prepare for the worst.
Most federal agencies recommend that you stock up with enough supplies so that you can go at least three days without power if you had to. This means plenty of fresh water and canned goods for food. Imagine not having a stove or fridge to keep things heated or cold. If you want to try a little experiment see how long you can go in a weekend without using any power. You might get away with that during the day but what happens when the sun goes down? Will you be ready for the next big storm in Charlotte?
If there is one thing you can count on with an approaching storm is that folks will race out to the nearest Charlotte grocery store and clear the shelves of water, batteries and other non perishable items. Don’t get caught up in that mess. You should always have some emergency rations on hand just in case. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.
Getting prepared for a storm is one thing but how prepared are you for after a storm. Specially, how prepared are you for the clean-up? In a neighborhood with a lot of fallen trees, the most popular person becomes the one with the chain saw. You could go a step further by having the number of a professional team of junk haulers on stand-by. This number should go right alongside all your other home maintenance type of workers such as handymen, plumbers and electricians.
Professional junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte will have the manpower and the trucking equipment to clear out the debris left from any type of storm. There is just no telling what could be blown into your backyard. Anything from shrubbery to roof tiles to boats could suddenly end up as part of your property. That’s not something you want sticking around. With a qualified team of junk haulers on alert, you’ll be able to speed dial them up (1-888-888-JUNK) and make arrangements for a pickup.
Can you utilize Junk King Charlotte’s services other than for storm debris removal? Most definitely! The best way to do that is to get them to take away some of your regular yard waste or junk. That would be all the stuff you brought in, not a storm! That can clean up a back yard in just a few hours and have it looking brand new… until the next storm!
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