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Post Thanksgiving Holiday Junk Removal in Charlotte

What’s a sure sign that the holidays are upon us? For many families, the official kick-off for the season is a visit to the Singing Christmas Tree. This is the 58th year that the tree has been entertaining folks from all over the area. This year, the Grey Seal Puppets and Carolina Voices’ Main Stage Choir will be the featured performers. A terrific treat for the whole family.

Once you’ve seen the Singing Christmas tree it will be time to make room for your own Christmas tree. Everybody has their own traditions when it comes to decorating. There are some who prefer a single color scheme while others go in for the rainbow of twinkle lights. Either way you’re going to have to make room for that tree. Will you be moving furniture around? Do you even have room to move furniture around? If you have found yourself crowded out in your own home by all your stuff, it might be time for a clearing. And the best partner for this project would be Junk King Charlotte.

Junk King is Charlotte’s junk removal specialists. Although they’re be doing most of the work, you’ve got to get the process started by going through your home and figuring out what you finally want to get rid of. This doesn’t mean you’ve got to move any of those items. In fact, you can leave them right where they are; the Junk King crew will pick them up from there. All you have to do is point and say, “Take it out!” This would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that old furniture that has become an eyesore. Maybe you’ve been looking for a new sofa/loveseat combination. Well, if your old one suddenly “disappears” clearly you’ll have to buy that new one!

You can also go through your closets, garage, attic, basement or spare room to find even more clutter. Keep in mind that Junk King will be pulling up to your house in a big empty truck. That truck is all yours to fill up with whatever you want to get rid of. And don’t stop with the inside of your house. The Junk King crew will also make a tour of your yards to pick up anything like broken up pieces of a patio, lawn furniture, grills, hot tubs or even an above ground swimming pool. All of that junk can become a fleeting memory with Junk King Charlotte on the job.

As soon as you’re completely clutter free you can bust out the holiday decorations and go to town! When you’re creating that cozy atmosphere it’s always best to do it in a clean home! Call Junk King today to get started!

Charlotte Grill Disposal

It’s really creepy how an illegal dumpsite can grow. One dumped mattress is followed by a couple of tires. Before you know it people think this is the place to throw any of their garbage. These are the most dangerous types of dump sites because there is no control or anyone checking to make sure hazardous materials stay out of the area.

A prime example is the illegal dump site in Northwest Mecklenburg County. Years ago a Meineke Car Care center opened up off Mount Holly Road. Beyond the center is a dead end cul-de-sac. That’s where the dumping started. At first you couldn’t notice it because of the big rigs parked in front but now the garbage has overflowed so much that it’s become visible by anyone passing by. Luckily, some local residents alerted a TV news station. They brought out the cameras and did a report which got the attention of the city. City officials in turn scheduled municipal crews to come out to the site for a cleanup. The really sad thing is now these crews are facing potentially hazardous material and are being taken away from their other duties just to clean up this mess left behind by such inconsiderate folks.

The need to get rid of garbage is understandable; especially bulky items that can’t be tossed out in the weekly garbage. However, that is no excuse to load up your car and go to an illegal dump site. The safer and smarter approach would be to hire Junk King Charlotte. These are the junk removal specialists who have been helping responsible homeowners and business owners with all their junk removal needs. A perfect example would be when you’re ready to toss out your old grill. You can’t throw that out. Call Junk King.

Grills are like cars: we hold onto them for years and use them until they start falling apart. And just like buying a new car it’s hard to resist a showroom full of shiny new grills. If you haven’t bought a grill in awhile you’re in for a real treat. You’ll discover even the most basic of models have improvements in their design which allows for quicker starts to the fire and even cooking all around. That brings us back to the issue of your old grill and Junk King. They’ll be able to load that grill up on their truck and make sure it is properly disposed of. This will either mean dropping it off at a recycling center or a certified landfill. They can do the same for any other garbage you want gotten rid of at this time. The Junk King Charlotte crew will always show up with an empty truck. Why not fill it up with all your junk?

Charlotte Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

One of the newest trends in gym is the so-called “anytime”  gym. Much like 7-11, these gyms are open around the clock. It might seem odd to get in a workout at 3:00 a.m. but surprisingly enough there are plenty of folks who are working odd shifts and their three in the morning is like high noon for the rest of us. The 24 hour gym concept developed out of a need to provide flexibility for members.

On many levels, that’s why you made the investment in your own treadmill or other gym equipment. You wanted the option of working out whenever you wanted to. If you could squeeze in some time before work or late at night so be it. All you had to do is head to the garage or basement or spare room and off you go. But then something happened along the road of you losing that extra weight, didn’t it? Admit it; you got bored. Now that treadmill has become the perfect spot to hang your shirts but the idea of climbing up for another monotonous run is too much to consider. Maybe it’s time to head back to the gym.

Becoming a gym member is all about variety. You won’t be stuck running on that treadmill when you can take a spin on a stationary bike or power walk on an elliptical glider. Then there are all the classes to pick from. A decent gym should have a full schedule of aerobic work outs. These come in many forms from spin classes to dancing and free weight workouts. That’s what you should be looking for as you consider a new gym membership: variety.

The other benefit with joining the gym is that you’ll be surrounded by professional trainers. This doesn’t mean you have to sign up for a training package but most gyms offer a free initial training orientation. This will allow you to get professional guidance for a work-out routine. Making sure you do the exercises correctly is half the battle. The rest is all up to you!

Finally, becoming a gym member is also the perfect excuse to get out of the house. Even with the best intentions of a home gym can’t guarantee you’ll be left alone to focus on your workout. How many distractions do you have in your home? Kids? Pets? Significant others? Let the gym be your true workout oasis.

Once you make that commitment to join the gym, you’ll certainly want to get rid of that old gym equipment. You can accomplish this task by hiring Junk King Charlotte. Don’t fret over the idea that it will take a team to move that treadmill because that’s just what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King: a team of professional junk haulers. As soon as that old equipment is removed you can reclaim that space and dive full force into your new workout.

Charlotte Junk Removal Prices

There’s something pretty darn amazing coming out of Charlotte and it just might make your home a whole lot smarter. Lowe’s has its headquarters right here in town and its where all their great ideas spring from. One of those ideas is their Iris system and that’s getting ready for a big rollout to 500 stores. What’s Iris? It could just be the thing to transfer your home into a home of the future. When the Iris system is installed it’s going to help homeowners cut back on their electric bills, beef up their security and keep an eye on everything from freezer doors left open to helping seniors in need and it’s all though the power of your mobile phone.

Iris is a kind of remote control system that can monitor things like thermostats, door locks and power consumption. With carefully placed cameras and motion sensors you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home anywhere you go right through your smart phone. Is your home ready to be smarter? Maybe before plugging in a system like Iris you’ll need to give your place a top to bottom review for the removal of clutter. After all, do you really want to be monitoring junk? You don’t have to especially when you hire a team from Junk King Charlotte to help with the removal.

Junk King is a local company who is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. When it comes to helping you clean up your home, Junk King are the real experts. Not only will they be providing you with a dedicated team of hard workers but they’ll also give you a pricing policy that is the fairest in town. You won’t be paying high hourly rates or transportation fees. Instead, Junk King charges you for the amount of space your stuff will be taking up in their truck. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

When you make your first call to Junk King you’ll be setting up an appointment for the professional team to visit your home. That’s when you’ll show  all the stuff you want removed. He’ll size up the situation and provide you an exact estimate. If it turns out that your junk takes up a bit more space on the truck, you’ll still be paying your estimate. There won’t be any extra service charges or hidden fees. The only surprise you’ll have is with how easy this whole process becomes.

On the pickup day, the Junk King crew will arrive at the scheduled time to get the job done. Even though they’re not on an hourly rate, they’re not going to rush through. They will take their time especially when it comes to removing those heavy objects from inside your home. Once the truck is loaded up, you can wave good-bye to your junk. With that junk gone your home will be ready for a “Jetsons make-over!”

Cool Off By Clearing the Clutter in Your Charlotte Home

In the extreme heat of a summer in Charlotte everyone is being warned to stay cool. The usual proactive tips apply such as drinking plenty of water, staying indoors in the cool air and not over exerting yourself outside. It’s easy for us to make these adjustments but what about our four-legged friends? Think of it this way; as hot as you might be you’re still not covered in fur. That’s why we need to take special precautions for our dogs to make sure they can beat the heat too.

A Dog’s Best Friend is a local Charlotte grooming business where Amber Moore offers some sage advice. “As a groomer I have seen paw pads worn down. They start to tear.  The asphalt or pavement can be 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the actual temperature.  Remember if you wouldn’t walk barefoot on the sidewalk, don’t make your dog.”

You might think that shaving off that fur is a good way to keep your pooch happy. Actually could have the opposite effect by causing sunburn. Yes, keep your dog well groomed but he doesn’t need a buzz cut.

If you’re staying indoors because of the heat outside then that’s where your dog should be. Although you’ll have a hard time talking them out of going for walks it might be better to wait until after the sun goes down before heading out. In the meantime, stay cool in your own home by having fresh air circulating. Whether that cool  air comes from a fan or air conditioner it’s important that your home or apartment has free flow. What could be getting in the way of that proper air circulation is all the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. Before it gets any hotter you might want to call Junk King Charlotte to help you get rid of that clutter.

Junk King is a local based business that specializes in professional junk removal. “Professional” is the key word here. When you hire Junk King you’ll be inviting a crew into your home that is licensed, bonded and fully insured. Those are only kind of workers you should be happy to hire!

With Junk King you’ll be able to finally get rid of anything that eyesore in your. Even if you have piles of old furniture or boxes of useless junk stacked in your garage there still an eyesore. Inside your home your closets could be stuffed floor to ceiling with junk that could just as easily be tossed out if you had the right help.

When Junk King Charlotte shows up for a job they’ll be bringing with them an empty truck that’s yours to fill up. Take advantage of that truck and clean out your house you’ll be amazed at just how cooler things will become.

Recycling News in Charlotte

For this year’s Earth Day celebrations the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has reason to be very proud of themselves. Last year the campus broke their own record by recycling over 2,000,000 pounds of garbage. If you know a college aged student then you can appreciate how much garbage they can generate! UNC also was able to divert 39% of the campus trash away from landfills. This year the UNC Charlotte’s Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling Projects say that they are on target to break their own record once again and plan to hold a huge party on Earth Day.

At this year’s Earth Day celebration many campus organizations will be involved in the festivities. Among them will be the work of UNC Charlotte’s Sustainability Office, Charlotte Green Initiative, Venture, Earth Club, Geography Club and Recreational Services. The engineering students are also getting into the spirit of recycling with their unveiling of two original interactive recycling bins. One of the bins which is meant for indoor use will start a football themed game whenever someone drops a can into the bin. The second been is powered by a small solar panel and launches a game inspired by the Price is Right. Both of these bins will be up and active starting this summer.

As if these accomplishments weren’t enough the Carolina Recycling Association also named UNC Charlotte’s recycling department as “the best among many colleges and universities in the Carolinas.”

The efforts of the students and faculty at UNC have a positive ripple effect throughout the entire community. Many local businesses are also getting into the recycling spirit by making sure their customers have the opportunity to properly dispose of any garbage that is generated at their stores. Keep in mind that the recycling effort isn’t restricted to the UNC campus and surrounding business community. You can get in on the act too, especially if you decide to hire Junk King Charlotte.

Junk King is a company made up of professional junk haulers who specialize in removing your clutter and making sure it is properly disposed of. Just like the campus programs, Junk King strives to divert the vast majority of what they collect away from landfills. While it might seem like a hassle for you to give up hours of your free time driving to recycling centers around Charlotte the Junk King crews make these drop-offs part of their daily routine.

When Junk King becomes involved in your recycling it’s usually to handle those bigger items that can’t fit in the weekly garbage pickup. Yes your sofa, old television, broken refrigerator and mattress can all be recycled. If you want to follow the lead set forth from the UNC students then keep up with your weekly recycling and make sure Junk King becomes your partner for junk removal.

Charlotte Attic Junk Removal

There is a unique program coming to Charlotte as part of Holocaust Remembrance gatherings. There are 18 violins that had been repaired by a special shop in Tel Aviv. These violins are no ordinary musical instruments but instead were once owned by Jewish musicians who played them in the death camps and ghettos of World War II. For the last several years Amnon Weinstein has been on a quest to find these special instruments and has scoured the attics and basements around the world. Now these fully restored violins will be part of a musical celebration honoring their previous owners. All of this points out that there may be some very special treasures in your own attic that should be brought down from the dust and cobwebs.

If you are lucky then you’re living in a Charlotte house that has been part of your family for generations. When that is the case there is no telling what kind of treasures might be up in that attic. The typical attic becomes a family’s go to storage zone. This is where all the unwanted furniture, clothing, heirlooms and other stuff get stored. Usually there are a couple of suitcases or trunks that might be holding precious keepsakes. There might be some photos of long forgotten family members that could be put into new antique frames for display. Because Charlotte played a vital role in Civil War history there is also a pretty good chance there might be some memorabilia from this era that could fetch a decent price at auction.

Obviously, you’ve got to go on your own attic scavenger hunt to find these items and that’s a perfect way spend a Saturday afternoon! While there might be a few pieces that are worthy of display it could also be that there is just a lot of junk up in that attic that needs to be tossed out. If you make that kind of discovery then you should have a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte standing by to take away all of that garbage. The great thing about having professional junk haulers work with you is that they’ll make the climb up and down the attic steps. All you have to do is supervise.

Once your attic is clear of treasures and junk you might discover that it’s a perfectly viable space that can have many purposes. It might not take a lot of work to convert an attic into a spare bedroom or home office. It could even become your kids’ playroom. You’ll be amazed at what a little dry wall and fresh paint can do!

Keep in mind, that as long as you’re cleaning out your attic and having Junk King Charlotte take away all that garbage you also put them to work in other areas of your home. This could be the perfect excuse to finally clear out the clutter from your closets, basements and garages. Who knows? You might find treasure there as well!

Charlotte Spring Junk Removal

The wacky weather that has hit the country this year has brought spring into the Charlotte area a lot sooner than anyone anticipated. The result is that pollen is everywhere. It’s covering Lake Norman, dusting cars and the ground. By some estimates this is the worst season for pollen in over ten years.

All of this can be traced back to the warm weather that has swept through the Charlotte area. On the average it has been five degrees higher than normal. This has tricked plants and trees into blooming earlier and in a short amount of time. Normally, this blooming is spread out over a couple of weeks which allows the pollen to spread out a bit more. Now it has exploded in two days which has left many residents heading indoors. What are the numbers? Last year the oak pollen count was just 1,200 grams per cubic meter. This year the count was as high as 8,829 grams per cubic meter. That’s a lot of pollen.

With all of those particles flying about, it might motivate you to begin your spring cleaning project earlier. A proactive approach to take is to line up an appointment with Junk King Charlotte to help with your mission. Junk King is a local business who specializes in all kinds of Charlotte junk removal. So what does junk removal have to do with your spring cleaning? Everything! In order to really get clean, you’ve got to first get rid of the clutter. What’s great about hiring Junk King is that they’ll be all the “muscle” you’ll need to get the job done. If you go through your home and identify those big items you want removed, then all you need to do is tell the Junk King crew what to take away. They’ll handle the rest.

Junk King Charlotte isn’t afraid of getting dirty to get the job done. They’re also not afraid of stairs. That means having them make the trips up and down the basement or attic will be a lot better than having you do that heavy lifting. Hiring Junk King can provide the right motivation to really go deep with your spring cleaning project. If you know you have an empty truck at your disposal there is no telling what you’ll finally be able to get rid of. Everything can go such as unused furniture, bedroom sets, cribs, ping-pong tables, pianos and whatever else can’t fit into the garbage can. While they are at it, the Junk King Charlotte can also do a complete sweep of your front and backyard to remove all of the debris that might be piled up there. They can haul off fallen tree limbs, shrubs, pieces of concrete or rusty patio furniture. Put it this way, if you want to get rid of it, Junk King will take it away. That’s going to make any spring cleaning smooth sailing!

Charlotte Yard and Storm Waste Removal

If you think that hurricane season is getting rougher each year you’re not alone. Not only are more powerful storms starting earlier in the season, but that are bringing with that a more devastating path of destruction. Thanks to early warning systems, we can be prepared when a tropical storm turns into a hurricane. Since Hurricane Katrina, folks are smart enough not to take any chances when the evacuation order comes in. Even if that order never comes, there are also important steps that people can take to prepare themselves. The bottom line is prepare for the worst.
Most federal agencies recommend that you stock up with enough supplies so that you can go at least three days without power if you had to. This means plenty of fresh water and canned goods for food. Imagine not having a stove or fridge to keep things heated or cold. If you want to try a little experiment see how long you can go in a weekend without using any power. You might get away with that during the day but what happens when the sun goes down? Will you be ready for the next big storm in Charlotte?
If there is one thing you can count on with an approaching storm is that folks will race out to the nearest Charlotte grocery store and clear the shelves of water, batteries and other non perishable items. Don’t get caught up in that mess. You should always have some emergency rations on hand just in case. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.
Getting prepared for a storm is one thing but how prepared are you for after a storm. Specially, how prepared are you for the clean-up? In a neighborhood with a lot of fallen trees, the most popular person becomes the one with the chain saw. You could go a step further by having the number of a professional team of junk haulers on stand-by. This number should go right alongside all your other home maintenance type of workers such as handymen, plumbers and electricians.
Professional junk haulers like Junk King Charlotte will have the manpower and the trucking equipment to clear out the debris left from any type of storm. There is just no telling what could be blown into your backyard. Anything from shrubbery to roof tiles to boats could suddenly end up as part of your property. That’s not something you want sticking around. With a qualified team of junk haulers on alert, you’ll be able to speed dial them up (1-888-888-JUNK) and make arrangements for a pickup.
Can you utilize Junk King Charlotte’s services other than for storm debris removal? Most definitely! The best way to do that is to get them to take away some of your regular yard waste or junk. That would be all the stuff you brought in, not a storm! That can clean up a back yard in just a few hours and have it looking brand new… until the next storm!

Charlotte Junk Removal

Anyone who spent a significant amount of time flying knows how delicate the air traffic system is. No matter where bad weather happens it can have a ripple effect all across the country. Recently severe thunderstorms in New York forced the cancellation of several flights for US Airways which had about 100 passengers spending the night at Charlotte international Airport. Although the kids who were traveling might have thought this was a grand adventure mom and dad certainly weren’t happy campers. It’s not the first time that a storm somewhere else in the country caused trouble for Charlotte. In fact most of the storms that rampage through our city start somewhere else but that doesn’t mean we don’t get the brunt their fury.
To live in Charlotte means to know how to survive a blackout in the event of a major storm. We should all have our flashlights and battery-powered radios at the ready. Some smart residents who were caught off guard many times now have a portable generator standing by in the event of an emergency. You can bet that on a block of homes with no power the one house with lights on will become very popular indeed! As terrible as a severe storm might be they do pass by. Folks that can come out of their homes or shelters to find out what “surprises” were left behind. The last several months have shown us that all kinds of storm systems can cause all kinds of havoc.
As a homeowner who survives a major storm there are some cleanup efforts that can be accomplished by the city. This usually is for downed trees that have knocked down electric wires or are blocking public streets. A work crew will come out and make quick work of chopping up that fallen tree. However, if it was a really big storm there is no telling how soon a municipal work crew will get to your neighborhood. If there is any damage that has to do with live electrical wires stay away from that. But if there is debris or garbage or other things that need removing from your home you’ll want to call in the services of the Junk King Charlotte. This is a professional business whose sole mission is to make sure your life is free of junk.
Junk King Charlotte hires crews of professional workers as full-time employees. These aren’t day laborers but steady and dependable workers who are fully licensed and insured. These workers will show up at your house at the appointed hour with an empty truck ready to be filled with all of your junk. Keep in mind this doesn’t just have to be just storm garbage but any of the accumulated junk you have lying around your garage, basement or attic that you want to get rid of. When you call on a Junk King crew to help you clear out your clutter you are basically taking back your home. By removing this junk you could open up all sorts of open space in your house. You didn’t move into a home full of junk and there’s no reason why you should be living in one now. Let the Junk King help you!

For the best in Charlotte Junk Removal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

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