Chattanooga Refrigerator Disposal

For many years Habitat for Humanity has been on the scene in Chattanooga building homes for the disadvantaged and providing them with a fresh start in life. As a not-for-profit organization Habitat for Humanity depends upon the kindness of strangers to fund its operations. Another source of income for the group is their ReStore. This is a special operation just opened its doors in Chattanooga and is meant as a retail store providing materials for homebuilding and design. The difference is that all the items at the ReStore our donated by homeowners, contractors and building supply warehouses. Not only does this provide an abundance of materials at affordable prices it also keeps those materials from being relegated to trash heap. And we all know the more we can keep out of a landfill the better off it will be for everyone.
If you are going through a remodeling job in your home you might want to consider donating your leftover materials to this Habitat for Humanity store. However, there are some items they just can’t accept such as old kitchen appliances. In order to get rid of these items you’ll need to call in a professional hauling crew like Junk King Chattanooga to haul the materials off to the proper disposal facility. One of the first things that goes into the kitchen remodel is a new refrigerator. While it is true that many families can make use of a spare refrigerator it becomes a matter of whether or not there is space for it in a garage or basement. Of course, if that refrigerator has seen better days then it might be time to just get it taken away.
The last thing you want to do is keep their refrigerator hanging around without taking precautions. There are laws on the books which state that an unused refrigerator either has to be securely padlocked or have its door taken off. This is true of any owner of an abandoned refrigerator whether or not their kids living in the household. In order to avoid liability altogether you should just get rid of that with ice box before it can cause any trouble.
As long as you’re hiring a professional company of movers to take away that old refrigerator there is no reason why they can’t remove some other items that are an eyesore in and around your home. How many junk car parts are there in your backyard or garage? How many busted pieces of furniture are floating around your house? What about any kind of old farm equipment? Even yard waste like fallen tree limbs or dead shrubbery can be tossed onto the same truck with that old refrigerator. The bottom line is that this could be a perfect opportunity to clear out a lot of junk from your living space. This should be the stuff that is destined for the trash heap and can be recycled or donated anywhere else. This junk has served its purpose and now it is time to send it on its way.