Don’t Turn Your Chattanooga Home Into A Storage Unit

It’s amazing how with a little effort you can turn your storage unit into a functional space. What storage unit are we talking about? That would be any room or closet in your home that has become the final resting spot for all the unwanted junk of your life. If you look around the room you’re in right now, you’ll see a lot of the things that matter. Your computer, books, CDS, DVDs, furniture and keepsakes are all important to you. When you start looking beyond the “active” rooms is when you get into the storage unit zone.


Many homes have a spare bedroom that is used for storage. There is probably a bed in there someplace but it has been overwhelmed with boxes, sporting equipment, clothes and outdated e-waste. These are the kinds of things that are hard to toss out in your weekly garbage pickup. Instead, they get stuffed into a place that you don’t use. In some cases, that unwanted stuff has a way of creeping out into hallways and into your active rooms. That is when you’re crossing over into hoarder territory. You can end all of that by putting Junk King on the case.

When you set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll have two dedicated movers sent to your home to handle the actual lifting and loading. This means you don’t have to bring anything out to the curb or up from the basement. The crew will go where you’re junk is. Keep in mind that your home storage unit doesn’t have to be limited to within four walls. You could be storing stuff behind your garage. This is the kind of pile that has grown over the years and can include discarded auto parts, lumber scraps and anything else you plan on getting rid of “some day.” Well, that day can be today when you call Junk King.

If you were to price out this junk removal on your own, it could prove to be an expensive proposition. You need to hire a crew, rent a truck and pay dumping fees. Not to mention the time you would have to give up. Your time is valuable and Junk King knows this. That’s why they’re only going to charge you a flat rate based on volume not weight. Look around and you’re sure to discover that when it comes to clearing out your home’s storage unit, Junk King is the best bargain in Chattanooga.