Smart Airport Hacks To Help Your Next Vacation

The long lines. The cramped seating. The potential for delays. For most people flying isn’t a wonderful experience even if they’re flying to a vacation. The best approach to airline travel is just to embrace that it’s not going to be ideal, unless you’re flying on a private jet. But for the rest of us, there are some smart hacks that can make your next flying experience a bit smoother. Consider putting these ideas into action:


Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Security restrictions only allow for a 3.4 oz of liquid to be brought through airport security. That certainly won’t quench your thirst. However, you can bring an empty water bottle at fill it up at a fountain. That’s a lot cheaper than the expensive bottles of water you’ll be charged inside the airport.

Pack a Portable Charge (or two!)

These days, heading to the airport with portable chargers are almost as important as your ticket. You’ll want to make sure you have fully charged devices for the trip. Sometimes the outlets in the terminal are in use. A power strip or splitter can help with that. Also, check the airline. You might be able to charge in your seat, provided you have the right plug in.

Keep Your Laptop Accessible

Going through security with a laptop means taking it out of whatever you’re carrying it in. You should always have easy access to your laptop. Carrying it in its own bag is probably the best option. If you tuck it into a bigger carry on, then it might become a struggle to get at.

Tie a Ribbon Around Your Luggage

Dozens of pieces of luggage all begin to look the same as it rolls off the baggage claim belt. Make your luggage stand out by tying a bright colored ribbon or bandana around the handle. That will make it easy to spot unless it is any other color besides black!

At the Security Gate, Go Left

When given the choice for what security line to go in, move to the on farthest left. Studies have shown that most people drift towards the right when it comes to lines, regardless of how lone they are.

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