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Recycling News in Chattanooga

Paul Smith, the manager of the Chattanooga Market, recently told the Times Free Press in an interview that Chattanooga has always been a town with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Smith went on to say that “in 2008 when the economy went down the Chattanooga market really thrive because you had all these talented people who really needed a way to make extra income.” Part of that extra income was generated by the many crafters who turned trash into treasure.

Another local business person who appreciates the type of artistry generated by local Chattanooga residents is Lynda Buckels who organized these years Chatty Crafty. Whis is an annual vintage and crafts show that attracts vendors and artists from as far away as Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC. Examples of how artists are recycling their trash found at this show were some steam punk style jewelry that is being crafted from discarded vintage watches, bracelets made from old Scrabble tiles and clothing sewn together by scraps of other discarded clothes. This kind of repurposing of materials is taking recycling to a whole another level.

If a news story like this inspires you to rethink your trash then go for it. However, the vast majority of us are not so artistically inclined. When we see trash all we see is trash and there is nothing wrong with that! That doesn’t mean that you can’t expand your recycling reach by making sure that the bigger items of junk in your home are taking to the right recycling centers. This can be accomplished when you hire Junk King Chattanooga to de-clutter your life.

Junk King is the Chattanooga base business that’s part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. These are specially trained crews who are well-versed in the proper way of moving heavy objects. If you’ve ever thrown out your back then you know how crucial it is to use proper form when it comes to lifting heavy items. That is usually the reason why we don’t get rid of our big junk because we can’t pick it up! That’s doesn’t have to be the case any longer now that Junk King is in Chattanooga.

A Junk King crew will go anywhere in your home to remove whatever item you want taken away. This means they’ll climb up into the attic, head down into the basement or work in the garage. All you’ve got to do is point them in the right direction and you’ll finally be free of all your junk. As the Junk King crew drives off with their truck full of your stuff rest assured that it will probably be making its way to the nearest Chattanooga recycling facility. Even if that means making several trips to different recycling centers it’s all part of the service offered by Junk King. If there is art in recycling then Junk King creates masterpieces every day!

Chattanooga Computer Recycling and Disposal

Just as with the rest of the nation, Chattanooga is in the recycling business and provides opportunities for its residents to handle all their recycling needs whether that involves curbside pickup for city residents, hazardous waste removal or computer recycling. The only drawback with these Chattanooga programs is that you have to work on their schedule.

For instance, household hazardous waste collection day is held on the second Saturday of each month only. You can drop off your hazardous waste from 8 AM to 12 noon at a recycling center on N. Hawthorne. Hazardous waste is considered all those things that shouldn’t be tossed out or poured down the drain. This includes any type of corrosive liquids like rust removers or drain cleaners and anything that would be deemed toxic. Hazardous waste also applies to things like batteries and paint.

When it comes to recycling computers and other electronic waste Chattanooga provides help at the John Germ Recycling Center at Orange Grove which is on Arlington Avenue. The list of acceptable e-waste items are things like computers, cell phones, fax machines, stereos, radios, DVD and VCR players. What they won’t accept at this recycling center are televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, or large appliances. Here are the restrictions that apply to recycling your computer at this center:

“You can now take outdated computers and other small, broken household appliances and telecommunications equipment to between the hours of 9: 00 am and 2:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY. Follow 3rd Street from UTC towards Memorial Hospital until you reach Dodson Avenue (turn beside the Kentucky Fried Chicken). Turn left on Dodson Avenue and right at the 3rd building on the right. Look for John F. Germ Recycling Center on the front of the building. Go in the front door or the door on the far right side of the building. Someone will be there to direct you further.”

The big issue here is whether or not this is convenient for you. You’ll have to load up your computers and other electronic waste then make your way down to the center on a workday. With all these restrictions it might just be easier to shove the computer into the closet and forget about it. But that’s not really handling situation. Your best option is to call up Junk King Chattanooga. Junk King specializes in all types of junk removal for the home or office. The great thing about hiring Junk King is that you don’t just have to get rid of one old computer. You can take advantage of this removal session by having the Junk King Chattanooga crew take away any other garbage or junk you want to get rid of. Most often we hang onto those things we can’t toss out into the garbage like furniture or bulky kitchen appliances. They’re just taking up space in your home and that space that can be put to much better use. Recycle on your own schedule with the help of Junk King.

Chattanooga Old Television Disposal – Upgrade to HDTV!

Folks who care about their electronic gadgets are always on the look-out for the “next generation.”  Just look at the long lines that crop up whenever Apple announces that they are selling a new “thing.” Doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone, iPod or iPad; they are all guaranteed to sell out within hours. Next generation excitement also comes into play with video game consoles. Check out the next time Xbox or PlayStation has a new version of their game systems and you’ll see folks camping over night at your local Chattanooga shopping mall parking lots. When it comes to televisions, we’re already in the throes of the next generation – it’s called HDTV.
For a long time there really wasn’t much happening in the world of television deign. Sure, we all got remote controls, but for many years that was the only innovation. Then along came the plasma television screens. This provided a thin screen that could be hung on wall like a painting and a much sharper picture. Since the television screen improved, it was time to upgrade the images that were being broadcast. Enter high definition television or HDTV. With this new technology, you are getting more data transmitted to your Chattanooga home and into your television, thanks to advances in fiber optic cables and satellite signals. All of this simply means that if you enjoy watching television you should enjoy watching it on the best deliver system.
Take a walk through an electronics store like Best Buy and you’ll see all the latest models of HDTV plasma televisions on display and at reasonable prices. Even if you spend just fifteen minutes watching those in store televisions you’ll want to go home and kick your old set right in the tube. If you do make the exciting decision to replace you old set with the next generation model then you’ll have to get rid of that clunker; the most efficient and responsible way you can do this is by calling Junk King Chattanooga, the best television disposal company in the Chattanooga area.
Technically, this would be the same kind of company you might call on to haul away most of your junk. The difference with taking away a television is that it will have to be disposed of properly. You don’t want to just chuck it into the back of a garbage truck and call it a day. Instead, it should be taken to a proper e-waste recycling center around Chattanooga. That’s where the TV can be taken apart and broken down to its core elements. Those elements can then be disposed of in the proper way so you don’t contribute to environmental problems in your local Chattanooga neighborhood.
Just because you’re tossing out an old television doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You could also have some old computer hard drives, monitors or other e-waste that could be taken away in the same trip. Junk King’s hauling crew can even take away other items like busted kitchen appliances you stuck in the garage, rusted car parts or mattresses that have seen better days. If those folks are going to show up with a truck to take away your TV there is nothing wrong with getting that truck filled up with the rest of your useless junk!
For the best in Chattanooga Television Disposal, or any sort of junk removal, simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online..