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Back to School Junk Removal In Chattanooga

The students returning to Central High in Hamilton County discovered something missing this year. In fact, this item has been missing since 1968. That would be the school’s planned second auditorium. Most of the schools in this Chattanooga district have a gym and an auditorium. One is for sports and the other for assemblies. Not so with Central High but it wasn’t for a lack of planning. Recently uncovered architectural drawings and floor plans show that a sprawling “multi-purpose auditorium, with classrooms, music rooms and storage areas was to be built at a later date.” That was forty-five years ago and they’re still waiting.

Editor in chief of the school’s online newspaper, Ray Walker is on the case. “It’s disappointing that we seem to always get overlooked,” Walker said. “You look at other high schools, even middle schools, and they have better facilities than we do. Central is a great old school with a lot of pride, but people seem to forget about us.” He is putting the pressure on Hamilton County to come through with the new building.

Thanks to Ray’s investigation there is one commissioner who is standing up for the students. Chester Bankston of District 9, whose children graduated from Central said, “I will support them all the way. This community deserves what everyone else already has. We really need to build a new Harrison Elementary, but maybe there’s a way to do this project in a way that will benefit Central.”

Has your back to school experience this year been this dramatic? Hopefully your kids all got off to a good start. Now that they are back to cracking open the books, you can get back into your normal routines. This is a golden opportunity to give your home “the once over” with regard to getting rid of clutter. You don’t really need any hidden floor plans to tell you where your space is being wasted. That would be under all the junk you’re holding onto for no good reason. Actually, the reason is probably that you never had any way to get rid of heavy and oversized items. That has all changed since Junk King came to Chattanooga.

These are the Chattanooga junk removal experts who can help you get rid of all your unwanted stuff without your breaking a sweat. That’s because the Junk King crew will be doing all the work. That includes carrying out anything you want tossed away. It also includes loading that junk onto their truck and then seeing to it that the junk is properly disposed of. Back the school is a time for new beginnings. Call Junk King today to get a fresh start on the fall.


Chattanooga Rubbish Removal

The worst-case scenario for the aftermath of a storm is to end up on the roof of your home as the waters rise. That unfortunate situation played out for many Tennessee residents following a torrential rainstorm and flash flooding. This was the kind of storm which was predicted to be bad but quickly got out of hand.

“It’s going to take a miracle to get us through this mess,” said resident Mike Moore to a local TV news crew. “We were just starting to make a good dent in the mortgage, and the first flood came through.”

For those folks who suffered severe damage, many local church groups swooped into provide cleaning supplies. One thing they weren’t able to provide were hauling services. That’s where a company like Junk King Chattanooga can be a big relief. Just as snowplows and power line works brace for a a storm, so too does Junk King. They know that when the clouds break, many homeowners are going to wander out to find plenty of debris in their yards. In extreme cases, some of that flooding seeped into their homes which mean that carpet, furniture, curtains and all kinds of household goods might have to be tossed out before mold starts to spread.

In those instances, it is best to document everything that you’re tossing out for insurance purposes. Even snapping a bunch of pictures on your phone can be a big help for making a claim. The sooner you get can that soggy stuff gone the better off you’ll be. When you hire Junk King you’ll get a hard working crew and a truck big enough to haul away whatever needs to go.

Absent a storm, Junk King is standing by to help residents with any type of cleanup project. They’ve been called upon to clear out garages, basements and attics of furniture, appliances, boxes and all manner of rubbish. Often this kind of removal job happens when a homeowner has finally decided to toss out all the junk cluttering up their home. Junk King has also been called on to help families clear out homes to get them ready to be sold. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got junk that needs to be tossed out, Junk King Chattanooga is your best bet.

When it comes to pricing, you’re only going to be charged by the amount of space all your junk will be taking up on the back of the truck. That will be a single fee without any extra charges tacked on. You’ll agree to that price before any work is started. Ask around and you’re sure to find plenty of folks who are happy Junk King customers. Are you ready to be one, too?

Cleveland TN Junk Removal

There are many Cleveland TN residents that make a hobby of collecting things. Everything from comic books to spoons to vintage toys can become part of some collector’s hobby room. The value of those items is usually set by other collectors. In other words, if there is someone who would pay $1,000 for a Cabbage Patch Doll then that is what it is worth. Of course, collections are really about keepsakes. You don’t buy something with plans on selling it someday.

Often, there comes a time when a collector has to let go of their collection. Usually this happens to a guy who has to give up his sports room or Star Wars basement to make room for a girlfriend or children. When that happens, the collector has three choices: trash it, sell it or keep it. Trashing it is probably not going to happen because there is too much sentimental attachments to that collection. It might be difficult to let go of a collection but thanks to auction sites like eBay you might just find out how much it is really worth. As for keeping it, that would mean carefully boxing it up and putting it in storage. The issue then becomes do you have room for extra storage in your home?

This is where Junk King of Chattanooga can come into play. Since opening up for business in Chattanooga and Cleveland area, Junk King has helped hundreds of folks get rid of tons of junk. That is no exaggeration. How can they help you? If you’ve got junk to toss out you’ll be able to toss it onto the back of the Junk King truck. Actually, you won’t be doing the “tossing” that will be left to the Junk King crew. They will be doing all the carrying and loading. All you have to figure out is what you want to get rid of.

If you need more room in your garage than the Junk King crew can sweep through and clear it out to the bare bones. The same can be said for your basement, attic or closets. Wherever there is junk is where you’ll find Junk King. Give them a call today to find out how they can help you make room for more stuff!

Chattanooga Junk Removal Reviews

“The gentlemen were prompt and courteous. They removed everything quickly. They were great! I have already recommended you all to others! Thanks.”

That’s just one of the rave reviews offer up by new customers of Junk King Chattanooga. This person was sharing their experiences with Junk King on Facebook and they certainly weren’t alone.

“The boys were on time and very courteous and professional. They did a great job!”

“Quick, painless, and very affordable. The young gentlemen were extremely personable and eager to help me with my extra requests. AAA++++ Service. I will not hesitate to call Junk King for all of my future junk removal needs. Thank you Junk King!”

If you’ve got a business that is being recommended by customers then you’re well on your way to becoming a success. It’s been like that ever since Junk King of Chattanooga rolled out their first truck. Junk King is a nation company which set the standards for excellence in the area of junk removal and the Chattanooga branch is certainly living up to those standards. How can Junk King help you? The obvious answer is to get all that junk out of your home but it goes a lot further.

When you decide you want to toss out some stuff it might start with a ratty piece of furniture or set of worn out tires. The more you think about it, the more you can add to that junk pile. There are probably plenty of things up on your attic or down in the basement which you could clear out to make room. Making room is the other benefit of hiring Junk King.

Recently, the Junk King crews have been called out to remove trash and junk from an entire home to get it ready to put on the market. Getting the clutter out of your basement will let you put that space to more practical use like adding a bedroom or installing a home movie theater. Isn’t it time you use those rooms for something other than storage?

The Junk King crew also works fast. In fact, it might take you more time to decide what you actually want to throw out then it would for the Junk King crew to load all that up onto the back of their truck. Once that stuff is loaded, it is destined for the nearest recycling center or charity. There’s no reason to toss your junk into a landfill just because you’re done with it. Give Junk King Chattanooga a call today and see if you won’t be writing up your own rave review.

Spring Cleaning Tips in Chattanooga

When you start your spring cleaning project you do so with good intentions. You want to get all the dirt and dust that has built up through the winter out of your home. But even the best intentions can diminish especially if you are doing the job by yourself. If you are your own cleaning crew than maybe you can break up the job over the course of a few weekends. Take a couple hours every Saturday morning taking on two rooms at a time. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed and can still enjoy part of your weekend. If you’ve got some help in the form of other family members than the goal should be to divvy up the chores evenly. Naturally, everyone should be in charge of cleaning up their own rooms.

You should also have a checklist for every room. Here is where you can get into the details. For instance, you’ll want to clean those ceiling fans and light fixtures. These are two overlooked areas. The same can be said for the back of things like refrigerators, stoves, dryers and washing machines. Pull these appliances out from the wall and have at it! This is where a good vacuum hose will be a big help.

If you’re getting help from a family crew you might benefit from offering a little reward at the end of their assignments. Even a beloved cake can go a long way towards motivating the crew. One crew that won’t need much motivation is the one you would hire with Junk King Chattanooga. These would be the folks who can help haul away all those oversized items you want to throw out but can’t fit into the trashcan. The only motivation a Junk King crew needs is for you to schedule an appointment. Once that is set in motion, you’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes to finally get rid of all that unwanted stuff you’ve been holding onto for all these years.

The Junk King Chattanooga crew will climb up or down any flight of stairs to get to your junk. These are professional movers who will take great care with your walls and floors. They will also have their own truck ready to receive your junk. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be paying for any extras like truck rental or dumping fees. You’ll just be charged only by the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. When it comes to junk removal it doesn’t get any better.

Chattanooga Cabinet Removal

If you’ve got your sights set on a kitchen remodel you can either roll up your sleeves and do the job yourself or hire a professional contractor to get the makeover completed to your specifications. A contractor is really as good as their last job. That’s why it’s important that you check their references and find out about their work crews. Often a contractor will subcontract out the work because he’s trying to get as many clients as possible. What you have to look out for is getting what you pay for. The contractor you hired then he should be the one involved with your project. He won’t tell you that but his previous clients might. Take note that a contractor who is busy is a good thing. If your contractor can’t commit to your project for several weeks then it’s because he’s in demand. That’s a good thing!

When a  crew shows up for work, you don’t have to provide them with a catered lunch but a pot of coffee or cooler of soft drinks will go a long way towards creating a work crew that is dedicated to making sure the job is done right. You’ll well within your rights to ask questions but you need to give the crew a chance to do their work. And when it comes to pets or kids it would be best to steer them clear of the project for the duration of the workday.

To keep costs under control, you’ll want to make sure you plan out the remodel down to the last detail. You don’t want to change your mind or rethink things while a crew is standing around. Just because you’re hiring a work crew doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands dirty if you want to. Taking down the cabinets and removing the counter tops is a job you can easily accomplish as long as you make plans to have all that refuse removed. That’s where Junk King of Chattanooga can be a big help.

Junk King is a company that specializes in all kinds of junk removal and that includes demolition from a remodel job. Instead of renting a dumpster or trying to cram all the waste into your trashcans, schedule a removal appointment with Junk King. You could take down all the cabinets in the morning and have Junk King come by in the afternoon to make a clean sweep of the area. That way your work crew will have plenty of room to get the job done. While Junk King Chattanooga is taking out your old cabinets they can also clear out any other junk you want tossed. Welcome your new kitchen with a clutter free rest of the house!

Chattanooga Recycling – Junk King can Help

The state of Tennessee is changing the way we think about recycling; at least when it comes to being a visitor. By now most of the local residents are already accustomed to recycling at home and in the workplace. We’re all getting into the habit of sorting our plastics, papers and soda cans out of the regular garbage and into the designated recycling bins. But what about out of town visitors who are making stops at welcome centers along I-75 in Chattanooga? Shouldn’t they be able to recycle? Now they can thanks to the efforts of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Tennessee Department of Transportation and the state Tourist Department. Those agencies have gotten together to put out recycling bins at all those rest stops which will go a long way towards improving the state’s overall recycling goals.

“Recycling away from home is one challenge that all recyclers face,” said Environment and Conservation Commissioner Bob Martineau in a news release. “Visitors to our state will now see receptacles with blue and green lids for recycling.” The rest stops included in the program are located at I-65 near Ardmore, I-81 at Bristol, I-24 at Clarksville, I-26 at Erwin, I-40 at Hartford, I-75 at Jellico, I-65 at Mitchellville and I-40 at Smith County.

Just to give you an indication of how successful a state program can be, since 1990, state workers have managed to recycle over 18,791 tons of mixed office paper. This has resulted in a huge savings to the tune of $564,000 in landfill disposal costs plus $213,000 in recycling revenue.

All of this adds up to the simple fact that recycling matters. But you can go beyond your weekly recycling pickup and make sure the majority of everything you throw out is recycled by contracting with a company like Junk King Chattanooga for your oversized junk removal. Junk King is a local TN business that supports the goals of the state and city by making junk recycling the foundation of their services. Even without an official mandate, Junk King already diverts a large portion of everything they collect away from local landfills and to certified recycling centers. By doing so they can officially help you reduce your own carbon footprint. That means that things like old furniture, refrigerators, stoves, mattresses, tires and e-waste won’t be tossed onto a dump pile to rot away in the sun. Instead, it will be properly dismantled and have all parts put to repurposing.

Why not let Junk King become your new recycling partner? Call them today to find out how they can help clean up your home, backyard or business. Keep Chattanooga clean the Junk King way.

Home Downsizing Tips in Chattanooga

The idea of downsizing is gaining in popularity all across the country, including in Chattanooga, for a variety of reasons. Top among them is the idea that moving into a smaller home or apartment is more affordable. But there is also the quality of life issue to consider. As we get older, taking care of a large home becomes a bit more burdensome. This is especially true if all the kids have moved on and you’re left alone in a big empty house. In that case, downsizing makes perfect sense.

How much time do you devote each week to keeping your home clean? Now imagine that time is cut in half by living in a place without so many rooms. And we’re just talking about the typical dusting, sweeping and wiping down of counters. With the big spring cleaning projects you have windows to wash, drapes to clean, gutters to clear out… the list is endless. It doesn’t have to be that way if you make the decision to downsize. You’ll be able to have more time to dedicate to being with friends or your hobbies.

Then there is the money to think about. If you’re living in a home that is all paid for then consider yourself lucky! If you were to sell that home you’d have a very decent amount of money to retire on. Why wait? Moving into a smaller place will also cut back on electric, water and heating bills. That’s going to put even more money in your pocket. How would you like to spend that? Spoil the grandkids? A cruise? There are a lot of possibilities!

Finally, as we get older we often find it’s a bit harder to get around. You could relocate to a place without stairs and easy access to all kinds of shops, cafes and friendly neighbors all within walking distance.

Downsizing doesn’t have to overwhelm you, especially when you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to help with the process. These junk haulers will be able to haul out all of your unwanted stuff without you having to lift a finger. Even if you’re staying put, it’s still a great idea to bring in a professional team to help you clear out the clutter. These qualified junk haulers will have the right amount of heavy lifting experience and empty truck space to take care of anything you want tossed out. They’ll be able to sweep through your garage, basement or attic and carry out furniture, big kitchen appliances and any other bulky item that you can toss out in the garbage.

Yes, a home where a family grew up in has a lot of memories but you’ll be taking those memories with you wherever you go. The idea is for you to live a more stress free life and that can happen with downsizing.

Recycling News in Chattanooga

Paul Smith, the manager of the Chattanooga Market, recently told the Times Free Press in an interview that Chattanooga has always been a town with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Smith went on to say that “in 2008 when the economy went down the Chattanooga market really thrive because you had all these talented people who really needed a way to make extra income.” Part of that extra income was generated by the many crafters who turned trash into treasure.

Another local business person who appreciates the type of artistry generated by local Chattanooga residents is Lynda Buckels who organized these years Chatty Crafty. Whis is an annual vintage and crafts show that attracts vendors and artists from as far away as Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC. Examples of how artists are recycling their trash found at this show were some steam punk style jewelry that is being crafted from discarded vintage watches, bracelets made from old Scrabble tiles and clothing sewn together by scraps of other discarded clothes. This kind of repurposing of materials is taking recycling to a whole another level.

If a news story like this inspires you to rethink your trash then go for it. However, the vast majority of us are not so artistically inclined. When we see trash all we see is trash and there is nothing wrong with that! That doesn’t mean that you can’t expand your recycling reach by making sure that the bigger items of junk in your home are taking to the right recycling centers. This can be accomplished when you hire Junk King Chattanooga to de-clutter your life.

Junk King is the Chattanooga base business that’s part of a national chain of professional junk haulers. These are specially trained crews who are well-versed in the proper way of moving heavy objects. If you’ve ever thrown out your back then you know how crucial it is to use proper form when it comes to lifting heavy items. That is usually the reason why we don’t get rid of our big junk because we can’t pick it up! That’s doesn’t have to be the case any longer now that Junk King is in Chattanooga.

A Junk King crew will go anywhere in your home to remove whatever item you want taken away. This means they’ll climb up into the attic, head down into the basement or work in the garage. All you’ve got to do is point them in the right direction and you’ll finally be free of all your junk. As the Junk King crew drives off with their truck full of your stuff rest assured that it will probably be making its way to the nearest Chattanooga recycling facility. Even if that means making several trips to different recycling centers it’s all part of the service offered by Junk King. If there is art in recycling then Junk King creates masterpieces every day!

Chattanooga Dirt Removal and Hauling

Yes, it’s true: you can grow bananas in Chattanooga! A recent contributor to the Chattanooga Times Free Press website offered up her tips for growing ornamental banana trees in a Chattanooga garden. Among the benefits of this type of leafy plant is that you don’t need fertilizer; just water and sunlight. These trees also grows extremely fast. In fact one banana tree plant that starts out 15 inches high could grow as full as 15 feet high with a little TLC. These types of banana trees are also resistant to pests which mean you don’t have to worry about spraying them with pesticides. When new leaves form the old ones will die sometimes even overnight. It’s best to remove the old leaves to make way for the new sprouts. When the winter comes you don’t have to dig up the plant. You could cut the tree down to its base and spread mulch around the exposed trunk. By the time spring rolls around you’ll have a new batch of flourishing banana tree leaves.

While growing a banana tree in your backyard might make you the talk of your Chattanooga neighborhood you’re not limited to that type of exotic plant. There are plenty of good reasons to grow all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables especially when you consider the costs of organic produce. Nothing can beat picking your own fresh produce right from your very own backyard.

If you are starting a new garden project this season you might have to make way for your seedlings by digging up a lot of dirt. The issue then becomes what are you going to do with all that dirt you removed? The answer is simple: Junk King Chattanooga. Junk King is a locally owned business that specializes in the removal of all kinds of junk including piles of dirt. A Junk King crew will come equipped with their own shovels ready to dig in. More importantly they’ll have an empty truck that they don’t care how dirty it gets. You probably could make that same argument with your family car! Imagine trying to fill up your SUV with all your garden dirt. That’s just not going to happen! And it doesn’t have to when you hire Junk King.

Once you commit to bringing Junk King into your Chattanooga home for dirt removal you can enlist them to take away all kinds of other useless items. This could be all the stuff that is cluttering up your garage, basement, attic or closets. It’s the perfect opportunity to toss out old furniture, unused car parts or scraps of lumber. Not only will your backyard be clear of waste but every other area in your house as well. You can depend on Junk King to show up on time and get the job done in a professional manner. As much as you pride yourself on your own home they pride themselves on a job well done!